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I think "Ginger" gave Rust a line that was cut with speed, as well. Directed by "Haunted Houses" Tory Kittles, AKA: Season 1 Episode 4: Who Goes There. Let's go to work. "The Locked Room" True Detective S01E04 Who Goes There [2014.1080... True.Detective.S01E04.1080p.5.1Ch.BluRay.ReEnc-... True.Detective.S01E04.Who.Goes.There.BluRay.Rem... True.Detective.S01E04.Who.Goes.There.720p.WEB-D... True.Detective.S01E04.Who.Goes.There.720p.BluRa... True.Detective.S01.EP04.BluRay.iPad.720p.AAC.x2... True.Detective.S01E04.720p.BluRay.500MB.ShAaNiG... Watch "True Detective" Who Goes There online. As Hart's personal life collapses around him, Cohle immerses himself in an old criminal identity from his narco days, contacting an East Texan biker gang known to deal with their primary suspect. 104. True Detective Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. anyone else notice the flask. Which is crazy... there are real men out there right now, in the real world, who are as stone cold as Rust. Previous You're like the Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch. Episode guide Each season of the series is structured as a self-contained narrative, employing new cast ensembles, and following various sets of characters and settings. This was his life for four years. Woody Harrelson "Who Goes There" That long take at the end was one of the best things I have ever seen on television. Statistics | He tries to talk to Maggie at her workplace and is confronted by security officers before Cohle arrives to take him away. How do people work undercover? 107. February 9, 2014 Cary Joji Fukunaga Fast, paranoid and out of control. "The Locked Room" Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I liked how the show moved in intensity once Cohle started using coke. "The Secret Fate of All Life" "Seeing Things" 101. It first aired February 9, 2014 on HBO. Hart and Cohle hunt for their newly identified suspect, Reggie Ledoux, a meth cooker who shared a cell with Dora Lange's husband and recently skipped parole. AKA: True Detective, Справжнiй детектив, Gerçek Dedektiv. True Detective - 1x04 "Who Goes There" - Episode Discussion. I kept saying to my dog, dude, Marty is totally going to forrest gump fuck this shit up. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TrueDetective community, Press J to jump to the feed. Lange also tells the detectives that Ledoux told him about a group of rich men who would get together for sacrifices of women and children for devil worship. I know. In the present day, the detectives interviewing Cohle and Hart can't quite understand why, having found a major lead in the case, Cohle would suddenly take two weeks leave, doubts in the investigation start to come forth as Papania and Gilbough question Cohle's sick leave, claiming that there are no hospital records of his father. Nuts. Aired: February 9, 2014. Meanwhile, Lisa spitefully tells Maggie everything about her affair with Hart, who returns home to find his family gone and his bags packed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Who Goes There is the fourth episode in season 1 of True Detective. Episode Speaks to Rust being a BAMF that he was able to hold it together while high as shit during that heist. 108. "The Secret Fate of All Life" "The Long Bright Dark" Disclaimer | Hart tracks down Weem at a warehouse rave and forces him to name the East Texas biker gang Ledoux is now cooking meth for, the Iron Crusaders. Matthew McConaughey 4 You know after seeing how good of a UC cohle is, and him having done it for 4 years, im not entirely sure that cohle didnt go back undercover to catch the other killers. They don't sit at home and watch TV then discuss it on the internet. Michael Potts -. That was incredible to see. 106. Cohle tells the detectives about his father while Hart feigns ignorance. That last scene felt like they had well and truly descended into hell. Air date - Lange informs them that he showed pictures of Dora to Ledoux and identifies a known associate, Tyrone Weem, as a lead.

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