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“I got him [the job of writing and recording] the end title song for the movie Independence Day, which would’ve been a huge deal for him – except that he delivered it a full year late,” marvels Kalodner. Epic did not want the album recorded entirely in Scholz's home as Scholz had intended (the label suggested using a recording studio), but most of what ended up on the album had indeed been recorded by Scholz in his basement. Was a basketball star for Ottawa Hills High School in Toledo, Ohio, where he graduated in 1965. She was often tired from getting chemotherapy, but made the effort to always be there whenever she could, or go out to see her son play in his band, or go watch her daughter perform in a dance competition. My band had made two albums for Capitol but just lost its contract. Tom Scholz was born as Donald Thomas Scholz in the year 1947 on March 10th. It went to No.2, which wasn’t bad.”, The same was also becoming true of Survivor, and after downsizing to a trio of Jamison, Sullivan and Peterik, 1988’s When Seconds Count sold disappointingly. Peterik performed with Sullivan and Jamison for the first time in 15 years at a benefit for hepatitis C- stricken ex-Toto singer Fergie Frederiksen. The bassist confirms an element of competition between the big AOR bands of the 70s (“We toured with Boston and at one point planned on stealing their singer [Brad Delp], but in the end did better without him”), and although Perry, Schon and Cain were more in demand, he has his own tales of being stalked. “Time Out magazine called us the worst band in history. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Their first single, More Than A Feeling made the Top 5, its chord sequence later inspiring Kurt Cobain to write Smells Like Teen Spirit. He hails from Ohio from the United States. On top of that, when the spotlights are on you, you have to be good every night.”.

“When you sell three million copies it’s hard to keep producing music that’s original, clever and worthy of what we’d done before,” admits JY. Anything she did, was from the heart, and that love exuded from her. Her fight was valiant and gracious, and through it all, she never missed an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness for another being, regardless of how terrible she was feeling. In more recent years, he has dedicated much of his money and time to charitable work.

“From then on, our rock songs became overlooked,” rues the singer, who departed for Shadow King but returned occasionally. Official Sites, Acquired a master's degree in mechanical engineering at MIT, and was a senior product designer for the Polaroid Corporation when he formed. He invented the Rockman guitar amplifier. After the initial success of the band, he founded Scholz Research & Development, Inc. to develop and market his own inventions, many under the Rockman brand.

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