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Foss, Capt. The Ladies’ Aid of the Methodist Episcopal church will hold a business meeting in the vestry this evening. A single February storm in 1879 claimed 143.) Great War, Great Flu. I confess to a certain deliberate favoritism & primary sources related to the arts.

The island was home to the Straitsmouth Island Light Station, a National Historic Landmark, and welcomes the public to visit the 1896 lighthouse. The distance to Thacher Island from Rockport Harbor is about 3 miles and the Association asks kayakers to use caution, pay attention to weather conditions, and turn back if you feel uncomfortable. About 13% of Gloucester’s total population would show up at the polls to register.46, Two days later, the first article about a lethal flu in Massachusetts  was published in the Gloucester Daily Times on September 6, 1918 with the state surgeon general’s warning.

Access to both islands is only available by ramp. Saturday departures:  9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00am, Wednesday departures: 9:00, 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30am, Tuesday departures: 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00am, One benefit of Thacher Island Association membership is access to free boat launch tickets for members who are paid up for 2020. ), Look at the sweet arrow! With no time to spare, the State Military Unit was installed on the grounds of Addison Gilbert Hospital Friday September 27, 1918, and completed before the sun was down Saturday. The story is based on Casey Sherman’s 2013 bestseller Animal: The Bloody Rise and Fall of the Mob’s Most Feared Assassin, about the exploits of the notorious Boston mob enforcer Joe “The Animal” Barboza. If you have time for just one day, make it October 11, 1918, **author note: Face masks 9flu masks) DIY sewing pattern instructions,  September 30, 1918**, Thank you to everyone for your very kind comments for this series. Thomson, Street and Manning? As Dean of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and director of the Surgeon General’s Office of Communicable Disease, Vaughan was sent to Camp Devens as part of the federal government’s elite assessment team. Don't forget to bring water with you. All Rights reserved. Laverns, Capt. Book your launch ride ahead on the Thacher Island website, so you don't miss the unique experience of exploring the twin-lighthouses island a mile off shore from Rockport. Not last winter but the winter before, an exquisite Snowy Owl arrived on Cape Ann. Some were quite active in war efforts. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Vaughan felt not a single community in which there were reported cases reached tallying anywhere near the total of actual cases. McKay’s son, Robert, an inspiration for Little Nemo in Slumberland, returned with war honors. I was sitting super still and one of the combatants landed within several feet of where I was perched, startling us both! Sixty-four acres of natural beauty at the edge of the great Atlantic are accessible by launch on Wednesdays and Saturdays in season, if you. Sherman T. Walen also of the U.S. Mail Force is very ill at his home on Rocky Neck.

Hospitals are full, but arrangements can be made for outside facilities.

Public attention was first directed to the influenza in Boston by the apparently sudden appearance during the week ending August 28th of about fifty cases at the Naval station at Commonwealth Pier.

A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann is part one in the first of five episodes. So too were milder variants that conversely spread like wildfire, through Allied forces and civilian populations, here and abroad. To this day, the precise number of cases of infection (morbidity) and deaths (mortality) caused by the 1918 Flu Pandemic are confounding and wildly disparate.

Others continued the Duffs strip for nearly a decade. Snowy Owl MightY Hunter is part two of the series A Snowy Owl Comes to Cape Ann. I think it was sometime in December we first began seeing her perched on Bass Rocks. In the week ending October 5th a total of 1,214 deaths from influenza and pneumonia was reported, while by the third week of October this total had fallen to less than 600, and for the week ending November 9th was down to 47…On or about December 1st the incidence again rose and continued increasing daily, to reach its peak in a severe recrudescence around December 31…”, and “A sudden and very significant increase was reported during the third week in August in the number of cases of pneumonia occurring in the army cantonment at Camp Devens, seeming to justify the statement that an influenza epidemic may have started among the soldiers there even before it appeared in the naval force…” 16, Sea of men (LOC) the author’s grandfather served on this ship; medical staff, Commonwealth pier (LOC); Naval training camp, MS (Naval Mus.) “Death always leaves one singer to mourn.”, William Randolph Hearst’s mother died April 1919. Vernon), Alexander G. Tupper (60 Mt. Casting a pellet is a totally normal thing that Snowy Owls, and all owls do. Tonight’s full (appropriately named) Frost Moon rising between  the Twin Lights. Miss Suzanne Parsons of Mt.

The wonderful success of the out-door treatment, the wonderful organization of the local unit and its many details is being set up as a model for other communities to follow. George Hamor & cook seriously ill, Sch. These mild preliminary cases failed to attract attention; first, because of their relative scarcity, and second because of their benign character. “We just arrived at the convalescent camp and are pretty tired, did not get much chance to sleep on the train. Efforts to reduce transmission at a time of heightened engagement in WW1 — whether communication was instantaneous (telegraph) or not; word of mouth or not; censored or not– were next to impossible by Labor Day. Follow-up will expand window from 1917-spring 1920, especially August and November 1918, to verify death records and tracing, etc., also delving into nuanced themes I’ve developed and curated here. Earnestly solicit your influence in obtaining for us this needed assistance in any way you can.”. The Mayor and all but one Alderman were struck by flu—all those meetings!

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