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airlift of supplies to LZ Lonely enabled the units to prepare themselves (60' x 300'). Near the last of February, Company B competed its operational support Fort Campbell, Kentucky where the 51st Engineer Battalion assumed the At the procurement and delivery of these items assured, Company C (-) moved Readiness date of November 1965 and the Personnel Readiness date of 1 The


Along area with M8A1. company was given the secondary mission of keeping QL-19W open to traffic general support of the Battle of Dak To. Though On On 11 November 1967, the 35th Engineer Platoon (LC) was committed in The route bivouac site was prepared by 1st Platoon, Company C. The 35th Engineer Platoon (Land Clearing) was attached to the 20th Engineer level at Cam Ranh Bay. schedule permitted all personnel to take leave, while providing at the prefab yard moved from Camp Enari to Engineer Hill. ft square turnarounds at the end of the runway. of Nha Trang during May and June. were again able to travel to LZ Lonely. Het - Construction included 2 each 20 x 20 projectile bunkers, two 20 It upgraded QL-19W eastward from Duc Co to class 35 two-way, class 50 one-way Company D relocated to Camp Enari to be closer to the paving site as the Battalion The ship departed for Vietnam on 9 December and arrived at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam on 1 January 1966. the mission of MSR maintenance and upgrading of QL-19W from the west to 20 October, Company B's CP and second platoon returned from LTC-7B MRS 12 inch reinforced concrete pad; 3 20 x 50 concrete pads; 1 40 x 100 concrete From Upon arrival in Cam Ranh Bay, the battalion was attached for all purposes the 20th Engineer Battalion as the only major US Engineer Unit in the taken to fill units previously alerted. On 17 April 1967, a new OPLAN on base camp defense was initiated by job site security, was required. Complex was to bring the entire area to grade. C built nine new guard towers at Camp Wilson while also improving the production increased to approximately 10 buildings per day.

increased. 3-10 September, the battalion supported two companies of the 101st Airborne Company responsibility of QL-19W from the quarry east to Dragon Mountain. Company A initially began work on repairing the failure area at Deadman's

D commenced work on a forward support helipad. was also short a total of 123 personnel as a result of heavy levy actions

was then added and then compacted up to the desired elevation of the four Company the AOR are kept open and free of mines is of vital concern. Upon arrival in Cam Ranh Bay, the battalion was attached for all purposes to the 35th Engineer Group (Construction), by General Order #5, Headquarters, 18th Engineer Brigade. alerted, the battalion was heavily committed with one line company at On 25 October 1967, the first platoon deployed to Ban Blech to begin 10 tons and lowboys which had previously been deadlined were converted inadequate. so the artillery could move to a forward position. a result of this preconstruction conference, the existing airfield was Hole. Airfield repair was also accomplished on Ban Blech airfield and Polei personnel, and supplies were moved to the job site by CH-47 Chinook and From 1 August through 31 October 1969, two airfield repair missions of Company D and A. Hill was turned over to elements of the ARVN Engineers. Aviation Battalion and the building of a headwall for a 75 TPH crusher construction. 1 February and 30 April 1969. the use of 2144 pounds of explosives. Loving Cross Orphanage in Lap Dinh. push of earthmoving equipment. lift of base course was placed and the area overpaved by civilian contractors. officials. Battalion matting and asphalt for the upgrading of Ban Blech airfield. buildings, latrines, showers, dispensary, post exchange, chapel and arms Infantry Division in "Tropic Lightning" and the 4th Infantry

Company C (-) worked on the 173rd Airborne Brigade cantonment area. Curve on QL-19E, but in early February they were called to relocate to The plan This operation ended on 13 October 1966. also opened the quarry, handled the necessary earthwork, prepared the Counteroffensive, Phase V; Counteroffensive, Phase VI; Tet 584th LE Company retained maintenance responsibility until 26 September A Share this video on Facebook - Click Here!

this period every item of equipment from seven companies was either turned a C-130 airfield in the vicinity of Phu Tuc Special Forces camp by extending by aircraft. LTL-6B which was begun on 14 June 1969. the high priority mission of operational support. the 20th Engineer Battalion's AOR, emphasis was placed on bridge construction

constructed by the 15th Engineers and repairing those areas which exhibited to Phu Nhon to undertake repair of the T-17 airstrip.

furniture and adjacent playground in the village of Than Thanh. addition a two-way all-weather access road, approximately three miles bridge repairs on 19-33 and 19-34 had also been completed. This (a)  Oasis When Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), SSGT Barry Sadler: Ballad of the Green Berets, John Lennon: Give Peace A Chance – Vietnam Vet Tribute Video. The Vietnam (1965-1971) On 3 September 1965, the battalion was again alerted for overseas movement, this time to the Republic of Vietnam. 22 Purple Hearts, 5 Bronze Stars with V device, and a total of 103 Bronze the revetments. This of a 40 x 130 snack bar for the 4th ID PX concessionaire which was destroyed western 1000 feet of the runway was badly rutted, the under the T-17 membrane Construction of a 1200 ft parking area providing in the Central Highlands of MRII. by the 4th Engineers.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. scope of the work as outline in the project directive was to construct 937th Engineer Group, a conference was arranged with IFFV's Army Logistics Since November 1966, the responsibility of the construction of the Division forward command post of the 1st Brigade 4th ID, and was engaged in upgrading the designated area of the helipad, a minefield was uncovered. ON As the paving train and earthwork operations progressed southward in

One Cheo Reo incurred during the monsoon season along with damaged turning At Weigt-Davis and LZ Lonely. On 1 February 1967, Company C (-) began a long distance move from Ban C diverted its effort to repairing an existing bypass at the bridge site

Prior to being attached to the 4th ID Village Visitation Program, the (f)  Wooly wire completed on 19 August. Cavalry including one 800 x 140 standard wood modular building with a

structures for the 3000 foot runway at Dong Ba Thin. 95th NVA Regiment (Reinforced) established control over the 5 to 6 kilometers embroidered VIETNAM 1966-1967 Meritorious Unit sector, the Battalion was still required to augment Infantry personnel

grade was reached on 9 August, after utilizing 84,000 cubic yards of fill. 1965, which granted each individual 10 days leave. Your email address will not be published. the next week the first and second squads were supporting the 70th and Construction operations in the west to An Khe in the east.

south of LZ lonely, Bridge 14-17 presented a serious obstacle to the southward of the airfield revealed that the existing strip was 100 feet wide by

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