the ruthless plot


Ruth kidnaps her young daughter Callie and brings her to join the dangerous Rakudushi cult, and Brian, an FBI agent, embarks on a risky mission. Q. Very very nice gangster movie played in Milan in the 70s. See Plot Diagram Summary The Liquor Cabinet "Ruthless" begins in the woods in October, inside Judson Webb's rustic vacation cabin. But Sam's greedy partner starts shooting at Sam who takes refuge inside the gold mine. Dikhan suspects Andrew is hiding something, Cynthia accuses Malcolm of having an affair, Brian briefs Mack on his visit to the Rakudushi camp, and Ruth's loyalty is tested.
[3] Starting on May 7, 2020, the show began airing on the BET Network following new episodes of The Oval.

His demeanor is very calm, peaceful, and welcoming. The Highest has long hair and is always wearing white. Andrew is married to Sarah and they have one son. Tally questions Andrew's love for her after finding out Andrew was one of the seven men who gang raped Ruth.

However, he is frequently torn between his beliefs and his love for Tally, when Tally is severely and continuously punished for her mistakes and rebellious behavior. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

Members of all ranks of the cult fear Dikhan. In a backdoor pilot during the first three episodes of The Oval, Ruth Truesdale (Melissa L. Williams) kidnaps her daughter Callie to join her and the sex-crazed members of the Rakudushis cult. After being gang raped, Ruth no longer wanted to be a member of the cult and began planning an escape, along with her best friend, Tally. ... the husband and wife both had a shakespearean death in ruthless. Ruth reluctantly performs her new duties as an Elder, Lynn contemplates leaving her old life behind, and Marva sends Melinda to infiltrate the sheriff's office. Dikhan delivers a shocking message to Sarah, Lynn contemplates an offer to join the Rakudushis, and Marva and The Highest plan a test for Ruth.
A rebellious teenager grows up to become one of Milan's most ambitious criminals during the golden years of the 'ndrangheta' Mafia in the 1980s. Dikhan is very handsome and loyal to The Highest, but he is also extremely invasive and stern. Dikhan reports all wrongdoing of the cult members to The Highest and often recommends and inflicts their punishment. The Rakadushi cult was infiltrated by undercover FBI agent Andrew (Blue Kimble) who eventually converted his beliefs into that of the religious sex cult and is in the process of becoming a high ranking member of the Rakadushis.

The film premiered in Italy on 8 April 2019, and was released on Netflix on 19 April 2019. This is to cover up the fact that he is a sexual sadist.

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