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Jocelyn kept the man's photo and used it as a cover as Clary's dead father, in case she ever asked. Knowing her son was alive, Jocelyn was also the one who realized that Jonathan was, in fact, the boy who befriended Clary and was impersonating the Penhallow cousin, Sebastian Verlac, not Jace. As soon as Jocelyn gazed into Jonathan's eyes, she knew that there was something very wrong with their son, immediately recognizing that it was inhuman, though uncertain why. Making Jocelyn happy since he said so "as though he was sure that Clary was his own daughter".[3]. During the time after Jonathan's birth, Jocelyn suffered depression because of her strange feelings of rejection towards him. [4] When her help endangered Alec's life, she repented and helped Jace escape from the werewolves hunting him.[9]. Shadowhunters Finale Music: Jocelyn Wakes Up To An Awesome Anthem Clary and Jocelyn have been reunited and it's hitting us right in the feels. Jocelyn shares her name with a distant ancestor. One evening in November, two weeks after the disappearance of Jace with Jonathan's body, the bound Jace and Jonathan came to Luke's house, wanting to take Clary with them. Residence: She is also a very overprotective mother, to the point where she would readily lie and leave her life behind, as well as risk her own life, to keep her daughter safe, willing to do anything for her daughter; while at first, she thought this meant keeping her hidden away from the Shadowhunter world, she eventually realized, though struggled to accept, that it was the opposite. He was also conducting the same experiment with the son of Stephen Herondale, later cutting his son out of the dead body of his mother. When Valentine reappears and kidnaps her, she goes into a self-induced coma. Jocelyn is an overall kind and caring person. Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform. Born: Valentine Morgenstern † (estranged husband)Jonathan Morgenstern † (son)Clary Fairchild (daughter)Lydia Branwell (distant relative) Wanting to be a part of their lives, Luke promised to leave his past behind to be with them. The pair got engaged soon after and married when she was eighteen, or nineteen, after school. Occupation: Red Despite the need to have Valentine killed, she could not bring herself to do it, and when Lucian and Valentine fought against each other during the conflict, Jocelyn stopped them, only to be used by Valentine as leverage against Lucian. The couple moved into her family's manor and lived happily for the first few years of their marriage. Jocelyn then went to the local High Warlock Magnus Bane in hopes of having him remove her Inner Eye. While Jonathan was dying in her arms, Jocelyn once more grieved for the death of the son that she should have had. After the war, the family returned to New York. When Jocelyn plotted to overthrow Valentine, she allied herself with Luke, who by then had become the leader of a werewolf pack. After Jace and Clary rescue Jocelyn from Renwick's, it was Luke who pays for her expensive private hospital room. When Clary and the others arrived, Jocelyn and the others were made to believe that Clary had decided to join Jonathan in exchange for their freedom, much to Jocelyn's surprise and grief. However, their wedding keeps getting put on hold due to whatever events are occurring in the novel. When Jonathan was born, Jocelyn rejected at the mere sight of his eyes, feeling that her baby was not human and that something terribly wrong had happened. While waiting for Luke's cure, Jocelyn had realized that she had always loved Luke, even though she did not completely know it. With Clary's encouragement, Jocelyn went after him before Luke could tell the Council his decision. The death comes as a shock not only because it's not canon from the books, but because Clary and Jocelyn had just found a way to reconnect. After Jonathan was stabbed by Heosphoros, the Morgenstern sword that Clary had filled with the Heavenly fire in order to kill him, Jocelyn could see what her son would have been if Valentine hadn't turned him into a monster. Valentine escaped with her and took her as far as the river. Full name: On a scale of one to off the charts how obsessed are you with Ruelle? Clary is Jocelyn's daughter, whom she ran away with believing that Valentine, Clary's biological father, was still alive. In the ruins, she and Lucian found the skeletons of her parents and what everyone thought were Valentine's and Jonathan's skeletons. Full name: Family: During this time, Jocelyn became good friends with Madeleine Bellefleur. Jocelyn Fairchild was born to Adele Nightshade and Granville Fairchild II. When the demon possessed Alec, it fed on the feelings of anger he still harbored for Jocelyn's recent decisions and made Jocelyn his target. Gender: Jocelyn Garroway (née Fairchild), also known as Jocelyn Fray, is the mother of Clary Fairchild and Jonathan Morgenstern, the wife of Luke Garroway and, formerly, Valentine Morgenstern. On Clary's 18th birthday, however, Jocelyn finally accepted that it would be more dangerous and unfair to Clary to keep hiding their past from her. Plus, the most bingeworthy show of the year is…, With the Freeform drama wrapped, TV Guide's 2019 valedictorian reflects on this time of transition and her hopes for what comes next. Let us know below! This is the story of Jocelyn’s early life, as told to Clary, so remember — “you” in this story is Clary, listening. At one point in 2007, Jocelyn feared that the spell on Clary's mind had begun to fade and it was time to be recast. As a backup plan, Jocelyn also told her old friend, the only one who hated Valentine to never betray her to Valentine—Madeleine Bellefleur. When she told Luke about her pregnancy, he offered to marry her and take care of them. Grief-stricken, Jocelyn fell into depression and isolated herself from their friends, with Valentine insisting that she was only having a difficult pregnancy. The warlock, however, was killed before they could get to him but was able to leave Magnus a message, telling them what they needed to do to wake Jocelyn. There, at the realm's Gard, Jocelyn was imprisoned separately from the others and was confronted by her son. Though Valentine escaped, with the Cup, after that, he was not able to take Jocelyn with him. Unbeknownst to her, Valentine had already begun giving her doses of demon blood in the form of sleeping drafts, which gave her nightmares. Before she could explain further, a demon caught up to Jocelyn; she told Clary she loved her, ended the call, and took the potion that then put her in a coma-like state. Tessa, however, volunteered to perform the ritual in the place of an Iron Sister, and recommended a Silent Brother, presumably Brother Zachariah, that will not tell the Clave about them. Jocelyn cares very deeply for her daughter, sometimes coming off as overprotective. Jocelyn and Luke stay together, Jocelyn comforting Luke about the Turning of his sister. She also felt guilty for being unable to love her child and had become suicidal. When they were old enough, she and Lucian went to Alicante to attend Shadowhunter Academy and complete their training. She was too late, however. When Jonathan and Jace burst in Jocelyn and Luke's house to take Clary with them, Jocelyn told Jonathan that she should have killed him when he was a baby and tried to do so. Jocelyn hoped that Clary would have a blind Inner Eye since some Shadowhunters need to be trained to see the Shadow World. After this, she immediately clashed with Clary and Alec, Jace's parabatai, about how to deal with Jace. Jocelyn and Clary then took the surname "Fray", a portmanteau of Fairchild and Gray, which Jocelyn chose for the relationship of the Fairchilds, Jocelyn's "lost family", and Tessa.[4]. [6], With their apartment no longer livable, Jocelyn and Clary moved in at Luke's. She invited Clary to go with her, and though she considered it, she eventually turned her down. Six weeks after becoming a couple, Jocelyn and Luke had become engaged and were planning for the wedding they were supposed to have that October. Jocelyn tried to explain it to her, but Dot arrived to tell her that the Circle had finally caught up to her. Stunned at her mother's words, this sends Clary into a fit of rage and leave the room in a huff. We love them so much! When Magnus suggested for Clary to have a protection ritual, usually performed on Shadowhunter children by an Iron Sister and a Silent Brother, performed on her, Jocelyn refused, not wanting to risk letting the Clave know. While they were unable to fully treat him, they were able to stabilize him. At that point, Jocelyn had also realized that she was pregnant again. The possessed Alec killed her, and she was later found by Clary. New York Institute in Manhattan, New York (temporary)Frays' apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York (former)Idris (former) While it did affect her slightly by giving her the focus and strength to go on, and certain abilities, it also unwittingly contributed to their unborn daughter's powerful rune-making skills. Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments characters, Shadowhunters EP Defends [Spoiler]'s Surprise Death, https://shadowhunterstv.fandom.com/wiki/Jocelyn_Fray?oldid=32204, The showrunners and writers recognize that Jocelyn is alive in the. Jocelyn gave her the middle name \"Adele\" to honor her own mother.Jocelyn had turned against Valentine's ideals months before her conception. Status: With it, Magnus was able to concoct the potion that woke Jocelyn. There was a time when she even loved Jonathan, her firstborn, despite his demonic nature, and had hoped to hide him away and save him as a child; at this point, her only sorrow for his son, aside from not being able to do anything about Valentine's experiments, was not killing him when she had the chance before he evolved into the evil person he had grown into. Notabledescendant(s): Granville Fairchild II † A member of the Circle during its formative years,[1] Jocelyn was married to its leader Valentine Morgenstern and was best of friends with fellow Shadowhunter and Valentine's parabatai, Luke Garroway. Biographical information After Valentine's plan against the Clave was unsuccessful, Jocelyn ran away from Alicante to protect her unborn daughter, believing her husband to still be alive. Kind: The trip was futile, and when she found out where Clary was, she was enraged; but since she would be unable to do anything about it, she just hoped for the best. She almost immediately went looking for Lucian, and when she finally saw him, she realized that Valentine had lied to her and began to "truly hate him". Age: When Luke arrived and was gravely injured by Jonathan, the frantic Jocelyn tried to hit Jonathan with the kindjal right before he and Jace left. During that time, Jocelyn would bring Jonathan to the Lightwoods' home and let him play with Alec. When she was finally revived by Magnus Bane, it was heavily implied that she reciprocates Luke's feelings for her (possibly finally seeing her love for him). The two take refuge in Magnus' home where the two argue over Jace and leading Jocelyn to yell that Clary and Jace aren't meant to be together. Though Clary was initially less than welcoming, Jocelyn apologetically explained to her their past, hoping to justify the lies she had made over the years.

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