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Shafts with a more pronounced bend tend to deflect more. Victory Archery arrows also have standard Aluminum Shok Inserts. It is made of 100 percent carbon, which provides an astounding straightness tolerance of +-0.0001. For hunting purposes, a trajectory of 10 to 15% will provide sufficient accuracy at great distance. The VAP Shock measures 5/16th diameter for perfect field tip and broadhead alignment and weighs in at 35-Grains for increased kinetic energy and Front-of-Center (FOC). I was intending to try the VAP's only if I could get the ss inserts but they weigh 92 grains vs 33-43 grains for the aluminum of Victory's. Making plenty of noise in the arrow arena, especially in the past half-decade, Victory continues to raise the bar. Black eagle makes the deep Impact and eastom has the injexion. And the 43 grain insert will keep the FOC down a little from the FOC w/ the 90+ grain SS insert if that is a consideration (recognize that some folks like the SS because it increases FOC). Compact broadheads, both mechanical and fixed-blade types, are recommended for perfect aerodynamics. The arrow is fitted with a Nano Ceramic ICE coating for maximum penetration. The All Red trim comes in a package containing 12 weight-matched arrows. Easton FMJ 6mm is a hybrid arrow type with copper at the core of its shaft and a full metal coating of Aluminum on the outside. Only reason I'm considering migrating from my Gold Tip setup I've used for years on elk, mulies, turkeys, plains game, etc. How? It determines the balance position of the arrow which in turn has a huge impact on the arrow’s trajectory curve. 2. Has any one tried the easton a/c/e insert or deep six insert, Nice bull Coues HNTR. They also have a bulldog shaft covering for protection against weather elements. On the other hand, rigid or static spines are recommended for weighty bows. I have the same set up as you and figure there are better choices. The dealer i talked to shot one into a cinder block and the insert held up and continues to spin true......only time will tell if they really get this aluminum insert correct this time. Have been shooting the VAP 350's for a year now. Upon purchase, you get the Accu-lite nock, the Accu-lite inserts with 300-400 spines, and the small Accu-lite inserts featuring 500-600 spine variations. but the Vaps are lighter GPI which I like.Finished arrow at 29 inches and 100 grain insert is about 380 grains. Light arrows may be fast but do not deliver the desired punch because of their low momentum. Thus, bringing arrow weight in at 440 grains. I have not found negative flight characteristics (fast arrow drop) as long as FOC stays below about 18.5% (out of a compound). If you want the best penetration, you should use a heavier arrow. In turn, broadhead-tipped arrows will experience less planing for tighter groups and increased lethality on game. lol. My issue with the wind is usually not being able to hold on my target. Since the arrow is parallel to your line of sight, you might over draw the arrow driving it right into your bow hand. They are meant to provide stability when the arrow is in flight. You can check out some of the physics behind arrows here: []. For my money, I'll stay with my Easton ICS carbons and longer inserts that provide excellent extra reinforcement against snapping and great head alignment in an American made product. Thicker shafts have a larger surface area, which exposes them to more wind drift. This unique new construction is the core of Victory’s Low Torque Technology, which allows for tighter tolerance spines and superior flight. As said earlier, a friend claims he's having better penetration and grouping with the VAP's. Admit it....You got him with a tomahawk! The high visibility makes it easy to recover especially when it falls in a place with autumn leaves or critter. Their shaft is made with carbon and is then coated with aluminum. There are always controversies in bow hunting, especially when comparing the effectiveness of a heavy and slower arrow with a light and fast arrow. is that I've drawn an archery bighorn ram tag and wanting to try to move my effective range from around 35 yards out to around 45 (I'm 70 and only pull about 52 pounds comfortably any more). Carbon as a material is strong and durable, and so are the arrows made from it. I can use a ACC 3-28 half out insert in the Rampages, or I can use a Carbon Express Edge 250 half outsert in them as well if I dont like the 33 grain outsert. In any conditions where you are able to hold steady and shoot at long distances, the impact of the wind is negligible. Victory’s new VAP TKO arrows deliver superior penetration by reducing the surface area of the arrow (thus decreasing resistance). Featuring a micro-sized .166-inch inner diameter, and the company’s new Low Torque technology, the new Victory Archery VAP TKO delivers the unmatched accuracy, strength and penetration shooters have been waiting for. However, if you prefer a high Front-of-Center, you can pick the 95-grain 303 Shok Inserts. Required fields are marked *, Share this on Facebook (opens in new window), Share this on Twitter (opens in new window). It is of a stronger, higher grade aluminum per the dealer....looks just like their old one other than anodizing has been done to it. The arrow package comes with Revolutionary Launchpad nocks upon purchase. For long distance hunting, you might want to consider a medium-weight arrow that delivers both momentum and speed. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Another thing Im looking into is glueing a broadhead directly into the shaft. Victory Archery’s VAP TKO .166 arrows are available in a convenient six-pack with an MSRP of $94.99, Your email address will not be published. The carbon weave minimizes the spinning force of the arrow as it gains speed. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Lad, interested as to whether you are using the aluminum inserts or the stainless steel? Consequently, it is reasonably priced considering its performance. The Valkyrie is a great ammunition for field archers who hunt in windy conditions. Features: Okay, I'm totally ignorant on these shafts and their website seems to be down. This means that a heavy arrow will hit the target at nearly the same speed at which it left the bow. With MaxxKe™ Technology, Extreme FOC balance, and dramatically reduced downrange cross-wind deflection, this is the go-to arrow for dedicated big game hunters. Previous post should have anodizing has been done to the new insert. VAP, ACC's or Carbon Express, Blazers, Flex Fletch and even the old 4 inch vanes show little difference. I was hoping someone would give some feedback on this post by now as I am considering trying them as well. The result would be a lousy shot. I'll do that this weekend. Victory’s engineers took this into account and wanting to be all things to all archers, designed the VAP TKO with Victory Archery’s Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating. But lots written about the VAP aluminum inserts bending. tthomas, I was surprised to hear the affects of wind drift were the same between arrows, but you are correct. Carbon arrows are wrapped or weaved with tough material to avoid splintering. These are some of the great hunting arrows that provide reliable performance with different bow types. They are very durable. A comfortable draw weight is instrumental for a perfect shot. For now, I'd rather stick with broadheads I have and not explore both new shafts and broadheads, due to limited time. A good friend got the same penetration on a nearly identical elk several years ago using his regular ICS diameter carbons and fixed blade BH's, for instance, and was pleased at the penetration but not really astounded, because it wasn't all that unusual. Consequently, its static spine prevents it from bending on impact. Ernie, I have the aluminum inserts but after reading everyone's comments, I'm thinking about swapping to SS insert. The White Out’s shaft is made of carbon material. Victory VAP; Nockturnal-G fits arrows with ID of .165 S -Nock GT -Nock. The micro-diameter aspect improves the penetrating power of the arrow. we have have outstanding results with the VAPS. Only gripe he had was the inserts bent easily being that they stuck out an were only aluminum. Surprised nobody has mentioned using the stainless steel insert? Today, some arrows are made from aluminum and carbon materials. Greaty arrows too. I'm interested to see what others might say too. These are meant to deliver precision and consistent arrow departure. You might find these features extremely useful in bowhunting. It fits over the arrow with no stem. Therefore, they should be used with lower weight bows. Obviously, I like the VAP an have had very good results with them. You need to spin test them as they will bend shooting into a 3D target. I'm concerned about investing in a half dozen when I know the FOC is that high. This aspect is particularly useful when hunting huge and tough game animals. This is thin enough to deliver maximum penetration without compromising its structural integrity. ernie, look into the Black Eagle Arrows Rampage or Deep Impact shafts. 300FPS have not had any problems with the inserts.

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