traitors in mythology


Hanoi Jane caused enormous suffering and a few deaths among the prisoners when they thought an American star would take the notes they gave her back home. Always known as a troublemaking child, he grew to become a prominent figure in the military, where he trained soldiers and planned out attacks. If she didn't put them in danger, then why were they so disgusted and angry? Theres not even any creditable evidence of his existence and betraying some random middle eastern man isn't exactly the worst betrayal in history. You can’t get to them all. All of her actions were legal. The exact form of the text preserved in later manuscripts may not be identical to the form of the test as it existed in antiquity but are agreed by most scholars to be 99.5% identical in content. It was reckless of her. He lost a shoulder in the event because Demeter ate it, but he was restored by the gods. He was sentenced to by hung, drawn, and quartered in 1606, but foiled authorities by jumping from the scaffold to his demise at the last minute: even in death, he was crafty and mischievous. At least they didn't deserve to die. This was a betrayal of hospitality. When Aeneas stopped at Carthage on his wanderings, Dido took him and his followers in. Pullerdog, you are right, Walkers should be added. Doc, along with your fellow travelers, you have been exposed by the Venona translations and the opening of communist Russia’s archives in the early 1980’s. By giving the secret to the Soviet Union they pretty much started a cold war which almost killed most of humanity. Thanks to Aldritch, who earned about 4.6 million dollars for his efforts, 10 Americans were executed because their covers were “blown”. Since Jesus was one man and the only one who suffered as a result of the “treachery,” his betrayal should hardly be considered the most important in all of human history. Traitor can be used two times in a match, but has a cooldown of four minutes. When cast, the player gains permanent control of almost any enemy unit. The worst traitor of all time has to be Edward VIII of England (aka the Duke of Windsor). This wasn't a war against hitler or something…there was little reason for us to be over there. too many of you are taking this way too serious. Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. Omniscient, none of the gods fell for his foul ruse except Demeter, who ate … Traitor is an Atlantean Heroic Age god power in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is available to worshipers of Rheia. Looking at the actions of the men and women of ancient Greek mythology, it is sometimes easier to come up with the people involved in the betrayal than who betrayed whom. Wouldn't Pocahontas count as a traitor, to her ppl as well?.. Her actions were treacherous and traitorous, but not murderous like the others here. Fawkes and his colleagues worked hard at their plot, using a cellar under The House of Lords as their base, and hiding over 1800 pounds of explosives in the small space. I think mostly, that was her stance on the war to show she didn't believe in the war. Agamemnon's betrayals were the sacrifice of their daughter Iphigenia to the gods and bringing back a prophetic concubine from Troy. I also disagree with Fonda being on the list. Heather, this is a wonderful article. I'm on the fence when it comes to Jane Fonda. That said, I agree with most of you that there are WAY bigger traitors in history than Jane. "betraying some random middle eastern man isn’t exactly the worst betrayal in history.". With these, he was able to kill the Minotaur and get out of the labyrinth. Atreus and Thyestes were sons of Pelops who himself had once been served up as a feast to the gods. Gimme a freakin’ break. Brutus was undaunted, and he went to lie in wait for his uncle, along with a group of senators who then attacked the dictator with their bare hands. The cyclops brothers went away, mildly puzzled, and so Odysseus and his surviving followers, clinging to the under-bellies of Polyphemus' sheep, were able to escape. He was arrested as he shaved one morning in 1950. You can also tell she put a lot of thought into the order of the list and she backed it up with research. …and considering the Cold War never came to blows, we. According to the Bible, Satan “entered Judas” before he betrayed the son of Christ to Roman authorities. Dude, we get it, you’re not religious. To regain Menelaus' stolen wife, his brother Agamemnon led the Greek troops to war against Troy. Jane does indeed deserve the number one spot for worst traitor because she knew what she was doing and showed no remorse during or after wards. This list was written a long time ago. They are for fun and you don’t expect the people who make them to spend day of researching like they would if it was for a masters thesis or a book on the subject. One of the most cowardly acts in all the history of sports! Maybe not top 10 of all time, but definitely the top 10 biggest traitors of recent American History. The infamous Gunpowder plot was foiled by authorities who caught Fawkes before he could carry out his murderous intentions: he was apprehended due to his attire of cloak, boots and spurs, a suspicious costume designed to ensure a quick getaway. About the Judas thing, I heard the opposite of Toptenzmaster, that Judas didn't like that Jesus was genuinely thinking he was son of god and feared an aggressive attack on them, destroying them and their ideals. IFDR himself. Your wrong, if you were right every Southern Official of that era would have been charged with treason. Passive-aggressive point taken. True his child was poor, you are correct in that. Theseus later abandoned Ariadne. The existence of Judas is necessary to fill a plot hole in the story. Wikipedia is a primary source for cracked and top 10 and anyone can make changes to that site so it is rife with errors. This is a really good list, but I'd really put Jefferson Davis and the rest of the confederate states leaders on here, probably in the top 5. All members currently live on Olympus aside from Demeter, who resides in the Mortal Realm, and Hades, who lives in the Underworld. Jane Fonda, though despicable and naive, did not reveal any information to the North Vietnamese–she was merely a propaganda trophy. If you want to talk about the top traitors of all time, put Lebron James on that list right next to Judas Iscariot. Academia, the fourth estate and people like you have played a soridly deceptive role of disinformation and are ultimately responsible for the deaths millions of people worldwide. You know, the woman who betrayed Samson in exchange for money? However, the Judas story is very likely to be mythological 0 the Bible is not a terribly reliable historical source. These betrayals come in many different flavors. When China was in crisis and needed him most, Jingwei took pains to ally with the Japanese and go along with its invaders. Looking at the actions of the men and women of ancient Greek mythology, it is sometimes easier to come up with the people involved in the betrayal than who betrayed whom.. Apate is the name of the goddess of deceit in Greek mythology, a child of Night (Nyx), and the sister of Eris (Strife), Oizus (Pain), and Nemesis (Retribution). How is Lu Bu not on this list, yet Jane Fonda is? Seriously? You act like this is a list favorite snacks Heather. The ten people in this article are among the most famous traitors in the history of the United States. Random middle eastern guy+random middle eastern guy+betrayal=worst traitor in history? Fawkes and his co-conspirators wished to loosen the influence of the Spanish kingdom on British affairs, feeling that they drained resources from England. She considered theirs a commitment like a betrothal, if not a marriage, and was inconsolable when she learned he was leaving. I believe Urban Meyer has earned his place on this list as well. When Polyphemus' brothers heard him roaring with pain, they asked who was hurting him. She is a traitor. Guy Fawkes believed in his ideals, and he didn’t break, even under torture, refusing to name his comrades until he was sure they had already confessed. SHARES. They were successful, and Cronus and his allies were imprisoned in Tartarus. Her assistance of the British when they arrived led to the deaths of not only much of her own tribe but that of several others as well. Jason and Medea both violated each other's expectations.

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