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Will post when I get a reply. Looking for a garage you can trust? … implicity, December 7, 2015 in Yaris Club. Just as well. My partner was driving her Yaris (only had it a week) today and the throttle stopped responding, the engine just stayed at idle. JavaScript is disabled. Yep, confirmed. I really hate this "throttle by wire" crap. Ordered a new one (; Throttle Body 47-60110 AN, $222.75). Diagnosing the issue with a scanner or having a mechanic take a look can save the expense of buying a TPS sensor that your Yaris does not actually need. If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below. When we get the fault code from your car I can approach Toyota with all the relevant facts regarding the three cars and will also ask for their comments regarding the Service Bulletin,[b]T-SB-0344-08, [/b] there's got to be connection between that bulletin and our problem. Both 3 door Yaris SR's in venetian silver! OK, Bargepole. OBDII code P0121 is a serious problem that requires serious attention. I thought it was me and it might still be but on my LB 5 speed it seems that on a dead stop take off it's alittle hard to feel the first bit of throtle push somethimes. The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car produced by Toyota since 1999. Worked fine, so reassembled all, using machine screws in place of the rivets. This is what you need to address. I don't remember reading anything about this being a thing, although I vaguely remember a few (Well, one) people complaining of an overly sensitive accelerator.   Your previous content has been restored. After pulling over and re-starting the car she drove home ok without further problem. FCA issues new guidance for people on car finance, following the announcement of the latest Government restrictions in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Toyota Owners Club I just picked up my Yaris today, drove it a good 60 miles, no problems when its out and about. Clear editor. Quick response from Honest John. P0121 is a relatively common trouble code with the Toyota Yaris. I recently purchased a 2014 Ford B-MAX through a main Ford dealer. I am out of town camping this week. May be the electrically controlled throttle can be adjusted by the dealership. Upload or insert images from URL.   Pasted as rich text. Total time for remove/replace about 30 minutes. Honest John's Good Garage Guide has thousands of reader recommended garages, plus how-to guides and tips on servicing. P0121: Throttle Pedal Position Sensor → Switch (TPS) A Circuit Range → Performance Problem. Hopefully will last until new assembly arrives. Today when driving my 2003 Camry(148,000miles), I lost all throttle response. Mines a slush box, and there's a slight lag, but its a 4 banger beater.. what do I care. Keyless theft: What is it and how do you stop it? × After no response since Monday from the garage - re order of replacement throttle body - decided to ring this morning. Photos Coronavirus: DVSA refuses to rule out second MoT extension. Today I tested the throttle response and found that a quick jab to the peddle will result in a fairly long lag. The symptoms of P0121 are going to vary by year and model, but they certainly are going to cause noticeable changes in the way that your Yaris drives. I have a 5spd. I'm trying to avoid the London cognition charge. The vehicle will hardly respond to the throttle at all. My brother's Mk1 went into limp mode halfway up the M1 a few weeks back; The recovery guy did some tests, reset the code then sprayed the crap out of the pedal with some carb cleaner and its been fine since. Then you will know what I am talking about. Contact Us, Toyota Owners Club UK © | Cookies | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions. All fuses are good. what about from a backwards jump cable connection? I did not, but will when I install the new one. Top man!. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. But you really have to push the car into high revs to get the right shift point for quick acceleration. var year = today.getFullYear() Videos Hi Notts, first of all to answer some of your questions:-. It’s accompanied by a frankly rude bark from the exhaust system, the likes of which you’d never, ever, expect to parp out the rear end of a Toyota Yaris. var today = new Date() When you snap the gas pedal down there is a couple of split seconds before it responds. ToyotaNation Forum is a community dedicated to all Toyota models.     In the Toyota Yaris, the P0121 is going to be caused by: In normal English, the two TPS circuits can’t agree on how far the gas pedal has been pushed down. Feel like it not getting fuel or the throttle sensor is not responding Yeah... you have to plan your heel-toes WAAY earlier with throttle by wire... kinda sucks, makes me miss my aw11. | This Website has no association with Toyota (GB) or Toyota Motor Corporation. Sign up for a new account in our community. When I really hit the gas yesterday to avoid being creamed by another car there was a nervous moment when NOTHING happened and then the car finally took off. Got the vehicle jumped, but now it has no throttle.     Should I replace my seven-year old car battery? Hey try this with your yaris. It’ll go into failsafe mode. I have cleaned to throttle body and replaced the pedal and pedal sensor. Both options have the kit for checking fault codes. 2 Posts . I had the same problem with my 2003 Camry where I took out the throttle body and tried to clean the throttle plate with Goop and water...bad idea. It's easy! I was able to restart the car and limp home at ~1800RPM. In Toyota's last email to me they stated there is no ongoing issues with wiring looms. They’ll then see if the problem comes back. There is no "in-between" and I can't hold the revs at 1-1.9k rpm. Thats crazy, as there have been lots of complaints about the Subaru STIs (all years) and Imprezas in 06. The symptoms of P0121 are going to vary by year and model, but they certainly are going to cause noticeable changes in the way that your Yaris drives. After no response since Monday from the garage - re order of replacement throttle body - decided to ring this morning. Another MoT test extension is not being ruled out as a second lockdown will come into force in England on Thursday. They are all M/T and the response of the throddle is snappy. 2014 Yaris Throttle Response. There’s a YouTube video below that shows how to go about diagnosis with a scanner. After that they’ll typically inspect the TPS wiring to make sure that it is not loose or damaged. Hiring rather than buying? I've noticed if you have the truck in neutral and tap the accelerator, it frequently has no reaction at all. In November last year, I bought a second-hand from a dealer in London. A quick google has revealed someone in Canada with the same problem. I bought a 2009 BMW 318i Tourer with 95k miles for £5700 in May from an independent dealer with a seemingly comprehensive six month mechanical warranty. [/i] [i]Have noted in car by car at HJUK. Thanks for your interest, great support and willingness to act. Has anyone noticed the throddle response … I'm concerned about the gearbox in my recently purchased Ford - what should I do? ", Below is the reply Toyota UK sent to me,[i]. In the mean time, I drilled out the aluminum rivets in the throttle body, which exposed three gears. The good thing is the MIL light came on so take it to a garage and get the codes read this will identify the fault. Pushing gas pedal changes nothing. A discrepancy between the voltage reading from TPS sensor circuit “A” and TPS circuit “B” where TPS circuit “A” is higher than the specified voltage range by more than 1.6 volts. Nothing had been done apart from ringing Toyota and realising there were many variations of the part. I just picked up my Yaris today, drove it a good 60 miles, no problems when its out and about. Between 1999 and 2005, some markets received the same vehicles under the Toyota Echo name. document.write(year) Car was driving normal, I stopped at stop sign, tried to go and got NO response when applying the gas pedal. The computer thinks that the culprit is the “A” circuit. I always like to take off with as little throtle as posible to keep from wearing the clutch and on the Yaris it never seems to feel the same, I am getting use to it but I really think that it does have a tiny bit of lag.     With your trans is in netural and the engine runing stab the gas to the floor and release as quicly as possible, nothing will happen. Resetting is sometimes all that is required to get rid of throttle position sensor symptoms and restore your sensor to proper function. Location: North Carolina. It no longer is accurately tracking how hard the fuel pedal is being pushed. Is this normal throttle response from the drive-by-wire or not? There is no "in-between" … The car just quit going down the road at ~45mph. Lengthy response, but no actual substance. My Toyota Yaris sometime does not want to accelerate and feel if it has no power. Now running as smooth as baby's butt. What's the best first car for a tall driver? My 2010 Toyota Yaris has been squealing upon starting it up for about 15 seconds and it’s even worse when the aircon is on. borrowed a code reader and it is showing P2103 Throttle Actuator control motor circuit high. It’s an OBDII code and has to do with the Throttle Pedal Position Sensor. What constitutes unsatisfactory quality under the Consumer Rights Act? It’s a general powertrain code, which means that it has the same meaning regardless of who manufactured the vehicles (1996+).

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