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Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners acquired the film rights for a potential The Wife Between Us movie adaptation in October 2017, though it doesn’t seem like much news have come out on that front since then. When she grew to love the dog he got her as a gift, Richard arranged for the dog to disappear. One day he found a notebook in which Vanessa had been writing down inconsistencies in Richard’s behavior in an attempt to make sense of them. Vanessa is finally free of her abusive marriage only to find out that Richard intends on marrying Emma. Does Maureen have incestuous feelings for Richard? But anyways, I really did enjoy this book. Hillary: Searles: George Searles's wife / Nellie's old acquaintance. In other words, Vanessa didn't know she was having an affair. SPOILER ALERT!!! Boom! You, the reader, assume that it is Vanessa and her replacement. Richard mentions he wants Nellie to "save him" - maybe he is referring. RESOURCES. In the first part of the novel, Vanessa describes her life after she gets a divorce from Richard. Mental illness. It was Richard's idea to give Vanessa the nickname Nellie, because when they first met, she was a "nervous nellie.". I found this book sort of simple minded, really. So in the end, the two meet and exchange Emma's real identity, both are left with a sense of closure. I’m a little skeptical of books that basically promise a twist ending in the flap synopsis. I struggled with this one! I honestly believe that this was apart of a previous script in which Maureen was going to be the antagonist. What’s your opinion? The two stories are told intertwined together but it’s actually jumping back and forth from past to present. The… I did find myself wondering where this story was going in the second half…thanks for reading! Vanessa is divorced, working at a Saks and living with her aunt. You will assume she is obsessed with her replacement --- a beautiful, younger woman who is about to marry the man they both love. Assume nothing. Emma remembered Vanessa’s role in the breakup of her parents’ marriage and had made it her goal to destroy Vanessa’s marriage. It only took me a day to read this book. The apparent jealous ex-wife Vanessa Thompson turns out to be the one who orchestrated her husband’s affair while the princely Richard Thomas turns out to be less than perfect. The Wife Between Us adequately uses the medium’s shroud of mystique to convey a constant sense of mystery. This bizarre relationship is never explored and thus would have been better off left out. The Prologue is Vanessa speaking about Emma- the heart shaped face and the woman her husband left her for. It seems like a run of the mill love triangle, but of course what’s really going on is much more complicated…. Order our The Wife Between Us Study Guide. It is revealed that Vanessa's therapist is Richard's other ex wife, who he threw down a flight of stairs. Period. This book starts out with two different personalities. Ultimately, this book is mainly good for people who like guessing upcoming plot twists (this is probably why I enjoyed reading this), since that’s probably the best of what this book has to offer. This is Emma talking about how she is going to ruin Vanessa's life. I thought this book would be about a jealous ex-lover trying to hurt her ex-husbands new fiancée. It was after this incident that Vanessa realized the only way she could escape Richard would be if he thought the separation was his idea. I think Richard wants to get rid of Maureen , but she, too, maybe controlling. Also there is just a short half a line about her abortion late in the book with nothing else on it. Other Resources. Even when Vanessa thought that she had convinced Emma, Richard sways Emma with his convincing behavior. I would not recommend re-reading many books out there! [Emma turned out to be the daughter of Vanessa's old fling, remember she found out he was married with a family when she was pregnant? Thanks for reading Rosi, hope you like it if you get a chance to read it! Vanessa stokes Richard’s anger by pulling out the Visa bill showing he never reordered the wine. just closed the book and i am frustrated.

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