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When evaporated onto glass, it will improve a mirror’s resistance to corrosion, even better than silver. Email: Exotech@exotech.com

Question I finally got my activated indium farm going, but I noticed a lot of places have -80% sale prices. Phone: +86 (0)512 628 34900, Europe Rigorous quality standards and advanced analytical instrumentation such as ICP and GDMS, insures consistent product quality lot to lot. Indium has a low vapor pressure making it ideal for use in high vacuum applications. What is the best economy to sell activated indium to? Indium metal has …

Because Indium is considered a rare metal (typically found in zinc ores) indium recycling is important to sustainability.

In fact, its limited supply, whether new or recycled, has led to big jumps in the price in the past. 954-917-1919

Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA Indium is a neutron absorber and is used in radiation detection badges. Phone: +1 315 853 4900, Asia/Pacific If you don't want to get into numbers, White and Green means you will get the best price there.

Whether it is in pure form or as an alloy, indium continues to be one of the most sought-after materials out there.

It is being used in the production of batteries, with indium improving the shelf life of the battery. High-purity versions of it are used in electronics, including solar cells. Phone: 954-917-1919 These alloys are also found in glass-to-glass or glass-to-metal joints, and even solders used in the electronics industry. E-Mail: asiapac@indium.com Recycling centers and their highly-specialized but vital work is key to making this happen. Read our Privacy Policies. The following are some of the unique properties of indium and a sampling of innovative applications for the metal: Indium metal has played a key role in technology advances since it was first investigated by Dr. William S. Murray in 1924, and with the creation of the Indium Corporation in 1934, the two have been tied together, leading and supporting the advancement of technologies that we all rely on today. Red means you will get a poorer deal. It was first used in the manufacturing of bearings that are required in very demanding working conditions like aircraft engines. Indium can also be found in the absorber rods used in nuclear reactors. Address: 1851 Blount Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA. If you have questions about purchasing or selling this rare metal, then please click here to tell us about your needs. It is also quite malleable and at the same time, does not dull in air.

Learn more about Indium. Indium is a rare metal and is not commonly found in the environment.

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