why do i feel disgusted when someone likes me


When you activate your frontal lobe, you automatically calm an impulse like disgust. It could even be due to negative experiences that you have had with guys your entire life. The first one is that you don’t like the guy back, and you don’t know how to tell him without him being embarrassed. I bet inside your head you think 'god they must be crazy to like me, they obviously haven't looked hard enough, I am ugly, stupid etc etc' blah blah blah I'm sure a lot of horrible negative self talk goes on. Psych Meds Saved Me From Mental Illness — And I'm Not Ashamed, 6 Ways To Keep Bipolar Disorder From Being A Dealbreaker. There is a good chance that somewhere in there is a person who has experienced some negativity to the point where it has affected their outlook on life and relationships. Notice when judgmental thoughts pop into your head. And thus the trap is set. Hence, your experience with this guy could be something completely different from what you may have experienced in a past relationship. Create an image in your mind of what soothes you, and call on it the next time you notice yourself in that judgmental place. what is the term for intentionally trying to anger someone in a not so open way...where it is subtle, but real? There are certain things about yourself that you don't like and when someone finds you attractive, you think that they are silly to like you for those things that upset you. I think it's me.. As adults we must train ourselves to act responsibly for our response to feeling of disgust, by slowing this process down so we can think logically and rationally about the issues at hand. I have tried, over her attitude ? I cant stand posting on social media anymore. Perhaps it wasn’t even your fault that the relationship ended. Is It The End? i dont mean incest...u had problems with one of your parents. The opposite of sneering is finding a place inside yourself where you feel kind, respectful and caring. Is it pointless to try to change people's opinions? Bill Maier has a private practice in downtown Portland, OR. a part of u feels dirty if some one likes you, why cause you grew up with disturbed parental love and its efecting you now. Do understand that oftentimes this kind of disgusted reaction also happens because you have created preconceived notions of what this guy may be like and what his motives may be. If our parents responded in ways that confused us, we can't figure out what else to do with our feelings of disgust. Practice deep breathing in moments when you are not feeling disgusted, so your body becomes used to it and can call on this new habit as soon as you sense a need to override the onset of such negativity. This is quite likely some form of stress response. Being a victim feels disgusting. You only have your past to draw from and since this guy who has started to like you wasn’t a part of your past, you truly have nothing to realistically judge him with. Our eyes and nostrils open wide to scan for threats, without paying attention to the other sights and smells around us  We can determine the difference between fear and disgust threats within 96 milliseconds. What you are feeling is Sudden Repulsion Syndrome. Talk to someone you trust about your feelings. I mean I want to have a boyfriend and get married and have kids, its just whenever I find out someone likes me I get REALLY anxious. This is your only way out when you feel disgust (in the present or when remembering a time you felt so in the past). It is NOT them. What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares But Doesn't Smile? Start choosing to believe that you are worthy and that you are attractive. While it may feel bad, disgust is actually a tremendously important emotion. Sneering is one of those automatic reactions we have when we are judgmental. It is not what you think about things about yourself but what you think about things about other people, that counts. Going to bed with unresolved judgmental thoughts will only leave you waking up with even more. It is not who they are or what they look like (I could care less about looks). Due to the amount of pain that they experienced and an unwillingness to ever allow themselves to experience that pain again, they create a defense mechanism. ), While it may feel bad, disgust is actually a, We can determine the difference between fear and disgust threats within 96 milliseconds, Calming breaths also engage your frontal lobe. Practice this for me...start examining your thoughts and catch these negative thoughts as they are happening, in a loud voice in your head tell them to F%ck off and tell them that you don't need to listen to them any longer. What Does It Mean If A Guy Smiles At You? How Often Do You See A Person You Just Started Dating? People of all ages are affected by these things so it is not limited to teenagers or young adults.Yu just have to remind yourself that if someone likes you, they like you for your personality and not necessarily just the way you look however, some people do like large/skinny, tall/short.

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