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Sing, o nightingale, Of course there’s millions of other explanations than a cursed poem (which, mind you, I didn’t read aloud), I was fluish, I had had few drinks – stupid combination, I know – and of course scared myself silly in the first place. Cleverbot: I type a text, but then I never mind that shoot. The page was shown to me only once, it was a perfect imitation of the original page. And any negative sensations reading it are probably psychological products borne from fear and belief- your mind makes it real. Will reading this poem cause you to die after? Do you have other legend, curse or storie like this one?

Dude, like seriously.

User: Elder sister vomits blood, younger sister’s breathing fire while sweet little Tomino just spits up the jewels.2. Do you have anxiety? If you see this pop-up, you will soon be found dead. Not so sure what that has to do with a little boy who’s mentally suffering. Add sickness and alcohol, it pushed hard, raised your pulse, and because you immediately went to activity, the body overcompensated, raised the blood pressure, and almost knocked you out. 'Old folks buy the cat food. The legend: It's an internet pop-up accompanied with a cute little voice that asks, "Do you like the red room?" In which she will be confused or leave you alone. WTF? I asked the night manager, "What happened? does anyone know a poem that is similar to this that i can read out loud and not die ? If you read it in your head, you should be okay — but that isn't guaranteed.

Eventually.. everyone will die.. hahaha.. so this poem will not kill.. unless u are reading this poem while crossing the highway.

But the way it tells this story makes it a bit less puzzling. It strikes me that the sheep and nightingale are symbolic of Tomino’s sisters. 可愛いトミノのめじるしに。 Dont read this poem im in deep pain, Did someone really expect something to happen when you read this out loud… 12 year olds?

The legend: It's a demon who roams your bathroom in the pitch black and will grab your feet with its mouth. Now, at least in this store, not located in a poor neighborhood, that urban legend has been confirmed as fact.


The painting is called “Now I’ll Never be a Bride.” , I believe.

She just ruined a friendship. The legend: AKA "hide and go kill," this is a game where you let a spirit possess a doll and then play hide and seek with it — and it's basically guaranteed that you'll die. I felt huge waves Nausea, despair, and just an uncomfortable feeling in general. Heh, just kidding!

I’m a big lover of urban legends and spooky stuff (and a translator of Japanese poetry), so this hit a sweet spot for me.
This is such a seriously beautiful english translation, thank you so much!!

This legend inspired Kayako, aka the vengeful spirit in The Grudge. of sweet little Tomino.5. Clearly! Thank you, David. Yup, I know how to pronounce japanese stuff. Don’t believe it.

It just adds another evidence that this legend is just made up. It’s called The Boy Who Went To Hell. Men will power are powerful.


I’ve been waiting for a proper English version of this poem for years, but unfortunately, I’ve forgotten about the Urban Legend… Until now! What is happening here isn’t immediately obviously, but clearly Tomino’s sisters are suffering while he is not.
Legend says that if you read it outloud you’ll die but I don’t believe that’s true. We like to do spooky stuff like the Ouija Board and Charlie Charlie. Yeah, I generally take translation pretty seriously, so when I saw the very rough versions of this poem floating around out there, I knew I had to try my hand at it. Ruko, I know that “kawaisou” means “pitiful” in a more strongly negative sense, and “kawaii” has a slight nuance of “adorably pitiable.” I’m sure that’s what influenced me to pick “sweet little,” implying a degree of pity.

spooky no? NOPE. kawaii tomino wa tama wo haku. Still a very eerie poem and fascinating legend. Follow the BuzzFeed Community on. I just read this and looked at all the comments.

Not scared of anything!! We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. . The poem is so creepy and very well-written and that I don’t even think it needs an urban legend to come with it to become popular. If in this hell they be found, Then she noticed some lines she had never seen before. Nothing really happened to me and everything went on normal without any sign of bad luck.

Thanks, John! I mean, it might mess you up psychologically, but…I guess I’m going to take that risk. here you go love enjoy :)las08 . 皮の嚢(ふくろ)にやいくらほど入れよ、

When you got up, your blood pressure rose. Can you show me the wikipedia page of Saijo Yaso? Given the drinks and the flu, both are downers. This poem is kinda creepy. But never quite shattering. I think the same thing when I decide to read out loud, it just take more “power” when you always think about it. I was reading this in the morning at 12am with my friend and it’s now 1:45am I can’t sleep I feel like I’m being watched on by someone something I don’t know I’m being serious don’t read this, Still alive….but i do feel something on my heart, Yeah, I have already read this before and now during quarantine it seems a bit sensible to read spooky stuff…. Please someone tell me what to do and how or if there’s a way to help this or make it easy for her to cope with. User: His wailing desperation echoes throughout hell— a fox peony opens its golden petals. And Why…..??? go falling into that hell, Autoplay next video. Thanks, Isaac!

nakeyo, uguisu, hayashi no ame ni. I was reading each translation from this site and others, hopjng to accomplish death, or at least a trauma of some sort of horrific happening. Well, I don’t know if this counts since it didn’t involve reading the poem aloud myself, but last night I came across with this text once again. As she was reading the page she suddenly noticed that she accidentally made some reading mistakes. No I don’t have asthma. There are five horrible sins you can commit to end up in this place: creating a schism within the community of Buddhist monks and nuns, shedding the blood of a Buddha, killing an enlightened person, or (AHEM) intentionally murdering one’s father or one’s mother (!). in that leather pouch I will never know if reading this poem had anything to do with the events that followed, but I can tell you at some point in time you’ll forget you even read this poem and when things fall apart the poem will be the last thing on your mind.

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