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After listening to Lian Song Jun's words, she mumbled, "My own matters should be done by me. He pasted it in the study room facing the study table. She heard from Zhong Lin that Dijun found the study room too constrained and had specially arranged the small pavillion for her to comfortably use. Her Aunt's tone implied that this was not a good thing. ", Dong Hua lifted his eyes to see Feng Jiu in the study room. Episodes Count: 56. ", Dijun said, "If how many rooms built will be how many fox babies born, one is enough. It would have been better if I did a series review with complete summary before translating specific scenes since this presumes you have knowledge of the background of the book already. The Crown Prince Ye Hua smiled at her, her Aunt did not even blink, and said, "Ah, it's Feng Jiu. Why did she say the truth! In the few days before her Aunt's wedding, the He Xu Sword was completed, but the scabbard to store the sword has not been designed. He never actually did the trial, it was just a part of his soul to trick people because he had to have a long sleep to recover from the fight. At that time, she was carving wood and carefully said the truth, "Wait until I convince my grandmother, then I will bring you back.". The girl in red was concentrating on the white paper in front of her, her expression serious. Time and again Feng Jiu got herself into trouble, and it always had to do with Dijun Dong Hua. She looked around, everything had changed. He is worshipped by all the deities. "What is it Jaune?" A huge book hit him square in the face. Even though she is already married to Donghua Dijun, she has not gone through the customary rituals of her people. She must as well try her best! Due to her official work, she was forced to camp in the pavillion. The Weapon Coronation was fixed on 18 February. Nothing overly ambitious, just some fluff! "Hey, Glynda," he said softly, gaining her attention. She asked. I originally thought she was just saying formal niceties - girls like to be pampered after all. Being the headmistress of one of Remnant's most prestigious huntsman academies was tiring work. Are u sure? But then the celestial from nuwa came and said they were married at the qingqiu ceremony? Where to watch: Youtube. He is almost as old as time itself. The only one way to save him was to make a duplicate heavenly body to inherit his soul, dissolve the demon essence, put into the Yao Spring to cleanse the impurities and make him into a small god. Being together like this was enough for them after a long day like this. That was not where she thought that was going. He said, "Xiao Bai [his nickname for Bai Feng Jiu - Xiao means small] has always been matured.". On the third day, Feng Jiu was moved to the small yard, and realised what Dijun was doing at the yard. Thanks. He teased,  "All you need to do is to ask him sweetly and he will help you, why do you need to sigh? Now that the Decoder could not arrange the table to suit Dijun's preferences, he was facing a huge pressure. They do end up together in the book and it's so cute I definitely recommend it. Would he be able to guard his heart? However, I am a bit of an anal type (if it isn't obvious haha), and I will need to re-read the whole series again and think about it before doing a proper series review. Actually, the Fox Hole that Aunt left behind, I am not used to living... and I always wanted to build a small Bamboo building outside the Bamboo forest. Hello Little Peach,Can I say your nickname is adorable? Although there will be troubles later, since Donghua Dijun modified Feng Jiu's memory of what happened in Aranya's Dream so she won't know that he had tricked her. Even though the Kingdom of Qingqiu did not have as many ceremonies and rules as JiuChongTian, there were still important ceremonies. The second thing was to revive Ye Qingti, Qingti was the one who had saved her from a Demon Sword causing his own soul to be contaminated with demon essence. After staying up for so many days, aren't you tired? She is a very young goddess. Fengjiu nervously went over to pay her respects to her Aunt. ", Her Aunt finally raised her eyes, her eyes full of laughter, "If you really came back after the 15 days, I would have transformed into you to replace you. <3. For example, the Tao Zhu Sword in her hands, this was personally crafted by her Aunt at her own Weapon Coronation. There's still 15 days - just sleep 2 or 3 hours less and you will be prepared. He continued, "Even though I have a decent impression of Zhi He, she dances quite well, but if we compare beauty and aura, Feng Jiu is far beyond Zhi He." Liang Song Jun said appreciatively, "Last year, we were drinking wine and playing chess at Dawn Palace, at that time, I advised you, you will want to find a Empress Queen one day, Zhi He [another princess] is also not bad. They totally are! Episode 1. She made a perfect box and exquisite flower designs on the scabbard. Now that she has the Pinpo Fruit, she can revive him! What a beautiful chapter! Si Ming knew he would do anything to make Feng Jiu happy, even if it was to help her gain Dijun Dong Hua's love. When Dijun left the study room, Feng Jiu quickly turned to Lian Song Jun with an open hand, her face full of joy, "I thank Third Prince for your generosity. But my previous drawing did not include the bedroom for you and the small fox babies, so I wanted to do a new drawing for Migu (one of the deity helpers) to build. Actually, Feng Jiu has made a careful calculation in her heart. ", Her Aunt did not raise her eye and continued, "Then I will remind you, your Weapon Coronation [it sounds weird but the literal translation is Hiding Weapon Ceremony] will be in 15 days. Yes, this is my favourite chapter of book 2 because it's so simple and whimsical - as if Dijun and Feng Jiu are finally having the romance they truly deserve!!! This chapter comes at the later part of the book, after Donghua Dijun saves Feng Jiu from Aranya's Dream - basically, a dream landscape where Feng Jiu got trapped when she was trying to steal a special fruit which will allow her to give a heavenly body to a mortal soul she owes a debt to. A fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic more than 39,930 fandoms | 2,910,000 users | 6,738,000 works The Archive of Our Own is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works . Si Ming frowned. She is the only nine-tailed red fox in the Heavenly Realms. Donghua Dijun (Di Jun is literally translated as King Emperor) is one of the 5 Great Gods, he used to be the Heavenly Emperor. She stroke Dijun's face and said softly and guiltily, " I will definitely quickly convince my grandmother and father and bring you back to QingQiu. Feng Jiu just finished a yawn, "But..." Dijun already blew the candle. After thinking for a while and giving her words of encouragement, he did not do anything else. Just the presence of one another was enough for them. Even though she was fed tea and food by Dijun, most of the time, Dijun was reading books in the pavillion. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Her mind honestly thought this was going somewhere that would lead to the bedroom… not like they haven't done that before. As Lian Song Jun's love luck was going smoothly, his gambling luck was not. Gracias por subir esta pequeña traducción, la he disfrutado mucho. Wait I'm confused. As the evening hours grew late, Jaune grew tired. Was he even a mortal at that time, not his shadow soul, but in an actual trial? I got the idea for it after seeing the now cover image on discord and the common consensus was "I want my head between those thighs". It also provides a love antidote to all the angst in the earlier parts! 15 days, 15 days. She felt really bad and made sure he knew she was sorry about that. I was so disappointed at the drama's ending too. Si Ming perhaps cares a little too much for the Little Princess Feng Jiu. Information: Title: Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book or Eternal Love of Dream (三生三世枕上书). This blog will be dedicated to Chinese novels ("C-novels"). So, chapter 18 is full of love, because Donghua Dijun and Feng Jiu's love is finally mutual! The Crown Prince of JiuChongtian, Ye Hua (Bai Qian Qian's husband) was sitting in a pavillion in his palace. mil bendiciones. Hi! "What do you want me to do?". "Are you alright? The date of the ceremony was calculated from astrology and the birth time of the new ruler. ", 1) Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost by Dian Xian, 2) Our Second Master (我们家二爷) by Twentine (5 stars) (HE), 3) You Owe Me Your Draft! "Nanao-chaaaan~ How'd you know I was hereee?!" Her head ached and she frowned pathetically, "Aunt, could you pretend you didn't see me and that I actually came back after the 15 days? Depending on the feedback I receive, I may decide to turn this into an actual story. She carefully and slowly carried him to her bed and gently set him down. It was a silly one, but his tired mind thought it was a good one. The story starts off with a narration of Dong Hua’s accomplishment in sealing away the Demon Lord and unifying the land. Who was he in the book? There was nothing he could do. She did not notice then, but now that she realised, was Dijun angry? On the first day that Feng Jiu moved to the small pavillion, she immediately felt this place was much nicer than the study room. ", Feng Jiu waved her hand, "Ah, these are not important, let's not mention it. Only very few individuals knew of their secret marriage and the embarrassing circumstances that led to it. Whenever she was bored with moulding her scabbard, she just lifted her head and viewed the scenery. and I want to read the pillow volume 2 >< miss u, Yeah they are a very cute couple indeed! But Dijun acted normally in the next few days. how many books there are and will there be more episodes of the drama where i will get to see them ending up together? Why doesn't he remember FengJiu if he was?Sorry I'm pretty bad at this. Release date: January 20,2020 for VIP members /January 22, 2020 – March 5, 2020 (for payable option). Donghua and Fengjui are such a cute couple! This is a 'Modern Love Story' fanfiction based on Eternal Love of Dream drama series/Ten Miles Pillow Book Novel, written by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Even if he reincarnated, he would be a demon and experience lifetimes of pain. He looked at her, "Ah? When Zhong Lin raised his sleeves to wipe off his sweat, he saw the study table in the study room and Feng Jiu who was arranging things behind the study table. Feng Jiu sighed while walking at Fen Tou Li spring. I think Hamster took down her english translations for the Pillow Book! Previously, she thought she had a lot of time. ", Dong Hua raised his eyebrow, "Are you drunk? Putting the book aside, she carefully lifted her leg up and used her semblance to levitate Jaune. She tragically looked at the sky, it was useless for her to carefully make calculations previously, what was important was to make the scabbard!

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