when it is possessive where does the apostrophe go


In grammar speak, the apostrophe shows the possessive of nouns. Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! the gardens belonging to our neighbours – our neighbours’ gardens. Have the rules changed so drastically that this is now acceptable? Wiki User Answered . The only part where both versions could diverge is the one regarding the singular nouns ending with an s. Good post. Think of the apostrophe as a little hand, holding on to an s to indicate ownership or possession. What you have proposed would cause more confusion as it would further divorce written language from speech. Of course, with Jesus, there is one other option available: the old-fashioned variant “Jesu”. Which is pretty bad considering it’s a text-based RPG This one inparticular is a stickler! B. I need an affirmation as to what is right? = Brian’s a hard worker. ), Eggworthy’s and Ratrug’s attitudes towards dieting. There are four ways to use the apostrophe to show ownership or belonging. The correct usage is: Shaun and Geji’s house was nice. (?). What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? I do agree that most people don’t even realize what they are saying when they use “there’s” or “that’s” incorrectly with plurals. Just wondering which is correct (is ‘one’ a pronoun)? (1) John’s and Mary’s code of conduct or (2) John and Mary’s code of conduct. "That is my client's briefcase." Check out these examples: teeth’s cavities (The cavities belong to the teeth. jennifer: the original 4 points given by DS are right. In many of the examples you’ve just read, you’ll find the word “teeth.” Look at the word teeth. Shaun and Geji’s house was nice. How do you use the apostrophe for two people who do not own the same thing e.g. Ratrug carries around a nutrition chart and a scale and weighs every scrap of food he eats. We opted for ‘The Douglas Family’ on return address labels. I’ve never seen this thread before, so I hope I’m not two late to speak. If John and Mary don’t have the same perception of the code of conduct, wouldn’t it be ‘John’s and Mary’s codes of conduct’? Maybe you think they shouldn’t but that’s irrelevant. When did organ music become associated with baseball? And where I come from, the possessive form of Jesus and Moses are NOT generally pronounced with three syllables at all. A. 2) All of the individual member profiles must be updated. You also see a phrase where the apostrophe indicates that plural nouns own something (lovers’ letters). Add apostrophe s to the end of a singular noun, even if it ends in s (this practice may vary in some places): 3. If the plural noun ends in s, just add the apostrophe. ), my sister’s friends’ investments (I have one sister and she has many friends.). The plurals of most English nouns — anything greater than one — already end with the letter s. To show ownership, all you do is add an apostrophe after the s. Take a look at these examples: ten gerbils’ tiny teeth (the tiny teeth belong to ten gerbils), many dinosaurs’ petrified teeth (the petrified teeth belong to a herd of dinosaurs), a thousand sword swallowers’ sliced teeth (the sliced teeth belong to a thousand sword swallowers).

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