toyota tdi swap wiring


SUM-G1159-2). I now own and operate a bicycle retail store in NC. I cut a new hole in the tank at a better location and installed AutoMeter's universal fuel level sender. The data I posted above is correct for my application, may not be accurate for your application. Relay pin G1/2 - Switched power wire to glow plugs 1 & 2. The rounded risers are roll cage tubing cut in half. Rather than cover it all up with some seat covers, I opted to replace them with Summit Racing's sport seats (. :). Wiring series episode 1. Overall I have 7 or 8 hours in these brackets, but the end result are level seats exactly where I want them that are in the correct left/right location and look great. I learned so much about all aspects of vehicles plus a deep dive into metal fabrication. Q: I have purchased your mk1 VR6 swap an have successfully installed a 97 VR6 in my 82 I know you offer a plug and play wiring harness and I want one. 5v signal. I've looked at those for years and like them, but never had a need for aftermarket seats until now. So far it works great. I offer no warranties of any kind. I used an aluminum circle track radiator and modified it to work. I'm planning on running the fuseboxes and relays from the wiring harness from the Golf (that donor car) - I'm using the ECU/cluster/throttle pedal/ignition from the donor as well (so all the wiring from that is still attached to the harness/fusebox. ECM pin T80/37. Radiator is very solid in the vehicle. I'm happy with it. My roommate and I built a 4cyl turbo Mustang and experimented with various turbos, exhausts, head porting, tunes, etc. The truck will not leave my property until paid in full and funds have cleared the bank. Bicycles have been a part of my life since childhood and now I earn a living doing that. There's 8 gauges - oil pressure, pyrometer, boost, volts, RPM, speed, coolant temp, and fuel level. It originally came with a V6 engine. Inlet transfer box welded onto the side tank. Radiator inlet box to move hose above power steering gear box. I turned the heater core outlet 90 degrees so that I would have room to install a fitting and hose without hitting the firewall. Nick Osterbaan 973 views. I bought the truck with a bad engine and started this conversion project from there. I was afraid the side bolsters would be a bit too much for getting in and out, but initially they don't feel too bad. My current priorities are focused on growing my business and other entrepreneurial opportunities. 10:04 . This is a fused 50a circuit from battery positive. I'm going to be using the 1.9 turbo diesel vw motor, I will be putting 30hp injectors, bigger turbo, and a in line 40hp chip from bully dog. Self explanatory. As I expected, it was not compatible with the factory fuel level sender. Green wire. If you screw this up and damage something, it is entirely your fault! Shortly after I moved back to NC, I started the 4Runner project. With the ECT sensor unplugged, my ammeter read 49 amps on relay pin 30 with the key on. After much consideration, I have decided to sell my TDI 4Runner diesel conversion. Works great. After the conversion was complete, I drove the truck as my daily driver for 11,000+ miles. I'm in the middle of swapping an ALH TDI into an '81 Rabbit 4 door. I bought the same radiator but welded -12AN fittings to it for easier use (not pictured below). This wiring information is for the Bosch OEM relay, part #038 911 253. Me not being a wrench head goes thats too much money and wiring work for me. I finally found the wide spade connectors at Northern Tool. Use the above information at your own risk. Quick about me: I have been a hands-on person all my life. Relay pin D1 - 5v signal back to ECM when ST pin is powered. On past project vehicles, I have always wanted all aftermarket gauges, but never did due to cost. I fixed that :). before i drop the engine in later in the month Progress log of converting a 1990 Toyota 4Runner to diesel - powered by a 1.9 ALH VW TDI turbo diesel engine. Toyota TDI 4Runner body swap wiring part 2 - Duration: 10:04. This circuit provides feedback to the ECM that includes fault checking.

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