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Formerly named Sister Rosebud, apparently Rose is actually a former Guardian who was out gathering herbs when the Desert Rangers originally took over Guardian Citadel. The wife of Malediction Mayweather, Fealty is one of the more pleasant members of the Militia. Rose was more important for computers in my mind than the medic aspect. I don't even get a % of success. Life spirals towards its end. You can have up to 3 cnpc's in your party. Commander Robert Danforth of Red Scorpion Militia. Unfortunately, this kind of prosperity is bound to attract predators — in this case, a gang known as the Leather Jerks. This page was last edited on 7 August 2020, at 16:40. Leader of the Robbinsons, a band of wastelanders who value personal ambition above all else. The Cochise AI's plan is to assimilate anyone with cybernetic enhancements, whether they've only replaced a limb or have become a full-on synthetic. He tasks Team Echo with helping him find a cure for the parasitic plague that's been running rampant throughout Rodia since the Jerks' arrival. It's very easy to lure your enemies from their perfectly safe and impenetrable positions by engaging them at long distance - they will abandon their posts in a. Headshots deal more damage than normal shots, but they can't crit, are less accurate, and take an additional 2 AP, regardless of a standard attack's AP cost. Known across the wetlands as "The Jewel of Los Angeles," Rodia is a prospering settlement southwest of Santa Fe Springs. Ranger HQ lost contact with him days ago, and now he's finally come home... in a bodybag. If you are particularly unlucky, it will crash. Shout Out / Wasteland 2 Go To × Edit Locked. And said 3-4 bullets are for pistols, thus conserving otherwise scarce ammo for sniper and assault rifles. It was enough to get ol' General Vargas spooked, and one of the old Cochise team, Ace, was sent to investigate. He tried to force the Jerks out of town early on in their occupation, but was beaten up and locked in a cage, suspended from Rodia's famed towers for all to see. Bazalt Joe's Revenge Go to the Remnant Wasteland to meet Bazalt Joe . IMPORTANT!! It was developed by inXile Entertainment, a studio made up of former Interplay employees who worked on the first game, with Obsidian Entertainment and Chris Avellone as co-developers. Though brutal, he has gained a sizable following and managed to secure a territory for his church. So it's really great, but don't even think about putting it on something else than 1/4/8/10. Rodia's famed sawbones, Doc Horchata is a former member of the Mannerites who was cast out of Angel Oracle for excessive swearing. Unfortunately, she is in no position to enact changes, as Malediction is corrupt, mistreats her, and is liable to kill her if she steps out of line. A violent an uneducated man, Samson took to the televangelist's teachings to heart with terrifying zeal. There are also a handful of skills which even civilians should be able to at least attempt, such as Brute Force. While players liked some of the new changes (namely some weapon balancing and the inclusion of perks and quirks), the other problems made the game barely playable for most while waiting for a much necessary patch.

The nauseatingly polite leader of Angel Oracle, and by extension, the Mannerites.

Rose makes a great medic for your team. Charisma - Most regard it as the other dump stat, but I'm not so sure about it. He is stong to be in the fray of combat and can pick up the members that are more tankish. She died my current playthrough unfortunately but that just means i dont need to worry about the endgame. Work with Kathy Lawson to find a cure for the Ag Center outbreak, Add the antifungal serum to the reservoir in East Greenhouse, Shut down the irrigation to halt the spread of infection, Fix Sue's mistake and save three other communities from the Ag Center plague, Monitor radio for calls about spreading infection, Free Ryan from the animal pen in the east field, Save the workers from the infected creatures, https://wasteland.gamepedia.com/Rose?oldid=57668, Agricultural center characters (Wasteland 2), Rose can be recruited into the party if the player chooses to save the agricultural center. ↳ Wasteland: Game & Technical Help ↳ Wasteland 2 ↳ Wasteland 2: General Discussion ↳ Wasteland 2: Gameplay Discussion ↳ Wasteland 2: Story Discussion ↳ Wasteland 2: Technical Help ↳ The Ranger Citadel 6502 Computer ↳ Wasteland 2: Community Content ↳ Crowdsourced Unity Assets Forum ↳ Wasteland 3 Thanks. However, the violent nature of the faith quickly led to problems.

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