valkyrie connect tier list jp


This character is widely admired due to her special sleep effect in the arena. Freya is often disparaged by high level players– because they all had to build around her. If you know where the rings are, you know where to put Freya. GOOD! Odin is easy to handle and it won’t take much time in learning to play with him. Ymir: S Class. Christmas Treezai is placed at number 2 in the Valkyrie tier list of best characters. Thor is another adorable character in the game whose strengths exceed his weaknesses. Ideally, you want every Star Party exclusive as well as certain other high tier heroes, but even with patience, there is finite time to reroll before Star Party ends, or before you would just be better off investing in a good hand. With Ranco’s awesome stat distribution and her abilities, she fits into damn near every single team comp. She turns damage into healing, can be immune to charm, and is obnoxious to deal with for most players. Ranking connect rewards are for points only, the speed rankings are just for bragging rights. For crystal breaking, some form of damage up against beasts is suggested if you can field it. Nottluka would probably pass meliodas in usage if JP got miku before 7ds like global did. As a F2P player, Valkyrie Connect is a … My list of High Return on Investment is as follows (Star Party Heroes are in bold): Urd: SS Class. Still, you get way more rolls during the next Star Party if you play your cards right. She is not quite best girl, but she’s pretty damn close and her versatility makes her pretty much a must have. Damage. Mia is valuable as a counter against tank/heal teams– which are all over the place. Fafnir Helms will be critical to winning. She’s tied with Mani on usefulness in my opinion, but in PvP there may be better options. She’s a Tank/DPS, which is a great combo in both arena and connects. Stay in it until it gets invaded. For S★4 Keep in mind Brand applies to everyone. Join connects when you begin to not be stam capped. Burn all of your stamina racing through the main story quest while spamming arena on cooldown. Front 3 will take heaviest damage, it may be necessary to keep healers out of the front 3 as most of them are either weak to fire or not eclipse resistant. Ragnarok removes barriers, but shield effects are fine. Luca is invaluable in tanking for connects and PvP. Mani has strong healing power and high defense mechanism. Invest xp/orbs only in that Freya. Thrud makes her way to the A+ list owing to her more than good skills. Collaboration characters are properties of their respective copyright holders. Your goal is basically to get Freya, Luca, 5* Thor, 1 good ranged, and use Hel to fill. Powerful Light Counterattack when damaged by all elements other than Dark and Non-Elemental. Ex. The disadvantage of Star Party rerolling is that you have a very limited amount of time/stamina as F2P to get your outcomes and your total amount of rolls will always be less than what you could roll if you had time to prepare, do hero quests, unlock all of the Connect Diamonds, and bring your full war chest to the table. Thor: S Class. Abyss Haze (Leaf): Offensive damage & Accuracy greatly reduced. Investing in all of these is safe– you can downgrade Hel to your second arena team when you get a better mage option (Odin/Ymir/Etc) and she will help with GA team construction. Some form of debuff immunity is required. Gullveig: A Class. For connects, she allows you to increase your DPS while still having a tank.

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