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Bring out the mini god in your son with a powerful A name taken straight from epic myths and legends. There is a wide range of options here but all are suitable for your upcoming bundle of joy. Every name is unique and all are strong boy names for babies. Why wasn't this page useful? 1. I know it’s early, but we are stumped on a boy name, we want a unique first name to start with H and to flow with the middle name Jason(after my brother who passed away in Feb)TIA! This action cannot be undone. We’ll also look at some thematic categories commonly used for name inspiration, including “cute,” “cool,” and “unique.” Baby boy names that begin with the letter A can be long or short, unique or classic, and have a variety of meanings. Create an account or log in to participate. You can choose a name with a sound you love or one with a baby name meaning you love. It's not as easy to find top baby name lists for Asian and African countries, but these African baby names and Asian baby names are some of your options. Second Baby Must Haves. We will discuss some options for standard names, such as a names for boy dogs, as well as a names for girl dogs. Aran            -Forest                                                        – Thai, Arash          -Hero                                                          – Persian, Arawa         -Shark                                                         – Maori, Archer         -Bow                                                          – Old English, Ardai           -Warrior                                                     – Celtic, Ardell          – Eager                                                        – Latin, Ardon          -Bronze                                                      – Hebrew, Arlen            – Promise                                                   – Irish, Arnold          -Strong as the eagle                                  – Old German, Aroon           -Dawn                                                         -Thai, Arthur          – Noble                                                       -Scottish, Arun             -Sun                                                            -Hindi, Arundel       – From the eagle valley                               – English, Arvin            -friend of the people                                  -Old German, Aron              – Enlightened                                            -Hebrew, Ascott          -Dweller at the cottage in the east             -Old English, Asher            – Happy                                                      -Hebrew, Ashur            -Black                                                         – Hebrew, Aston            -From the easterly town                            – Old English, Atalik            -Like his father                                            -Hungarian, Atamai         -Knowing all                                                –Tongan, Atarah          – Crown                                                        -Hebrew, Athan           -Immortal                                                     -Greek, Athol             -From Ireland                                              -Scottish, Atid               -Sun                                                             -Thai, Atif                -Caring                                                        -Arabic, Atiu               – The eldest                                                 -Polynesian, Attila             – Father                                                         -Old English, Atwater        – At the edge of the water                            -English, Atworth        – At the farm                                                -English, Auberon       -king of the faires                                        -Old German, Aubrey          -Reddish                                                        -Old French, Auburn         -Brown haired                                              -French, Auden           – Old friend                                                   -English, Audie             -Noble                                                          – German, Audon            -Rich                                                             -French, Audric            -Wise ruler                                                   -French, Audun            -Old friend                                                   –Scandinavian, Aukai              -Sailer                                                           -Hawaiian, Aurek              – Golden haired                                           –Polish, Aurelian          – Golden dawn                                           – Latin, Aurick              – Protecting ruler                                      – German, Avel                 – Breath                                                      – Russian, Avaram          – father of multitudes                                  – Hebrew, Awan             – Somebody                                                 –Native American, Ayer               – Son                                                             – Old French, Aylmer          – Famous                                                        – Old English, Aymil             – Industrious                                                 -Greek, Axel                – Father of peace                                         – Greek, Averall            – Born in April                                               – Middle English, Avi                   – Father                                                        – Hebrew, Aviv                 – Spring time                                                – Hebrew, Azel                  – Noble                                                        – Hebrew, Azik                  – laughter                                                     -Russian, Azim                – Great                                                          – Arabic, Azin                 – Decoration                                                 – Persian, Aziz                   – Precious                                                   – Swahili, Azuriah           – Aided by God                                            – Hebrew.

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