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We put our main damage dealer in the 2nd position so that she receives enough attacks in order to trigger her ultimate. This guide aims to inspire and help you in building your very own team. Her bas skill, Wild Wonder is great to have on any team as it heals 30% of every team member’s health. Moving on with that strategy in mind, our top pick for the best tier 2 team is Brutus. We present several teams that I was able to test during my game and that allowed me to progress easily.

As an industry that was born around people facing off against each other... One of the most important parts of any game with gacha elements is the team building aspect through which you can create powerful squads. It’s an omnipresent mechanic by now, as developers try to make it seem that playing their game is more enjoyable than others.

The level 2 of his Whirlwind makes him invulnerable to Magic Damage, while his Last Gasp makes him immune to all incoming damage a short period of time. With more than 40 heroes in the game, it can be difficult to choose just 5 heroes to put on your battle. Although not the best, Hogan is a reliable frontliner for the early game. Consider the 25% of damage received to actually be dealt to the enemies as a great bonus since incapacitating them for four full seconds is already a huge deal in this game, especially with Brutus up front. For our number 2 frontliner, we will be shifting back to Ezizh and leaving Lucius out as his crowd control skills and support skills will be more viable for our chosen team. She’s good in PvP (until you reach late game), does well against bosses, but also in other areas of the game, such as Voyage of Wonders or the Peaks of Time.

Throughout his life, he has achieved impressive results in many of these games, reaching high-diamond at his peak in LoL, attaining more than 1000 solo wins in Fortnite, and collected multiple Cutting Edge achievements in WoW. So far, these are the strongest, most used AFK Arena team compositions.

His tank role may not seem much but with a good back row support, he will be key to winning victories. Lilith Games’ AFK Arena has been around for a while and yet it continues to reel in more fans in addition to the millions of players already hooked into it since its launch.
AFK Arena Best Tier 3 Team (Levels 161 And Beyond) Beyond level 160 comes the most challenging battles of the game where strategies, beyond combat power levels, become a lot more important. Frontline: Backline: Core Heroes of the team: Rowan Rosaline Lucius. This is always a sensitive topic when it comes to video games. He’s an easy go-to tank that heals your party, reduces everyone’s damage taken by 75%, provides damage mitigation bubbles, and knockbacks opponents. Moving forward, we will be talking about the best teams in the game.

Be sure to still make your own experimentations with regard to team compositions as that make up a huge part of what makes AFK Arena fun and exciting. For PvP, the standard late-game formation includes Estrilda in 2 (her knockback is really useful at interrupting and going through the frontline), Lucius in 1 (to gain as much energy as possible from getting hit), Belinda in 5, right behind Estrilda (so as to guarantee that the latter’s Inspire targets Belinda), Nemora in 4, and Lyca in 3. While reasons abound as to why AFK Arena is such a huge hit among mobile gamers, the host of unique heroes you collect and upgrade in the game which brings about tons of possibilities as to roster inclusions and team compositions make for an engaging and addictive gameplay. You could even choose the same team combination as someone below if you find that team to your liking. This is an important part of any gacha, since the game is most liberal with the rewards it gives you. Not all heroes in the game are viable late game, simply because of the maximum rarity feature built into the game. Lightbeare Team. It would be best if you had her alongside Lyca, since her energy recharge is quite slow. Shemira and Belinda are current the 2 best carries for late game in AFK Arena right now. Although some developers embed hard progression mechanics that will ultimately see that you are victorious, even if terribly unlucky, others count on players’ willingness to spend money. In fact, you should feel free to move them around as needed in order to control key enemies. Top Heroes. With the release of a couple of new heroes, we’ve decided to update this section as of the first of July 2019. He’s got everything you might want from a frontliner. While you don’t have to follow them to the dot (it would help if you could), you can find replacements for each of these heroes so long as your subs fulfill the same roles. At some point in the future which may follow a series of game updates, it’s very much possible that the developers would enhance some heroes and nerf others in an attempt to balance out the entire roster of characters in the game. Firstly, the roles and positions your team needs.
Keep in mind that he can be healed within the period he is invulnerable which makes this ability an awesome game-changer.

Meanwhile, here’s the team building cheat sheet you’ve been looking for. How to Communicate … Lastly, this guide was written while playing version 1.16 of AFK Arena.

Use both of these wisely. Although most of the best heroes many consider may vary from one list to the next, you need to know and understand that team chemistry considers other factors that may not apply to considering heroes each on their own. So far, these are the strongest, most used AFK Arena team compositions.

Within the level bracket under tier 2, Saveas becomes even more formidable offensively and defensively yet still needs highly dependable support heroes to make sure he stays on the battle long. Jack started his career as an online content creator and writer back in 2017.

Last, but definitely not the least on our picks, is Ira as the second damage dealer. Play AFK Arena on PC/Mac to enjoy the game any time! Despite Brutus’ raw strength, there will be several occasions at this point when that will not suffice on its own and while we do prioritize defense over offense, having three defensive heroes on this team ought to be enough to boost survivability at its optimum level. Already using BlueStacks? Another indispensible skill of Shemira is Silence to keep enemy magic users at bay for several seconds. Belinda’s a good replacement, in case you don’t have her early on.

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