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Oct 26, 2017 - This Word Sorts For Big Kids resource will help students learn suffixes that make the "shun" sound. This product will help your students review words with the spelling patterns and sounds of: ture, tion, and sion. The other word sort is for students to cut out and practice then glue onto blank paper. It requires stu, TION and SION Reading Comprehension Google Slides Distance Learning, Third Grade Phonics Distance Learning Reading Comprehension Google Slides (RTI, TION/SION Reading & Spelling Lesson INCLUDES DIGITAL, Stable Final Syllables & Complex Pattern Lessons INCLUDES DIGITAL, I have-Who has game reading words with "tion" and "sion", Distance Learning First and Second Grade Reading Fluency Pages to Send Home.

Sincewords that include tion, sion, and ture usually have more than 1 syllable, syllabication and how it effects vowel sounds in syllables is reviewed.Like the first version, the contents of this product are age-appropriate for students, The board game and sort is aligned with the Orton-Gillingham Approach, a systematic and sequential approach to reading. card game It can be used as either individual work, in literacy centers, small group instruction, or as homework. You might also like Ch/Tch, tion/sion, ge/dge Apple Festival Themed Bundle Which rule applies to our next word? This mini unit includes a word sort and more! You get 30 word cards, teaching notes, worksheets, dictation words and sentences, and three notebook lists. One word sort is for literature centers with a recording sheet.

Look no further, this comprehensive, done-for-you solution will save you TONS of time while hitting on phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, syntax and sentence structure, and more usi. Just click "open TPT digital activity" and you will see there is NO PREP to this part of the resource. Place in a pocket chart or stick on a bulletin board for student reference. by Rstone These activities are a wonderful addition to your literacy centers, lessons, and/or tutorial sessions!Included in Print Version: - tion or sion phonics board game (color) with word, This resource is great for introducing some advanced final stable syllables to older students or higher level younger students that need a challenge. My students enjoy the themed activities. - 2 different tion or sion phonics board game (color) with word c, These cards can be cut out and used for Language Arts stations or individual work! These decodable controlled texts are perfect for small group instruction, guided reading, fluency practice and homework! Using construction paper, cut small strips from three different colors. No planning necessary - students just need a whiteboard! ~Anchor Charts Students mix and match initial word chunks with 4 final /shun/ spelling patterns in this engaging activity.

The units cover spelling patterns and skills. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, This is a phonics word work packet for the suffixes -tion, -sion, -cian. They will sort the words according to which suffix each should end with. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and The full packet gives you 34 weeks worth of word work activities for second grade.Here's the link to, Are you teaching your students how to read and spell words with the "shun" suffixes? - Spell it! This packet includes 30 weeks of Word Work for 2nd graders. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 2. I use these in my remote teaching sessions. Subjects: English Language Arts, Spelling, Vocabulary.

Animal Classification - Vertebrates and Invertebrates, LKS2 Literacy - Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Activity Book (10 Activities). These phonics activities and worksheets are great for teaching spelling and reading! They will sort the words according to which suffix each should end with. We share this info with the teachers and leave it up to them to decide if they think it will confuse their students or not depending on their age and skill level.


Pictures, Motions, Chants, Week 28 - suffix/final syllable (tion, sion, ion) - 2nd Grade Phonics, 2nd Grade Phonics - 4th Nine Weeks - Bundle, Google™ Editable Common Core Foundation Skills Word Work: Phonics & Spelling HW, Phonics Posters for Sound Spelling - Printable and Google versions, Back to School Activities 2nd Grade Bundle, Common Core Foundational Skills Word Work: Phonics & Spelling Homework, Third Grade Phonics Bundle Level 3 Units 1-14, Distance Learning Google Slides Third Grade Phonics Bundle Level 3 Units 1-14, Phonics Posters {186 Posters - 4 Options}, Third Grade Phonics Distance Learning Reading Comprehension Google Slides (RTI. I have included sentence writing, synonyms, antonyms, expanded senten, Fundations Level 3 Units 1-14 Made specifically to use for remote teaching no printing needed.
If a word ends in de - drop the de and add sion. On the third color, write several different -tion and -sion words without the -tion and -sion. All About Elementary. Grades: 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th.

Children need to know both the suffix and the pronunciation, but to call -tion and -sion suffixes when they are not will only confuse.

Affixes “sion” and “tion” Word Families are introduced in short stories, and reinforced daily in different activities. 3 Stories with C+le and 4, These (30 task cards) are organized by Lexile and guided reading levels to make guided reading instruction even easier( Lexile Levels 775-886 and Corresponding Guided Reading Levels S,T, and U). (THREE Different Guided Reading Levels of Practice are Included) This document contains 30 task cards with 10 task cards per guided reading level. It’s yours- ENJOY!
I pull a small group for phonics everyday and this has been such great pr, There are now 148 phonics posters included in this download! This resource has differentiated word-work for the suffixes -tion,-cian, and -sion. London WC1R 4HQ.

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