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Ask any pup parent, and they’ll tell you how messy, frustrating and exhausting it is to housebreak a puppy. One big reason why your pup may be digging is to blow off excess energy and work through boredom. Is your dog digging everything in sight?

It isn’t uncommon for animals to burrow in your yard, so if you suspect your dog is digging to hunt, locate the burrowing animal, and then safely remove it from your yard. With this training guide, you too can discover how to stop a dog from digging.

This is generally the case if your dog is left alone for too long and has little else (in form of toys) to occupy the time.

If nothing you’ve done so far has made a difference in your dog’s love of digging, you may want to work with this behavior rather than against it. This isn’t technically about stopping the digging, but rather moving it to an acceptable, designated area. By implementing the tips above and practicing training every day, you will be able to stop your dog’s digging in unwanted places! The book covers all the bases when it comes to training and provides you and your dog a solid foundation for the future. But the same can be true if your dog has recently noticed you digging around, possibly during yard work, and decided to take up a similar hobby.

He had learned basic commands and we were looking for other ways to keep him mentally stimulated. If he found a patch of dirt in the yard, he’d dig in it as a way to entertain himself.

Partially bury large stones along the base of your fence, Bury the bottom of the fence below the surface (at least 1 ft), Plant dog-friendly bushes along the fence line. STOP DISOBEYING! Now that you’ve designated the places that are off limits, you should give your dog a spot for unlimited digging pleasure.

The book covers all the bases when it comes to training and provides you and your dog a solid foundation for the future. First I’m going to take one of these treats from out sponsor.

Buy on … Looking for new tricks to teach your dog? We hope our tips help you learn how to stop your dog from digging up your yard.

When you train a new dog, it provides a solid foundation on how they should behave for the rest of their life.

$13.79. Removing the source of agitation will likely stop your dog from continuing to dig up your yard. You can identify this behavior by the fact that your dog will like to lay inside of the hole they’ve made for themselves. Dogs dig for a number of different reasons, as we’ll explain below. Or if he’d see other dogs digging at the dog park, he’d join in. As we mentioned before, digging is a common behavior in dogs, so don’t stress out if you see your pup exhibiting this behavior. Training a dog requires patience and persistence. Training a dog to listen in public can be tough!

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