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The elimination challenge is inspired by the stagecoaches of the Old West. The loser is eliminated from the game, and after giving a moment to say goodbye to the rest of the team, leaves the contest immediately. When not in competition or practice, the combined group are secluded in a well-furnished house with food and recreational activities. Similar to Season 1, the teams were dissolved in episode 9, and all challenges were head-to-head. In addition, the process of nominating players for elimination is not used; instead, the lowest-performing players from the individual challenge take part in a "Proving Ground" challenge. In the elimination challenge, two shooters compete head to head with the largest, most powerful weapon ever used on Top Shot. The Season Three premiere begins with a shoot off between pairs of contestants using what many consider the most powerful hand gun in history. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro. He tweeted for his followers to get involved and let The History Channel know how much they enjoy the show. Each player votes by firing a round into the target of their choice, though they cannot vote for themselves. The vote at the nomination range provokes a drastic reaction from one of the shooters and a shocking turn of events leaves competitors stunned. And it's an elimination challenge unlike any before, featuring an elaborate machine, a Glock 34, and a line of non-stop cannonballs. It was the series' most-watched episode ever and compared to the previous series debut last June, it grew 33% in total viewers. Leaders emerge and tension escalates on both teams. They then go home and pack their belongings as the loser will be sent home immediately after the elimination challenge ends. Competition speeds up when marksmen fire one of the fastest shooting handguns on the market. [16] On May 19, 2012, he announced that Top Shot would be renewed for a fifth season and implied that it would be an All-Stars season.[17]. Taking aim at targets 500 yards downrange, one marksman has a meltdown and struggles to complete the individual challenge. Filming & Production Contestants are shocked to see two Top Shot champions return as honorary captains for the team challenge. In addition to the $100,000 cash prize, the winner received a Top Shot special edition Tahoe Q5i speedboat provided by Bass Pro Shops. The first team challenge is a race where each team must carry a pole weighing over 200 pounds between eight foot tall firing platforms. The Blue Team is in disarray after a team member vows to go it alone.

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