tek mi fi eediat song


In a statement dated February 11, 2016, and published in The Sunday Gleaner of … But I'm learning that I'm only a fool to those I allow to treat me like one. Asham aka Gyal Ediot- Tek mi fi ediot nuh Gyal Ediot. Garth Rattray | America’s failed experiment, Editorial | Need for conversations on buggery law, Ronald Thwaites | Collective voices for education transformation. 1.

Were Mr Holness to meet all the conditions imposed on him by the PNP for the privilege of meeting its leader in a debate, he would end up looking like a wimp and deserving of losing more of the votes than he seems already destined to do. Such is the nature of our three-card political games, staged every time to deceive us - the eediats. Alright next issue boss, mek, mek mi tell yuh somethin alright Verse 4: Come from studio gone bathroom dau water run yah Put on mi clothes and gone studio cau mi a real toppa top Yo! The traditional format is that debaters from opposing sides are questioned by media personnel. A four- or five- yearly opportunity to extract a modicum of accountability from our elected representatives is being shamelessly wrested from us on spurious grounds. - Olive Nelson is a chartered accountant. The propensity of our politicians to tek people fi eediat is pathetic.

Carolyn Cooper | PNP race too brown and too white? Thirty-two years later, the PNP reneges on an agreement with the Debates Commission and considers it a principled act. The attempt to elevate Mr Holness' latest comments to a more serious level has done some damage to the credibility of the PNP and begs the question, "Why?" The propensity of our politicians to tek people fi eediat is pathetic. The decision taken by the PNP to withdraw from the process has nothing to do with Andrew's big house or the quality of his banter on the hustings. Hmm, hmm, hmmmYow girl child, girl childGyal you tek man fi foolTek man fi eediatStop, chat, jump inna my carMake me slap dat, you snap backWe a do we ting cause you know seh me no love chatBreast dem well firm, plus you ass well fat goshYou damn hot, round like a race trackWaist line small, me a wonder weh you get datMe no have no time fi a waste gyalCome over me placeLet me tell you dis straightWe can fuck if you feel like you want toAnd we can do the tings weh you feel you need toAnd we can run di place like you need fi dweet toCause me swear pon me life me girl seh me nah go leave youHmmm, hmmm, then again...Top down and I'm on the way nowWe sippin' Henny for the whole day nowShe know wah me want to doA little bit a me on youAnd you know that I been rolling roundI go the round like TysonKnow seh we deh pon a one night tingNo husband and wife tingWe can fuck if you feel like you want toAnd we can do the things weh you feel you need toAnd we can run the place like you need fi dweet toCause me swear pon me life me girl seh me nah go leave you hmmm, hmmm, then again...HeyNo more late night textingTime for the sexingOh yeaI've been seeing your body nakedAnd I ain't touch you yet to get you wetGal you take man for foolTake man for idiotStop, chat, jump inna the carMake me slap that you snap backWe a do we thing cause you know seh me a no love chatBreast them well firm plus you ass well fat goshYou damn hot round like a race trackWaist line small, me a wonder where you get thatMe no have no time fi a waste galCome over me place let me tell you this straightLet me tell you this straight, oh yeahLet me tell you this straightLet me tell you this straight, oh babyLet me tell you this straightI've been waiting patientlyFor your bodyCalling your nameI been calling, calling your name, ohKranium ... A song to smile and laugh while u listen it. The PNP is no stranger to principled positions. Tek mi fi eediat 2; 0; English Translation . It last took one in 1983 when its then leader, Michael Manley, refused to contest a hastily called general election on an outdated voters' list. The debaters are not required to speak to each other during the process, and, therefore, need not be on speaking terms with one another. Hmm, hmm, hmmm Yow girl child, girl child Gyal you tek man fi fool Tek man fi eediat Stop, chat, jump inna my car Make me slap dat, you snap back … Email feedback to columns@gleanerjm.com and olivescottn@gmail.com. The reality is that the only thing that has changed on the political landscape since November that could explain the PNP's most recent U-turn is the conduct and publication of four poll/forecast results, all favouring that party. The house was very much in existence when the party agreed to the debates in November, and political banter (an abiding feature of political campaign trails everywhere) was also very much in vogue here at that time and all the time. The People's National Party (PNP) has decided to renege on a non-binding agreement reportedly reached with the Jamaica Debates Commission (JDC) in November 2015. Eediat definition, translation, alternative spellings and example sentences on Jamaican Patwah. Some people can be very presumptuous if we left them. Example Sentences. All Rights Reserved.

Bolstered by this new level of confidence, there would be no need, it seems, for any party, not driven by any respect for its electorate, to waste debate effort pandering to the uncommitted voter, especially at the risk of talking itself out of power. Any contrived falling out between the parties, however earth-shaking, should not be allowed to defeat the right of an electorate to witness first hand, not just what a party declares its vision to be, but how that vision stands up to scrutiny - a process that, in the time allowed, is best facilitated in a debate setting.

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