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Sozin's knowledge made him a capable military leader. In the Polish translation of the series, "Roku" is renamed "Roko" so as to avoid calling him "Awatar Roku", which translates directly into "Avatar of the year". [14] Additionally, Sozin ordered that the Dragonbone Catacombs be sealed off so that all Fire Nation history recorded before his reign would be erased from the national conscience, making it appear as if Fire Nation history began with himself. He also awoke the dormant volcano directly underneath the temple, destroying the structure before the solstice ended.[5]. It is unknown what kind of relationship Sozin had with his son, but Azulon would come to share his thirst for world domination, and became a terrifying dictator. Dai Li | Firebending, airbending, waterbending (Northern style), earthbending, lavabending [13] Roku believed that friendship could transcend a single lifetime and showed immense devotion to his friends and loved ones. [19] Additionally, when Sozin wanted to eliminate the Fire Nation's ancient history to legitimize his policies, he chose not to destroy the historical corridors of the Dragonbone Catacombs but to simply seal them, believing he could still learn from the past. Zuko | Cookies help us deliver our Services. When Roku confronted him years later about his actions in the Earth Kingdom, Sozin attacked him by unleashing a massive wave of fire against him, even though he did not have access to the power Sozin's Comet provided. After learning this, Sozin gave him the headpiece worn by the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, hoping that he was at least allowed to have that. Tagaka | Tokuga | If Sozin hadn't come to help, Roku probably would have given up and escaped before he died from the fumes. Official Roku Customer Support Site – Get help with setup & troubleshooting, find answers to account & billing questions, and learn how to use your Roku device. Hair color Hou-Ting | Ethnicity Aang also communicated with Roku immediately prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet. [1] Roku was not above intimidating people in order to maintain balance in the world but rarely followed through with his threats, something he regretted after his death.[2][6]. They meant that Azulon would manage to capture or kill Aang before Aang managed to master all four elements. Following the cycle, he needed to learn airbending first, so he traveled to the Southern Air Temple. After Roku's death (12 BG), Ta Min, fearing Sozin's next move and the possibility of him coming after her and her daughter Rina (born 37 BG), took Rina with her to the Spirit World (it wasn't hard for them to move because their home had been destroyed by the volcano eruption) to hide for an indefinite amount of time (they were allowed shelter because of their relation to Avatar Roku). Physical description [13] He was self-critical, believing himself to be an indecisive man and acknowledging that Sozin had used his own merciful nature against him as Roku could have prevented the One Hundred Year War if he had been decisive enough to kill the Fire Lord. Sozin suddenly realized, however, that Roku's death would allow him to fulfill his plans, and left his old friend to die along with his dragon Fang. Or TL;DR: Bryke didn't plan shit and were clearly inspired by/aiming for the same twist reveal as Darth Vader being Luke's father. Sozin's intelligence made him a capable military leader. The Fire Lord asked his friend to at least consider the possibilities, but Roku remained stubborn. Aang (as the Avatar) Roku seemed to utilize airbending more than any other element while fighting the volcano on his home island. In 54 BG, twelve years after his departure, Roku returned to the Fire Nation. When he and Roku were teenagers, Sozin tricked Roku into tripping over a tree root in order to win a sparring match. According to Azula in a later recounting of the event, their defenses burned to a crisp in minutes.[11]. [1][14] Azulon continued most of his father's policies,[17] and Sozin's legacy of rivalry within the royal family as well as aggressive imperialism for the Fire Nation continued until the reign of his great-grandson, Zuko. Roku appeared before his apologetic successor and offered him a hug. "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters" (flashback only) He excelled in the art, eventually being able to best his master Sud in an earthbending wave race up a mountain. [9] Fire Nation schools taught that he died peacefully in his sleep, an old and successful man, though in Sozin's own last testament he reminisced about how his younger years used to be "brighter". Amon | [14] He also appeared when Korra was suffering from amnesia, taking over from Avatar Aang, and told her that in order to recover her identity, she needed to reconnect with her Avatar Spirit.

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