what sims 4 expansion pack should i get quiz


 Build tiny homes for your Sims that offer gameplay benefits; the tinier the home, the bigger the benefits Quarter, Fashion District, and Uptown. I recently bought the base game and now I’m looking for a few Expansion Packs to have a greater time playing. Many of these packs will have more features than what is listed, but this will give you an idea of some of the main components of every pack. Other Sims can come and watch the puppet performances It also adds new gameplay features which allows your Sim to ☔️ Weather in all worlds, including vacation worlds  New Traits: Child of the Ocean, Child of the Islands Strictly sticking to expansion packs: my personal favourite is City Living, followed by Get to Work and Cats & Dogs. Get To Work Hello and welcome!To start off,do you actually play the sims?If so,how often? Flowers can be added to wash tubs and washing machines to make clothes smell nice  New Gameplay Object: Bowling Alley  Fizzy drink tray  New Skills: Research & Debate, Robotics Dine Out  New Social Event: Dance Party Living the luxury life is a bonus too. Kids Room Stuff The buffet table can be stocked with multiple group servings of food by clicking on the table and purchasing food, or by having a Sim cook food to put on the table Bowling Night Stuff (1950s/retro)  New Lot Types: Retail, Hospital (hidden), Police Station (hidden), Science Lab (hidden) They have different activities and visuals. ️ Explore the woods and discover the hermit’s cabin ‍‍‍ Tantrums and emotional meltdowns Seasons They often (but not always) come with a new full-size world, as well as a very large amount of new gameplay centered around a broad theme that appeals to a large number of people, such as tropical islands, active careers and shopping, seasons, and university. ️ New Skill: Herbalism 9. Discover University ‍‍‍ Various actions throughout childhood raise and lower character values If you like your simulated life realistic, the Vampires Game Pack might not be your first thought when it comes to expanding your Sims collection. City Living (Asia, Middle East) Reporting on what you care about. New bar drinks and recipe; plasma jane, sunlight reversal cocktail, vampire resistance cocktail, draught of reconfiguration, ultimate vampire cure, plasma fruit salad Vampires can drink plasma from Sims, either with or without the Sim’s permission Parenthood The more you look after the island, For game packs, my favorite is probably either Realm of Magic (witches! They did a great job with the apartments. Each Voidcritter has an alignment, making it strong or weak against other types of Voidcritters Get Famous Own and manage a vet clinic The exterior of apartments can't be edited either.  New Collection: Bird Feathers, City Living  ️ Locate and identify new plants to use in a variety of herbalism recipes ☔️ Flower arranging table  New Gameplay Object: Murphy Bed Purchase, manage, and shop at your own retail stores Toddlers will show up with their caregivers, giving the adults a chance to socialise during play dates as well, Toddler slide, toddler ball pit, and toddler jungle gym, New rock climbing object that Sims can use to build Fitness skill, Multiple settings and difficulty levels on the rock climbing machine, An extreme fire setting on the rock climbing machine; shoots fire out at your Sims that they must avoid while they climb, Sims can die from the extreme fire setting but this is not a new death type, New home workout channels on the TV; plumboomba dance video and a power sculpting video, New ear buds Sims can wear on the go and listen to music with while out and about and doing other activities, New bowling alley object with a “regular” and “nighttime” lighting mode, Sims can practice bowling alone or play short and long matches against friends and family, Using the bowling alley builds the new Bowling skill, Unlock new bowling balls and fancy trick moves as Sims level up in the Bowling skill, Sims can use the new vanity table to change their appearance, Children can use the vanity table to put on their parents’ makeup with amusing results, Sims can hire a butler to maintain the household for them, Butlers can greet guests at the door or turn away all guests, cook, clean, take care of children and pets, Butlers will live with your Sims and must be assigned a bed in the house to sleep in, Butlers can be praised or reprimanded and instructed to do specific tasks, All duties can be turned on or off separately for the butler, Cats & Dogs is required to have the butler take care of pets, ** My First Pet Stuff is required to have the butler take care of rodents, *** Laundry Day Stuff is required for the butler to do laundry, Sims can enjoy new backyard activities like slip’n’slides, lemonade, and feeding birds, Two new slip’n’slides available for Sims to use, Sims can do trick slides on the slip’n’slide and add soap to them, Sims who slide on a soapy slip’n’slide will be covered with suds for a short time afterwards, Sims can make lemonade and other citrus-based summer drinks using a new drink tray, Sims can fill up bird feeders and watch the birds; the birds can also sometimes attack Sims while they’re filling up the feeder, New bamboo, ceramic, and aluminum wind chimes, Slip’n’slides, lemonade tray, bird feeder, Children can collect, train, battle, and trade Voidcritter cards, similar to Pokemon cards in the real world, Voidcritter cards can be ordered on the computer, found in garbage bins and logs (children only), and traded with other Sims (children only), Each Voidcritter has an alignment, making it strong or weak against other types of Voidcritters, Voidcritter cards vary in rarity and each Voidcritter card has both a standard edition and a special edition, Children can train their Voidcritters on the new battle station to increase their power level, making them stronger in battles, Children can battle their Voidcritters against other children on the battle station, A new puppet theatre children can play with to build their Social skill, A variety of different plays children can put on using the puppet theatre with different outcomes; sometimes the children will put on a good show, other times they’ll mess it up, Other Sims can come and watch the puppet performances, A new BeTween TV channel featuring the Voidcritter television show, Voidcritter Battle Station, Puppet Theatre, Sims can make offerings at the new wishing well and make wishes, Making offerings increases the odds of a wish having good results; the higher the offering, the better the odds of a good wish outcome, Sims can die in various ways from wishes gone wrong at the wishing well but the wishing well itself does not have a new death type, Sims can wish for knowledge, wealth, love, happiness, youth, good grades, a promotion, or a child at the wishing well, Ghosts can wish to be brought back to life, Sims can play in, sit on, and add soap to the new water fountain.  A new mini-world with a shopping district theme in the aesthetic style of Willow Creek Bowling Night Stuff, Romance Gameplay  Apartment neighbours and landlords It depletes when the vampire uses vampire powers and will occasionally need to be replenished with rest or meditation. 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