the great gatsby compare and contrast essay


Tom and Gatsby both seem to be in love with Daisy. In the novel, her carelessness is what truly ends her relationship with Gatsby and his life and is the reason she and Tom deserve each other. Through understanding the analysis of these elements one can interpret these elements differently throughout the novel. Various rumors are said about Mr. Gatsby and where he resided . The Great Gatsby is a brilliant novelization about two very different men who make acquaintances under the circumstances of love. Still a little hazy on some of the plot elements in Gatsby? However, some things are far more complicated than perfection such as, which social category you belong in, whether or not if you are “normal” or not, and last but not least, are the rules of “living” more strict in the movie Gattaca or in the Chrysalids. Great Gatsby Compare and Contrast Essay, English 101...Differences among two people often lead to negative consequences in the end. But soon we see how different their takes on this kind of life are. As they battle over Daisy’s love, Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby sometimes seem surprisingly similar - particular in their self-centeredness, wealth, and concern with appearances. Both of these stories give an insight to what … There are many ways in which the life of Willy Loman compares or contrasts with the life of Jay Gatsby. You should add to our analysis of the characters and come up with an argument you’re excited about. Despite the fact that they are both wealthy and well settled, Daisy chooses to be with Tom over her long lost love because she and he are better suited for each other, Gatsby’s expectations of her are too high, and she wants to maintain her social status. On the other hand, Tom buys Daisy an expensive necklace that essentially was good enough to make her be his wife. This to me is how Gatsby feels towards Daisy. Gatsby is driven by his materialism to be very invested having fashionable clothes, a beautiful mansion, and visually overwhelming parties - for him, the outfit is the thing that makes the Oxford man. Any literary work is unique. Why is Gatsby great? For example, don’t say “Tom is selfish while Gatsby cares about others.” Prove those two separate claims (Tom is selfish” and “Gatsby cares about others”) with relevant lines from the book. Both Daisy and Jordan display an entitled, bored attitude that’s typical of Fitzgerald’s depiction of the old money segment of wealthy New York society. The two characters I am comparing and contrasting are Tom Buchannan and Jay Gatsby. However, until Gatsby had to leave for the war, Daisy became sad and lonely without him. The parties and the music at Gatsby’s house were not accurate to the time period. Gatsby still has all his parties in both movies. In short, these pairings have become common because they each allow fairly easy access to one of the novel’s larger issues. We see both Gatsby and Tom through the eyes of Nick, who worships one of them and hates the other. If you are interested in seeing how a particular male and female character are paired, you may be better off studying them through the lens of love, desire, and relationships in the novel, or through the way they relate to one of the novel's symbols or motifs. Feel free to get in touch with us via email to: We use cookies to create the best experience for you. provides students with professional writing and editing assistance. Perfection is hard for anyone to accomplish, both in the Chrysalids and in Gattaca. Despite the fact that they are both wealthy and well settled, Daisy chooses to be with Tom over her long lost love because she and he are better suited for each other, Gatsby’s expectations of her are too high, and she wants to maintain her social status. He has received 17 Grammy Awards as well as having sold more than 75 million records world-wide. Many of the guests who attend these parties only go to enjoy the liquor and also to gossip. Jay Gatsby is portrayed as a loyal person in the sense that his quest to win Daisy’s love does not change even after he found out that she ended up being married to Tom Buchanan. In the novel, Gatsby tries to win her over while her husband, Tom, tries to turn her away from him, in order to have her for himself. We will tackle these major pairings in the next sections of this article: Before we dig into the analysis, you might be wondering: “why are we only comparing characters of the same gender?” or maybe “why not other pairings? Daisy seems caught between what society expects of her and some deeper, more powerful desires she can’t name, resulting in restlessness, depression, and her affair. Tom notices Daisy’s love for Gatsby and immediately starts making power plays. Where Tom is strong and cowering, George is meek and shrinking. One thing left out of the film was Jordan Baker’s romance, or fling, with Nick. Analysis of and essay topic ideas for the most common character pairs: Nick is a passive person and Gatsby is active, which is why Gatsby is the hero and Nick simply the observer. In the novel she is dishonest, but the film did not really portray that, much less the romance between her and Nick.

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