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[“I’ve read everyone else’s thoughts and I do believe Katherine DID change after her father’s death….but wouldn’t it be a nice thought if she had taken Morris when he came back and they lived happily every after? Maybe she’ll even find love that way, or at the very least make friends. Written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, adapted from their 1947 play The Heiress. The play is being revived on Broadway right now, I’d be curious to see what they do with it. [2][3], In 1996, The Heiress was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".[4][5]. My reading on the ending is that Catherine has been so hardened by the constant abuse from her father and by the treachery of Morris that her only answer is to become jaded and cold, as they were. Catherine’s father spends YEARS trying to turn her into a copy of her mother; stomping on her feelings when she doesn’t live up to his idealized version of a dead woman (was Mrs. Sloper really that saintly?) Her voice changes as she says: He came back here with the same lies. And I rather not get rape.

I love the part where she wait to hear the sound of the door bolted by Mariah before snipping the last bit of thread from her embroidery. Her portrayal was without imperfection. We’re linking to your article for Academy Monday at I did lose to the gangs at night with the troubled son. Oh and once I have beaten the game does it unlock all scenes to view and any extra goodies? I don't want to end up being a slave/tool and go around town performing crap.

I suppose my question was how do you interpret this portrayal? In the play, he admits that he gave her all that schooling so she would “make it up” to him for killing his wife – by becoming her! yep, as i said i did a hybrid of both routes and still got it, its probably alot easier as a slave too since you wont need to grind gold. Both want and need closer. I feel she is liberated but liberation comes with a price. The play was suggested by the 1880 novel Washington Square by Henry James. Martin, Mildred. " I’ve heard mixed reviews about this production, but it would be interesting to see if any new references are added. I was wondering the same thing for Dark Elf? Again. Hmm, interesting perspective. Fascinating.

I keep seeing Miss Haversham from Great Expectations – the old lady who was jilted in her youth and now wears a wedding gown yellowed with age and keeps rat-infested wedding cake on the table. When they return to New York, Dr. Sloper threatens to disinherit his daughter if she marries Morris, and they have a bitter argument in which the doctor makes his disdain and distaste for her abundantly clear. A story that follows Han Yuanniang, the eldest daughter of a minister who disguises herself as a man in order to pretend to be her twin brother. She knew this the first time.

I saved her on my first run and she hung around town near Alice's house for the rest of the game. I think it’s Catherine letting go of her bitterness. Catherine is the bad one for not going to his deathbed so he can die in “peace” after all the horror he put her through? The ascent up the stairs says it all. Some think of her as a bitter woman at the end, some as a triumphant one. But I’d like to think, as my father thinks, bad experiences gave her strength. Just not willing to sell herself short ever again now that she knows his true mettle, and her true worth. (What did Jesus say about forgiveness?) Her turn came –and she took it.

Am I right in interpreting that you see her as bitter? The story about Han Yuan Niang (Una You). This may be wishful thinking. I think catherine made the wrong choice in how she handled her father’s death and how she handled morris’s return. Was she triumphant? Catherine is of age, receiving $10,000 a year from her mother's estate, and is expected to receive an additional $20,000 per year on top of this after her father's passing. After seeing The Heiress on Broadway, Olivia de Havilland approached William Wyler about directing her in a screen adaptation of the play. The ascent of the staircase is also pretty ambiguous. He had a not so warm way of showing it. When i have acted as catherine acted against those who have injured me, i only succeeded in deminishing myself. Both men loved her at the end and lost her. Aug 11, 2017 @ 2:37pm I was wondering the same thing for Dark Elf? As such, since you said you don't want to get r*ped, I'd recommend just doing the good path first and saving the evil route for new game plus. If you would like to contact the author, please send an email to, “Remember My Forgotten Man” from “Golddiggers of 1933” (1933), Long Life to the Lovely Livie! Very interesting. Finally Han Yuan Niang replaced her twin sister as young master Han Shi Yi. That’s when he starts to pound the door. Perhaps she will marry someday with a prestigious man as serious as she is now, a man who likes her new self and thinks the way she thinks. not squeegee. And this is what irks. The Heiress Episode 5. When I first watched the movie, I, too, got chills at the “He came back here with the same lies” bit. A revamp/reexamination for sure, I think it would be difficult to keep the historical accuracy if we were to make it more based on sex, but that’s not to say that more overt suggestions can’t be added. This indicates that Catherine is NOT over Morris, and still maintains a hope that he might come. It’s chilling that such a loving, trusting soul could lose all vestiges of human compassion. She has now become Miss Haversham — rich and lonely.

The drama, which will have 24 episodes, will present famous Chinese actor Jiang Chao together with actress Una You will be the main players. Yet she allows herself the freedom to choose. But I’m glad that your father and your brother have had an opportunity to make amends.

He wants love and forgiveness and good people are supposed to forgive the repentant, especially a forner lover or friend. I haven’t changed my mind. Catherine loses that when Morris deserts her, and Aunt Penniman doesn’t. the heiress ending. I do not like Henry James’ portrayal of spinster women ( “Turn Of The Screw” aka “The Innocents”; “Washington Square” aka “The Heiress”). But Shiyi and Yanyi's split happens ridiculously quickly with very little build-up, and Wang'er's contribution to it seems stupid considering that he fesses up to it … Her mouth turns up into a small, hopeful, optimistic smile when she hears the bell signaling Morris’ arrival. A young naive woman falls for a handsome young man who … It’s a good argument you make, and one I would like to believe. Drug route? I don’t remember whether it’s from the book or a review of it, but there’s a very telling quote: “Morris Townsend had toyed with her affection, and her father had broken its spring.” Morris was back to try once again to use and defraud her, and in the book she showed no emotion when confronting him, although she had cried privately when her busybody aunt told her he would be dropping by. As far as finding out what she did about how her father felt I really felt so bad for her, I think her father did love her but he was disappointed with the fact that she wasn’t anything like her mother who he apparently adored, he may have also held it against Catherine that she died in childbirth? Being stationed in the prince's camp, Han Shiyi becomes embroiled in the 5th prince's plans to take the throne all while trying to keep her real identity a secret. There’s no right or wrong answer, it leaves the situation open to interpretation. Not to say that Morris didn’t deserve it–I don’t think anyone denies that he really did deserve it! He came to her. I thought there was only 3? And if Catherine had a child, and was deserted by Morris anyway (probably with a goodly stash of her cash in his bag)– how would she have then treated said child, whether a boy or a girl? The eldest son of the Dingguo minister passed away at a young age. Apart from them, this drama series also features Wang An Yu, Melody Tang, and Wu Yang.

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