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Thanks Liron! Hi Jacky, Halfway through, it turned into a double batch, like no way was a single batch of this going to cut it haha. That's because store bought milk has preservatives in it and homemade doesn't. what’s the name of the ones you usually use? Hey! So to differentiate the two I refer to the dairy butter as the real one. This recipe was originally published on March 15th 2015. I am definitely making this butter again for Christmas. My confidence in your research and my comfort with fermentation led me to try the butter. Make sure everything you use (bowl, blender, etc) is very clean. The reason I recommend making more cashew milk than needed is that it’s very difficult to blend to a smooth consistency if you use less than 1/2 cup of cashews. Can it be possibly ruined by the temperature?its about 25-26°here.

A lot of trial and error turned into something that everyone around us wanted and here we are, years later, loving every day of creating new plant-based “dairy” products for all of you. Perfect with my homemade sourdough bread. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Recipe is great! Almond flour is found in almost all grocery stores and it will be clearly labelled on the bag that it is made from blanched almonds. I’m not sure what you mean by liquid form, does it harden if you put it in the refrigerator? (And there’s a lot of cake round these parts.) It is soooo good! We have an active compost system at our facility. How to store I now have a very off-balanced proportion, but luckily I measure everything by weight and take notes so I’ll be able to figure out how to save it! I was using Pure soya spread, but I only could get it at Ocado, who does not deliver to Scotland where I live. I'd just blend it up again really well if I were you to try to save it. Also, my lecithin is very thick ( i bought online and i opened it was very thick like honey)may be it didnt work and thats why i havent succeed with the texture? We work with ethical producers to source our ingredients, doing as much as we can to ensure we don’t send any waste from our production or packaging, to landfill. The almond (or other non-dairy) milk makes the dairy free butter spread creamier, by essentially creating an emulsion as you mix it together with the the oils. Shop with ease! First Name The fact that it contains natural flavors may also affect the taste of the butter. Before we get to the bits and bobs of making this amazing vegan butter – if you like what you’re seeing, subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date on the latest recipes and tips! I’m looking forward to your version. Hi, Thomas, There are so many different probiotics that some may work and others won’t, it really depends on what/how many cultures they contain. Yes 2 tsp of lecithin powder equals about 1 tsp of liquid lecithin. Your comment made my day Lynn! I’m open to the unexpected and I’m sure any number of things could have happened in the process that created this flavour, including the fermentation or perhaps the quality or quantity of cashews.

If stored in the fridge, the homemade dairy free butter keeps for up to 2 weeks. Also was everything cool, even the melted coconut oil? Will attempt to culture cashew milk again. It’s the secret to make it smell and taste like real dairy butter!

A ridiculously easy homemade plant-based, vegan butter recipe with simple, easily accessible ingredients and downright amazing results. Thanks Monika!

Thanks for the feedback and rating Riikka! Our range of plant-based “dairy” products are made using many of the cheesemaking techniques Brittany learned working in the dairy industry. You’re very innovative with your recipes. Hi Diana, Culturing the cashew milk gives the butter a tangier taste, a more complex body, and a richer texture. I have some powdered lecithin so I’m going to try it soon to see if it works the same as the liquid one. For this recipe, I’ve teamed up with Upfield, a company you might be more familiar with from their brands of plant-based spreads such as Country Crock in the US or Flora in the UK. I'm Thomas, welcome to my blog! However you choose to enjoy them, whether in a fancy dessert or just with a spoon (we won’t judge! It's sometimes labelled as "deodorized". Butter is another raging success in this house.

No it’s not, I would recommend starting again. If you can smell or taste any trace of coconut it is not refined and not suitable for this recipe. Hi Eveline, so glad you enjoy the vegan butter! It will not taste of butter. I say unfortunately, because well, it’s hard to stop eating it!!!! I love your very creative recipes. We responsibly recycle every bit of waste that cannot be directly re-used or composted. I first tried using turmeric to give it a yellow color but it didn’t look natural, too yellowy. Maybe the coconut oil was too hot, not sure. Your email address will not be published. Find our stockist and distributor information here to point you in the right direction. Thanks. About 2 weeks. Scrape down the sides from time to time until everything is smooth. If you want to learn how to make homemade vegan butter – look no further. Thick, creamy, soft, it has the perfect texture. Add 1/2 cup of cultured cashew milk, neutral oil, sunflower lecithin, salt, and carrot juice. I’m curious if you can use other nuts besides cashews as a base – so many people seem sensitive these days. I’m happiest in the kitchen and behind the camera, bringing my allergy friendly dreams to life, and sharing them with you. I used soya lecithin granules , sokaedthem for an hour in water then added. Notes. I blend till I can hardly see the lecithin specks. I also used Victoria’s suggestion of 1 tsp of organic, fair trade and sustainably sourced red palm oil, and it really does make the perfect color for those who don’t mind that type of ingredient.

All is it normal for a purplish color on top cultured cashew milk? Also, pouring boiling water on the cashews and letting sit for 1-2 minutes helps kill possible bacterias. Our butter is not like margarine. Lifestyle. To freeze in an airtight freezer safe container - When you make the butter pour it into the freezer safe container cover with a lid and put it straight in the freezer. Melt the coconut oil over low-medium heat. I could only find refined coconut oil in liquid form, rather than the usual solid stuff. Ever since Cole's invented the first frozen garlic bread back in 1972, this family-owned bakery has been creating tasty and innovative products. I’ve just made this with sunflower seeds instead of cashews and it worked perfectly, Hi what was the weight of the sunflower seeds you used, thanks. My husband who has joined us on the vegan path could not let his cows milk butter go. - Laura ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, "I’m a dairy-lover turned vegan in the last year along with my hubby. Light, flavorful and so much healthier than store-bought and ready in 10 minutes! For more great vegan dairy alternatives, check out these very popular reader favourites: Subscribe to my email list for a fabulous FREE eCookbook featuring my top 10 recipes.

Hi Thomas, thank you for the recipe! But honestly, that would be like saying you can’t taste the difference between zucchini noodles and regular pasta – a bit farfetched. Plus, using a (stand or hand) mixer in step #7 is much more efficient than using a blender when it comes to incorporating air into the plant-based butter.

can I get organic ones? This is ridiculously tasty.

Do you know what might went wrong and how I can fix it? Are you kee, Baklava Cones with Vanilla Bean Creme and Rhubarb. If your blender does run a little warm then blend in short bursts and give it a break for a minute or two in between. Vegan butter comes in many forms: tubs, sticks, whipped, soy-free, olive oil based, coconut based, and even flavored with garlic and herbs. We also accept the return of any used jars to re-sterilise and re-use in our production. Your cart's current subtotal is $0.00. It is coarser and grainier than almond flour, slightly stronger in flavour and darker in colour with small brown flecks throughout if the skins were still intact. I will make sure to update the recipe with the results! Why is it too sour taste and smell?

It’s delicious! Step 2 - Add the refined coconut oil and the olive oil and blend again until incorporated and light and airy.

By checking this box, I authorise to store my personal information in order to reach out to me. More details are in the recipe notes. Finish with salt & pepper to taste. So… no, plant-based butter doesn’t taste just like regular butter. Meaning, if I buy some for this recipe, will I be able to use the rest for the foie gras recipe? We are Brittany and Bronson. Some food simply isn’t the same without butter.

I've never had that happen and never had anyone else say it's happened to them in all the years it's been published. I’m happy to hear you are saving money It’s true that buying artisan vegan cheeses/butter can be quite expensive. Try this delish bak, WE NEED YOUR HELP TO HELP OTHERS This vegan butter will keep for up to 7 days in the refrigerator. If you have frozen it in an ice cube tray it will defrost really quickly so you can pop one out and leave it at room temperature until it's ready to use. What’s more, it can be used also in baking and frostings! until you get a homogeneous, pale mixture. Hola, voy a hacer esta mantequilla para los clientes de nuestro restaurante y le pondremos el nombre de la “Butter Thomas”. I just thought I’d share my results and will try it again to compare notes. I have a few readers who use ground up cashew nuts, sunflower seeds or pine nuts instead of almonds. How to serve

Stir in your add-ins (herbs, garlic, or raisins, cinnamon, or chocolate for a sweet version), and transfer to a container. Here's how it's done: Step 1 - Add all of the ingredients except the oils to a blender and blend until smooth. I have a question if that’s ok? Is there an alternative oil that suits the purpose? Here's how it's done: Step 1 - Add all of the ingredients except the oils to a blender and blend until smooth. Do you place it in the refrigerator or freezer to cool? Decadent, thick, silky, luxurious … need we go on? I just made butter with another recipe so I can’t comment on this recipe yet. This vegan butter will keep for up to 7 days in the refrigerator. Step 2 - Add the refined coconut oil and the olive oil and blend again until incorporated and light and airy. The best tasting vegan butter! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. We are also a ‘disposables free workplace’ where single use water bottles, coffee cups, straws, and plastic bags are banned. Cut away the inside core with a diagonal slice. I used about 1/8 cup olive oil and a little extra coconut oil to make up for the other oil.

Travel. If there are too many bacterias the cashew milk will turn bad. Okay, thanks. Not just through providing plant-based ‘dairy’ foods but also by eliminating our production waste.

PRIVACY POLICY + DISCLAIMERS     But we know making fermented food is easy, right? It’s as good as Miyokos and a snap to make. Is vegan butter healthy? Yes, the temperature is the problem.

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