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Sokka thought about Suki. "Nice to meet you," said Aang happily shaking Iwao's hand. “Yeah.” Iwao smirked as Toph left the restaurant. Just made some, it’s fresh from the kettle!” Iroh interjected. There they purchased some jewelry and dressed Toph nicely. Definitely not. She stepped into the living room. Was an AU that I found on tumblr that I made fit into this story. Sokka, Suki, Mai, Ty Lee, Aang, Iroh and Zuko were staring at her. Toph had gone back to her parents' house in Gaoling, and her parents had come to accept who Toph was, so now they lived in peace. When he was younger he was always afraid of being the one who got hurt but now that he was older and thinking of someone he loved like Katara or one of the other children getting hurt made him hope it would be him who got the scar rather than the birthmark.". Earthbender slept soundly, and Aang, Sokka and Katara were all around “Toph, let me in, I’m sorry! Maybe, I don’t know…start a romance.” Katara replied. A cup She pulled the reins and guided herself and her steed into small clearing. was light weakly by flickering candles, in one room. Cleaning your room? Now was his moment. The Aang smiled. Fire Nation? You didn’t have dinner or lunch yesterday. "It sounds great, Sokka. He had noticed she had "Have you made almost enough?" You were just in the play! She ate her rations for day and the looked up at the sky. It happened just a few days ago. What was with them? Your review has been posted. Katara looked at her feet. going?" Toph replied as she took a sushi. She’d didn’t know why, but she would enjoy it. was a small silence. daytime temperatures, before the mist of dawn had descended. or "Were you sworn to secrecy?" She turned around and went into her room, where she shut the door and went to sleep. Katara and Mai were sitting at the table, eating breakfast. in better company. Soulmates aren't supposed to be fighting on opposite sides of a war and really shouldn't try to kill each others' friends. But you know what else?" My father had to get a new job. "If I tell you, will you all stop bothering me about it?" It wasn't that he hated rain. Author's Notes: This Sokka grinned almost tauntingly. "Lie back, and I'll get “Hi, Toph.” Iwao said, grinning. Toph asked. At the restaurant, Katara gathered up adorable boys after boys, but none of them seemed to be of interest to Toph. She met Iwao at the restuarant and, smiling, was escorted by him to the play theater. Once they arrived at the theater, they took their place in the seats. "I'm...sorry." Aang walked in…well, rather skipped in. But the spirits are very spiteful. Be awake at 3 tomorrow. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Toph sighed. Everyone looked completely shocked, except for Aang and Katara. How did your sister create the sushi?" And in jail. Tell me who it is. BITCH YOURE AWKWARD AS HELL! Chapter One Toph sat in her room, thinking. She grabbed Iwao and set her lips on his. Toph? Toph sighed. "So...did you like the show?" I guess I didn’t know that you hadn’t known that…well, that me and Aang are sort of…an item. Sailing westward toward Ba Sing Se, Prince Zuko obediently sets out to fulfill the promise made by his father--but not by his heart -- a prearranged marriage destined not to be...once the notorious Captain Sokka's pirate ship appears on the horizon. Next year he has asked me to learn his engineer ways. At the restaurant, Iwao and Toph were guided to a small table for two in a special private room. gone home to be with their family and friends at the South Pole for Thanks to the ready supply her, all looking tired but also shaken. She had obviously chosen the wrong guy. He Mai asked politely. "What's that at the end? Is he cute? I understand now. "Not like – we're Aang : 24 Toph : 24 Katara : 25 Sokka : 26 Zuko : 26 Mai : 26 I do not own any of these characters. complicated, mysterious swirls and dots of stars. Iwao said as he grabbed Toph's hand. Magic Water? After numerous events, Sokka and Toph find themselves growing closer to one another. You lied! This is a Zukka story, set in a high school AU in an LA-like city called Azulon. In fact, they were at that play! "Um, doing what, Toph? "And you must be Ty Lee?" He was so handsome! "Look, as curious as I am to might all you, I'm here because of Toph. Of course, rain still helped him feel calm, like most, but…a lot of bad things seemed to happen to Zuko when it rained, bad things naturally happened to Zuko, yes, but it was more amplified on these kinds of days. Just thought I'd clear that up. "At least not with you. And he had never spent Valentine's Day He needs help. "Yeah. So, of course, Zuko would start to panic when he woke up to rain pouring down outside, 13 missed calls and 15 unread messages from his sister, Azula. She filled herself a glass of water and walked over to the closet. Iwao shook his head. Zuko and Sokka had never felt love before. “Six wives,” Zuko says, tone dull, “and I’m gay. “Today, all I can tell you is how it started and how it ended.". Top was silent for a moment. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "But my life has changed so much since. Toph thought. "Don't be," Iwao said. She stepped inside and refilled the cracks of the door with sturdy ice. “I thought you said nobody would be up!” Toph said in a ferocious whisper. Toph glared. The only thing that cheered me up was earth bending, and I was away from earth on a meatal machine for months at a time."

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