what uniforms are the brewers wearing today


While we’re at it: In case you missed it last week, Uni Watch cufflinks are now available. Add a yellow neckerchief to the blue jersey and there you go. I’ll be discussing these uniforms on this Milwaukee sports radio show today at about 12:30pm Eastern. -Not a fan of all these NBA uniforms popping up. Boring or pleasingly spartan? I had these made mainly because I like cufflinks myself, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how popular they seem to be, with two dozen pairs already sold in the first few days — nice. Personally, I don’t wear team related clothes because I consider it my own business who I root for. document.write(update); … It appears Nashville SC has unveiled its inaugural season logo (from @NashSCTracker). I won’t get into what I think of Nike as a company or organization. Thank you in advance for your unctuous agreement with all of them. I can only think of one prior, but I also don’t follow any other Milwaukee teams closely. By Brinke Guthrie ITEM! And for what it’s worth, my wife watched the unveiling with me, and the road patch with the Wisconsin and the bricks was her favorite new element. No straw man intended. Also, do the right and good thing and put a snake on the hat. Can anyone explain how the old center court logo at UNC’s Carmichael is different from the current one at the Dean Smith Center? ), (To me, the swoosh is what makes these look amateur.). So does that still make me “dense”? Baseball News: Red Sox great Pedro Martinez was signed by Boston 22 years ago yesterday. • A rather chubby friar graces this late-1960s San Diego Padres pennant . We’re On It.” campaign, although state officials say that’s the whole point. A baseball jersey, a verdant Oxfordshire meadow in springtime, or redeemable U.S. currency? … The ACC Tracker has been updated to reflect the weekend’s games. One entry per person. It’s supposed to replicate laces! They’ve made some alterations to it, however. And Barrel Man should be the standard sleeve patch. Like, when every MiLB team seems to adopt the same trendy practice, it seems like a tired cliche to those of us who pay attention to the whole world of MiLB. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. On the other hand, it does sometimes feel a bit constraining for the teams involved. Update: As several readers have pointed out, the road alternate also looks a lot like a Cub Scout uniform: Overall: A big, big upgrade over the Miller/Cheers set. The Miller-style “M” has been scrapped, while the old ball-in-glove “mb” logo, which had been a throwback mark, is now the primary mark. So there may have been no established single “right way” to do it. What are the various levels of Uni Watch membership, and how are they attained? https://twitter.com/EtienneCatalan/status/1196831534059261952. I listen to way too many podcasts, and subscribe to more, and would definitely make room in my audio day for a Uni Watch podcast. The numerals opposite the logo on the front of the jersey is an underused arrangement. If you go by the "first do no harm" principle of sports fashion, however, then these would seem to be in apathetic compliance. NFL News: The Vikings are considering frosting the glass panels on their stadium roof to prevent birds from trying to fly into the stadium. Feels to me like a copout to say you don’t like something while not offering any rationale. That Flames jersey ain’t right. Tech Support. … In case you somehow haven’t heard, everyone’s flipping out over South Dakota’s new “Meth. The change in jersey script on the home uniforms is a welcome one. Movie Quotes. Step into any Lids store & you’ll see what I mean. The wicket / pocket change was noticeable and not an improvement. I’m not a Brewers fan like you are, Chance, so I realize the emotional stakes aren’t the same for me as they are for you. To state the obvious, it's essential for the Red Sox to expose their red socks. • Finally, I just wanted to include this 1965 Topps NFL card in here, because of the player’s name.

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