tamrielic argonian names


Hyp. Orcish Language Inspired by mass effects krogan race i named my argonian brute grunt. Cyrodilic: From-Deepest-Fathoms, Takes-In-Light, 1-Word: Akeenus, Akishan, Aleeta, Aleeto, Amatkeeus, Amussa, Aseis, Asheemar, Asska, Awas, Azum, Bahrez, Baseekus, Baseenar, Beekaw, Beela, Beexutl, Betzi, Bezarbeeh, Bishalus, Bixitleesh, Bokeeus, Buki, Chalaree, Chanaius, Chaneej, Chimatei, Chirurgeon, Cholasistu, Chosumeel, Churasu, Dafeeso, Dajaheel, Dakee, Daleez, Damatez, Damee, Damonalus, Dasha, Deegeeta, Deel, Deetul, Deetwos, Dergla, Deyapa, Dosa, Drujal, Druxolneeus, Easeeto, Eatzapa, Eukkaneeus, Ezei, Geeh, Ghekuknaza, Gideelar, Hikinu, Hixultvutar, Ianix, Imhey, Inue, Jeetum, Jukka, Juutenma, Kaloo, Keerasa, Kiurz, Kizta, Klumuk, Kudda, Kulusi, Kunasheeth, Leetu, Lineem, Lohulurash, Loseitsei, Lunsu, Luraxith, Luxultava, Markka, Martul, Meenai, Meerana, Mereel, Milaw, Misei, Miuni, Najeepa, Nameel, Natalgreesh, Nathrasa, Nebaxireet, Neeka, Neer, Neetizei, Neetra, Niima, Nijuna, Nijuneel, Nojaxia, Nokama, Nowa, Nubaree, Nukorash, Nutum, Nuwisha, Omeeta, Osheeja, Padeehei, Padeel, Pakee, Pameel, Peekeus, Peelgah, Pegareem, Pinooh, Porath, Pujeerish, Pulaya, Puweel, Puyatha, Raleetal, Reekatul, Reekaturl, Reekeepa, Reesa, Ruko, Rupaheel, Rutabeeh, Ruxultav, Saxolt, Sharava, Shatasha, Shatuna, Shuliish, Shumeesh, Simeesh, Sisar, Skeetees, Sumanirr, Supowateer, Teegya, Telixith, Terameen, Tlixult, Tlonkaan, Tludul, Tulut, Tumaka, Uazee, Ukasha, Veemarz, Veezil, Villa, Vorh, Wahirat, Wareem, Weewish, Wemeerit, Wenaxi, Xixuai, Xula, Xohaneel, Zatzu Reman I died in 1E 2762 and it is reasonable to assume that his successor was crowned almost immediately afterwards. Alfabeto Antigo A Brief History of the Empire indicates that he took the throne twelve years before, Book 5 of The Wolf Queen states that Antiochus fell into a coma in, In The Wolf Queen, although there is uncertainty over the date of Kintyra's death, it is stated that Uriel III was crowned "four years previously" to the year. I've had Argonian characters named Wanks-In-Bushes and Gropes-Himself-Slyly. A way of conversing communally with the Hist.1 Unlike many Tamrielic languages, Jel is not derived from Ehlnofex but comes from the ancient and sentient trees, the Hist.1 The language is sometimes erroneously referred to as Saxhleel, which is the Argonian name for themselves. First cousin of Pelagius I and daughter of Tibers brother. Well, we thought of some random ones like. Music Reman Dynasty It can therefore be assumed that at least two other Medes reigned as emperor between Attrebus and Titus II. 1-Word: Hyp. Idioma Órquico Antigo The second type is an Argonian hyphenated name, sometimes called a "Black Marsh" name, such as "Jid-Mei" or "Brand-Na". 2x: Bends-Iron (1, 2), Plays-With-Fire (1, 2), Speaks-With-Blades (1, 2) Since Morrowind, Argonians do not as a rule have family names, but in Arena they did. Cyrodilic: Also-He-Washes, Basks-In-The-Sun, Big Head, Dreaded-Water, Fine-Mouth, Grey-Throat, Hides-His-Eyes, Hides-His-Foot, High-Heart, Morning-Star-Steals-Away-Clouds, Nelix Fly-Breath, Nine-Toes, Only-He-Stands-There, Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, Smart-Snake, Smokeskin-Killer, Stream-Murk, Swims-In-Swells, Ten-Tongues Weerhat, Tongue-Toad, Twice-Bitten, Wind-In-His-Hair, 1-Word: Sissithik, Yelnicin Son of Kintyra I; known as the great lawmaker of the Septime Dynasty and promoter of independent organizations and guilds. ... though their true Ayleid names are unknown. It was all him. However, since Redguard this concept is no longer followed. Cyrodilic: Deep-In-His-Cups, Scouts-Many-Marshes, Stands-In-Shallows, Watches-The-Roots. Given names for male Argonians in Arena seem to consist of one of thirteen prefixes and one of thirteen suffixes. Runic Alphabet Governantes Originally trying to elect a new Emperor, he reluctantly took the position of Potentate after the Elder Council urged him to do so. Dragon Language It is impossible to determine exactly which year these statements are intended to mean, but, Brief History of the Empire describes the reign of Uriel Septim IV lasting 43 years. Arg: Ixtah-Nasha, Meeleeh-Een, Mere-Glim, Xhon-Mehl 1x: Amber-Eyes, Argues-with-Frogs, Axe-Fist, Barters-with-Wit, Bathed-in-Steel, Bitten-Once-Shy, Black-Silk-Earth, Blazing-Glory, Blue-Bird, Blue-Eyes, Blue-Scale, Born-Under-Stars, Borrows-Trouble, Branded-Heart, Brands-the-Guar, Breezes-Whisper, Brown-Tooth, Calls-to-Nature, Calm-Water, Changer-of-Minds, Chews-on-Moss, Chews-The-Marrow, Coin-Hoarder, Cooks-the-Meat, Dances-with-Kwama, Dawn-Scale, Delves-Deeply, Dreams-of-Honey-and-Gold, Dusk-Scale, Eats-To-Learn, Eight-Feather-Tail, Eyes-Like-Night, Eyes-of-Steel, Far-From-Water, Far-Walker, Fearless-Breath, Fights-With-Tail, Finds-Plants, Flies-In-Wind, Follows-the-Sun, Gathers-Dead-Things, Gentle Waters, Gnarled-Root, Golden-Heart, Gold-Tail, Good-with-Numbers, Green-Eyes-Wander, Grins-At-Cats, Hard-Scales, Has-No-Loom, Head-in-Clouds, Hears-the-Stone, Heat-On-Scales, Hides-Aplenty, Hides-Her-Heart, Hides-the-Ashes, Honey-Nose, In-No-Hurry, Juggles-Scorpions, Keen-Eyes, Knuckle-Bones, Leaps-Before-Looking, Licks-Longfins, Licks-the-Sand, Lights-Sparks, Listens-to-Sea, Lizard-Eater, Long-Cast, Long-Claw, Looks-Forward, Looks-too-Long, Loves-the-Water, Makes-Many-Soups, Makes-No-Ripples, Makes-One-Soup, Many-Eyes, Many-Eyes-Watching, Mind-of-Ice, Moves-Like-Water, Murk-Watcher, Mysteries-of-Trees, Nimble-Fingers, Nimble-Knuckles, One-Eye, Open-Hands, Paints-the-Sky, Pale-Heart, Peers-Through-Glass, Plays-In-Puddles, Poor-Scales, Purple-Plumes, Relieves-Burdens, Remains-Silent, Rising-in-Still-Waters, River-Swimmer, Root-Mason, Rope-Gill, Runs-with-Questions, Scale-Mender, Scales-Like-Silver, Scales-Like-Steel, Scared-of-Snow, Seeks-Better-Deals, Seeks-Her-Glory, Seeks-Old-Words, Seeks-White-Bird, Sees-All-Colors, Sees-Many-Paths, Shares-with-Many, Sharp-Edge, Sharp-Eye, She-Who-Gleams, Sheathed-in-Silk, Shimmerscale, Shiny-Trades, Short-Tail, Silver-Scales, Silver-Throat, Sings-at-Dawn, Sings-to-Stumps, Sings-with-Frogs, Sings-With-Joy, Sings-With-Reed, Sister-of-Wind, Sky-Seer, Slays-No-Dragons, Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes, Slips-Through-Fingers, Slow-at-Words, Smiles-With-Knife, Snub-Tail, Soars-in-Sadness, Soft-Wind, Sour-Tooth, Spark-Scale, Speaks-in-Tongues, Speaks-to-Clouds, Speaks-with-Leaves, Speaks-With-Lights, Speaks-With-Hammer, Spills-No-Drinks, Stares-at-Stars, Steps-Lightly, Stokes-the-Flame, Stones-Over-Water, Strong-Voice, Strong-With-Tail, Sun-in-Shadow, Sun-on-Scales, Swift-Needle, Swims-in-Silence, Swims-the-Seas, Swims-to-Sea, Tale-Spinner, Tastes-the-Breeze, Teeth-Like-Stars, Tends-All-Things, Thinks-in-Gears, Thorned-Blossom, Through-Gilded-Eyes, Trips-Over-Dirt, Two-Tail, Under-Root, Values-Many-Things, Wakes-from-Hope, Walks-in-Ash, Walks-In-Dry-Places, Walks-In-Leaves, Walks-Lonely-Steps, Walks-Many-Leagues, Walks-with-Bargains, Wallows-In-Sand, Warm-River, Waters-the-Grass, Way-with-Words, Wine-For-All, Wonders-at-Stars, Cyrodilic: Sees-All-Colors

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