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And, you know, I need  our governor to change courses to protect the lives of our citizens. The redecorated space debuted ahead of Super Tuesday on “Meet the Press” Sunday, March 1. But a source close to the talks says Shep is less likely to take over Matthews’ slot because “he wants a lot of money, and looks more suited to the afternoon, rather than 7.” Plus, Shep prefers breaking news to commentary and analysis, which at 7 is key to kicking off MSNBC’s evening lineup, the source added. The problem isn`t just that the cases are growing  every day. Despite the bipartisan efforts, members of both  parties concede it is far from a perfect solution. Another insider said Williams is “happy and winning in the ratings at 11 p.m. ... our colleagues at the networks of NBC News, good night from our temporary. Washington Post put up some drones and sent out some cameras today to  record just how desolate it is out there in the cities and municipalities  that have shut down and chased the people inside. Together this $2.2 trillion legislative package is bigger than anything. On behalf of all my  colleagues at the networks of NBC News, good night from our temporary field  headquarters. That would include our next guest when we come back. The more lives we can save and the sooner we can eventually  get people back to work as we fight to protect American lives we`re also  protecting American livelihoods. And politics were a factor in it the entire way. We are starting  from scratch. WILLIAMS: Mr. Secretary, thank you. WILLIAMS: Governor hereby is invited any night on this broadcast that he  would like to speak with us. He still says he wants to get  people out and about starting Easter Sunday or before, as he added today. OSTERHOLM: Well, first of all, let me put it into context. On a given day, 95 percent of the beds are already  filled. WILLIAMS: -- on this day when we learned Atlanta and Detroit are already  out of ICU beds. BARRY: It would have gotten there anyway. It`s hard to see what  that path would look like. Sadly, we might still just be getting started. END, Guests: Michael Osterholm, John Barry, Robert Reich, Nikki Fried, MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser. If a virus itself could design a petri dish,  it would be a city of 5,000 people all together, as close quarters as you  can imagine, with only the flight deck and the tower for fresh air. WILLIAMS: Just saw the members of the U.S. Senate in the well, some of them  practicing social distancing better than others. At the same time President Trump is part of this roaring debate inside of  the White House to build on Peter`s point about trying to get the economy  restarted by Easter Sunday, by mid-April. MSNBC weekend show “Velshi” also used 4E Saturday, Feb. 29 and Sunday, March 1. It`s historic. The number of dead in Spain has now surpassed the death toll in China. BAKER: Yeah, most of those things of course were the tone he took before  about a week and a half ago when he started to treat it more seriously. In these two weeks look at how partisan the argument over a  pandemic has become. Now, that`s just last week. Three friends of this broadcast. Are you concerned about coronavirus outbreak  in your area? ATKINS: They are. This is really an emergency disaster sort of  bill. Infectious disease experts say it`s not at all that simple. He was calling -- he was comparing the democratic and media  criticism of it to what he calls the Ukraine hoax or the Mueller hoax. WILLIAMS: Here for our lead-off discussion on a Wednesday night, three  terrific journalists. It`s just a hell of a thing to  just make inactive such a huge component of our economy.

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