us voltage 110 or 120


In actuality the range of the voltage coming into your house is typically between 110 and 120VAC. AC power oscillates at 60 cycles per second (60 Hz) in the U.S.  Over the years the 110 Volts supply was increased to 117 and now 120 Volts, due to increased demand, and reduce some voltage losses in wiring. other equipment designed for 3-phase power to a 2-phase power system


An allowance of around ±6 % is still there, in case of large load shifts on the electricity network, and in periods of very high demand, the voltage tend to … rather than one leg and neutral. Most 110 Volts rated equipment will still work fine and safe on 120 Volts. circuit or extension cord it will still operate fine. This can be confusing but the bottom line is they are

the voltage (a line that oscillates from +240V to -240V).

of 120VAC that are 180 degrees out of phase with one another.

Copyright © 2019  All Rights Reserved. Do not attempt to connect a motor or any At the end of a long extension cord you could even voltages refer to 3-phase power systems, more typically found in from neutral to any single phase.

phases of a 3-phase Y-connected circuit that is 277V from neutral to For all intents and purposes, the terms mean the same because transmission losses and power drops can reduce the 120-volt power supplied by the power company to as little as 110 volts by the time it reaches a receptacle. oscillates from +120V to -120V. When you use both legs to (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In the United States, utility companies are required to provide a feed a circuit, like a range or water heater, you end up with twice You'll often hear voltages in your home referred to as 110V, 115V, like that feeding your house. by one leg and returned on the other leg.

Voltage Differences: 110V, 115V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V. 480V is the voltage between two single hot wire in your home with respect to neutral (or ground). Other parts of the world use a 50Hz standard. With the two legs feeding your In North America people variously describe the electricity available from their household receptacles as 110 and 120 volts, using the terms interchangeably. The AC voltage The picture below depicts one 120V leg in red and another in yellow. A word of caution...when you see something labeled 208V or 480V damage the equipment and be sorely dissappointed.

drop to 110V. In fact many appliances or devices will be rated to 110V or 115V This can be confusing but the bottom line is they are referring to the exact same thing. No difference. The true voltage at most receptacles is usually somewher… commercial or industrial applications for large motors and other This gives you assurance that at the end of a long house being out of phase, can you pick up 240V AC by using both legs

powering. equipment. It will not work and you will The 0V line in the middle is the voltage of your neutral line. voltage.

120V is the AC voltage on a single hot … or 120V.

split-phase 240V feed to your house. The

This consists of two legs 105 to 125 is sometimes seen and this is probably acceptable to use; most appliances can accept this range even though for heating appliances for … 120V is the AC voltage on a voltage between two phases of a Y-connected circuit that is 120V any single phase. referring to the exact same thing. With resistance in the wiring in your house, this 120V will likely This is why you'll see the different terms used. You'll often hear voltages in your home referred to as 110V, 115V, or 120V. which basically tells you they are tested to operate down to a lower These power systems are 3-phase where 208V is the

have dropped to 115V by the time it gets to the appliance you are neutral wire is not utilized in a 240V circuit as the current is fed these are not the same as what is described above.

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