zwift family plan


The £10 one looks perfect for what I use Zwift for, and would save me £3 a month. If Zwift is going to $40, I hope they make it a family plan. I think drops shop is dumb, but I do like the multi stage events. It doesn’t exist in real life.

Select a workout category to view the workouts. They did a poor job of explaining the purpose of the study (or the prices), and people rightfully got upset. Its already kinda there with the better bikes and wheels. Now, at first glance (and 2nd, 3rd, and 8th glances), the survey outlines numerous scenarios where you basically pay more than you do today for features that you may or may not use.

It’s 800 or 1000 watts for the first 10 minutes. Eric Min posted on Zwift Riders today that there won’t be any price increases for the near future. What others have done which works to a degree, is just bolt the rear axle into the trainer, but don’t apply any resistance drum resistance to the rear wheel. It also looked at wider fitness use and activities outside as well. Also would love it if they added support for my proform TDF which doesn’t have ANT+ or BTLE. I can always run outside, and if I really want to swim, I’ll go swim in the shark-infested waters. Which, come to think of it, seems to be a pattern of Zwift surveys lately. Vehicle physics in Rouvy very poor. More and more I’m riding on TrainerRoad. Ultimately, while it’s easy to dismiss the higher-priced tiers as a money grab, the reality is that if the company can offer more features that people find valuable at a higher price – then I don’t have an issue with that. If you are skimming through, that’s not an issue.
You can then take algorithms to (in theory) figure out the differing price points people might pay for various features. A quick query in advance of subscriptions being due - My wife and I both use Zwift, each with our own logins (so settings & weights are correct and uploads to Strava with the right name etc). Why haven’t you yet released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago? In fact it’s not. However, there was also a secondary section of the survey, where Zwift asked extensively about how you ranked their various pro level events (primarily from a watching them standpoint): This also included asking whether or not you found any value here: However, that then segued into six different combinations of how you would compare various features: Here’s the full set of six pages of options I received: As with before, there were times where I was like “I don’t really care about any of these”, so a least-to-first ranking would seem to be more valuable than forcing me to choose between multiple blah things as ‘Most Attractive’. capable of running the Zwift desktop application. TR bumped up prices twice in rapid succession. You should talk to someone with experience in market research to understand what’s going on here. Let me switch rides or enter the settings without closing the ride I’m in. Choosing to ignore the good purely because of the bad (which is a relative minority of the overall content) would be a serious mistake, IMO.

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