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[id] => 57 ( He loves biking and the tech talk surrounding it (to the detriment of his girlfriend Toni), photography and travelling the world. Together with the pivot point near the BB, this gives you a classic four-bar linkage, which YT use on all of their full-suspension bikes. Array For a detailed comparison of the two bikes, you’ll have to wait for the next issue of ENDURO on our app. The stock is constantly changing so check back as frequently as you can to get our latest deals. ) I have a YT IZZO Launch Edition size LARGE for sale in like new condition. ( ( ) As with the componentry, the geometry of the IZZO was never intended to be as radical as possible. Sure, this combo doesn’t roll as fast, but it’s a lot more capable. Brakes SRAM G2 RSC 200/180 mm All IZZO models are available in the discreet black colour pictured here. ( Brakes SRAM G2 R 200/180 mm [link] => [link] => en/atsdRma/ This bike is made for those who don’t happen to have to a huge mountain range at their doorstep but still want to have as much fun on the trails as possible and also for those who want to cover long distances. [description] => IMPRINT

[target] =>

Otherwise, the IZZO is an excellent climber. The entry-level €2,999 IZZO COMP is specced with a FOX 34 FLOAT Rhythm fork, a SRAM NX/GX Eagle drivetrain and G2-R brakes. [0] => Array That is why we also offer you quality pedals at an attractive price in the shopping cart. [link] => The IZZO is available in a total of five sizes from S–XXL. The IZZO also features a flip-chip, allowing you to adjust the geometry by 0.5° and changing the bottom bracket height by 5 mm.

[id] => 48 [group] => eUsBottom2 ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, ytimage, Array However, when the trails get rougher and steeper, the IZZO will let you know that it’s time to scrub off some speed, though it never feels overwhelmed. [subPages] => Array The only time we would have liked more traction was on quick, successive hits and medium blows as you’ll encounter over roots. [mapping] => gBottom2 [target] => The maneuvers shown were done with professional riders on a closed course. ( [id] => 58

The IZZO, on the other hand, is more efficient, with handling that is easier and more predictable. ) [2] => Array ( ( [description] => DATA PROTECTION [id] => 59 For this reason, YT deliberately rely on lighter components such as a FOX 34 fork, light tires, a 760 mm handlebar and many other components that save weight. Read the new issue of ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine now. If you want to disable or learn more about them, click HERE. Although the rear linkage has been designed in such a way that it performs very efficiently even without being locked out or stiffened, locking out the rear shock is even better for fast sprints or monotonous climbs on paved surfaces. [mapping] => gBottom2 If you thought the IZZO was YT’s take on a mini enduro bike, you’re mistaken. [group] => eBottom2 [active] => Like all webshops we use cookies. [description] => GREEN YT If you like it rough, you’re better off reaching for the JEFFSY or CAPRA. ( Setting up the IZZO for the first time, we encountered a problem with some of our shock pumps as the position of the shock and the straight down tube don’t accommodate all models. [0] => Array [5] => Array To be able to use YT USA in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. [subPages] => Array However, the aim in developing the IZZO was to create a significantly lighter, more agile and faster bike. That’s the recipe for pure riding pleasure! The name IZZO is derived from the German “is’so,” which means as much as “that’s the way it is,” making a bold statement, full of self-confidence. ) [group] => eBottom2 Tires MAXXIS Forecaster 2.35″, Fork FOX 34 Float Rhythm 130 mm Drivetrain SRAM NX 1×12 [active] => [active] => On the contrary, the German direct to consumer brand has created a fast and efficient trail bike that climbs excellently and is a lot of fun on descents and on flat and moderate trails. Stem Race Face Aeffect 50 mm Seatpost YT Postman 100/125/150/170 mm ) „Fast, agile, sharp”, these are the words with which YT promote the brand new IZZO. ) The long reach, the flat HT Angle and the lower stack, gives you an aggressive position with which you can easily handle any terrain. For the wheels, YT rely on DT Swiss products, except for the Launch Edition. He has been with ENDURO almost from the start and as editor-in-chief, he's responsible for making ENDURO the most progressive and exciting magazine in the industry.

Rear shock FOX Float DPS Factory 130 mm Drivetrain SRAM GX 1×12 Instead, YT’s concept aims to successfully combine composure and agility, with a particular focus on balanced handling. [description] => DATA PROTECTION Although they roll fast, they offer little cornering grip and, on top of that, they don’t hold their line well or provide enough braking traction. Rear shock FOX Float DPS Performance Elite 130 mm [childrenCount] => 0 It would have been easy to simply take the components of the JEFFSY trail bike, which we’ve reviewed previously, and mount them to a slightly lighter frame with less travel, as many brands do, says Chris Hilton, product manager at YT. Luckily, that’s exactly what Christoph did. [1] => Array YT see the large wheels as the perfect choice for the bike’s intended use. [parentID] => 0 They all come with FOX suspension: a 34 fork and a DPS shock. It is so. ) [description] => IMPRINT [group] => eBottom2 [active] => Stem Race Face Turbine R 50 mm We’ll go into more depth about how the system performs and whether it’s necessary a little later. [group] => eBottom2 We would have liked a more comfortable model, especially on a bike designed to tackle long distances. [active] => We just mix carbon and aluminum as we please. The fast-rolling MAXXIS Forecaster tires deliver a convincing performance on the climbs, but they offer little grip even in dry and hard-packed conditions.

[4] => Array The system also works with FOX shocks and should make the IZZO even quicker. [mapping] => gBottom2 Ask ENDURO V2 – Geometry, race bikes, Strive vs Capra and more! Carbon frame with modern geometry and a four link rear suspension system that offers lots of pop and plenty of reserves, built up with a reliable GX Eagle transmission and aluminum cranks from SRAM, stiff DT Swiss wheels with wide aluminum rims and a YT Postman dropper post. [target] =>

Tires MAXXIS Forecaster 2.35″. [active] => No matter whether on a multi-day tour or on your after-work tour. The included pedals were not made for demanding trails or racing.

If you’re expecting a super progressive trail bike that prefers taking on enduro trails on the descents, you’ll be disappointed with the IZZO. [target] => Handlebar Race Face Turbine R 760 mm [id] => 38

[group] => eUsBottom2

With the speed of the 29er wheels and the steep seat tube angle, you climb up to the top without suffering and the flat head tube angle conjure up a broad grin on your face on the way down. Stopping is taken care of by SRAM G2 brakes and they’re all specced with a SRAM Eagle drivetrain. The geometry of the IZZO is also designed for climbing and descending. [subPages] => Array Pumps with a big head don’t fit. All bikes come with a RockShox TwistLoc remote mounted to a Race Face cockpit. To be able to use YT Industries Europe EN in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. ( [id] => 94 ( The IZZO is very special. Wheels DT Swiss M 1700 29″ The models are very similar. [subPages] => Array ) Handlebar Race Face Aeffect 760 mm ( Brakes SRAM G2 RS 200/180 mm Our bikes are pre-assembled and it only takes a few steps to get them ready for action. Seatpost SRAM Reverb AXS 100/125/150/170 mm [target] => But that’s enough of the bike’s marketing – on to the important stuff.

It’s been developed from the ground up with a new frame and linkage design and it’s aimed at a group of riders that YT haven’t addressed before: trail riders who wana cover much ground and have less demanding trails. [parentID] => 0 For Christoph, work-life boundaries are fluid and he likes it that way.

It’s been developed from the ground up with a new frame and linkage design and it’s aimed at a group of riders that YT haven’t addressed before: trail riders who wana cover much ground and have less demanding trails. But then the bike would weigh almost as much as a bike with more travel. [description] => RETURNS [group] => eBottom2

[description] => RIGHT TO CANCEL On the contrary, YT have created a very predictable and easy-to-ride bike, which is a lot of fun to ride even at slower speeds and down moderate gradients. [parentID] => 0 [link] => While the Optic demands an active riding style to unlock its full potential, everyone can have fun on the IZZO from the get-go. [1] => Array ( ) The new IZZO will initially only be available as a carbon version with 29” wheels. [link] => Stem Race Face Turbine R 50 mm Admittedly, when we heard that YT would be launching a short-travel trail bike, we immediately thought of the Norco Optic which we tested in our recent trail bike group test with 15 other bikes. The YT IZZO is the start of a new era for the German direct to consumer brand. Wheels E13 XCX Race 29″ [subPages] => Array The fastest enduro race bike – 10 bikes go head-to-head on an EWS... Nukeproof Mega 290C Team Edition on test – grip and control in... Canyon Strive CFR Jack Moir Edition review – Racing machine and... Yeti SB150 Richie Rude Replica put to the test – A bike to win... 2021 COMMENCAL META AM 29 on test – Beware the frame size! ) Everything is stock on the bike except for upgraded 2.6" front tire (maxxis dissector) & 2.5" rear tire (maxxis aggressor). Even with the shock open, the rear end hardly bobs while offering plenty of traction and lots of comfort.

Warning! When work doesn't feel like work, then you've probably done everything right. The IZZO sets standards. [childrenCount] => 0 Handlebar E13 Plus Race Carbon 760 mm From steep and rough to super flowing and flat, we rode it all.

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