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Since then, they have welcomed tuba player Carmelo Mosqueda into the group and have released two more albums, ‘Underground’ and ‘The Green Trip’. Given these assumptions, the journalist Pepe Garza He uploaded a video to his YouTube channel trying to explain what is happening, as he is someone very close to the groups in Los Angeles, California.

Kristopher Nava (T3R Elemento) has not grabbed global shine yet but has already turned into a local star being a member of the band Tercer Elemento, or T3R Elemento which is currently signed to Parral Music. What is the genre of T3R Elemento music?Â. read more.

The group posted live videos on YouTube and shared homemade digital singles on various streaming and download services. On 16 November, the group put out their third album, ‘The Green Trip’, which is also comprised of 12 tracks: ‘Aerolinea Carrillo’, ‘En Menos De Un Minuto’, ‘Lo Que Pasara En El Presente’, ‘El Verde Es Vida’, ‘Mi Religion’, ‘La Revancha’, ‘Que Envidia’, ‘Ojitos De Conejo’, Empece de Cero’, ‘Fue Una Carta Para Mi Viejo’, ‘A Ver Si Compras El Futuro’, and ‘Los Gustos del Muchacho.’ The album topped Billboard’s Regional Mexican Albums chart in its opening week and held the position for the next three weeks as well. T3R Elemento signed with DEL Records in 2018 after the label’s CEO, Ángel del Villar, became interested in them. In 2015, Kristopher Nava created Tercer Elemento, aka T3R Elemento, with two other musicians of Mexican descent and one of Cuban descent in Las Vegas. The group is multi-lingual and multi-national. They have a popular YouTube channel through which they put out all of their music videos. T3r Elemento. The target audience of this folk music packed in the radio format is Hispanic Americans who live in the U.S. How did they sign the contract with the label?Â. After the group was formed, they became a common fixture in the party and high school circuit, performing covers of narco and traditional corridos from the Culiacan and Sinaloa traditions. $9.49. It was a hit, opening at number 25 on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Songs chart. In 2015, he got together with requinto player Felipe Prieto, electric guitarist Sergio Cárdenas, and accordionist Zeus Gamez to form T3R Elemento. Mother: His fans are still to get to know something about hisfamily members from their idol. t3r-element-separates In recent weeks, many fans of T3r Elemento They have been wondering if the group is still together or not; this because in social networks they have noticed that it only appears Kris Nava , vocalist, also in the latest official videos the same thing happens.

In 2018, T3R Elemento was among the nominees for a Latin American Music Award for their ever-increasing popularity. Kristopher Nava’s interest in music developed early. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. $9.49. They subsequently started performing covers of narco and traditional corridos from the Culiacan and Sinaloa traditions at various parties and high schools. In 2015, he got … He has always been creative.

Kris is also a talented virtuoso guitarist as well as his bandmates named Zeus Gamez, Sergio Cardenas, and Felipe Prieto. The album itself was released on November 3, 2017, and contains 11 other tracks besides ‘Rafo Caro’: ‘Rolling One’, ‘Doble Imperio’, ‘Mis Prioridades’, ‘Poncho Knos’, ‘Fire Up’, ‘La Chica Nice’, ‘Ya No Te Entiendo’, Tengo Que Olvidarla’, ‘Sencillamente De Ti’, ‘No Se’, and ‘We Belong Together’. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. T3R Elemento signed with DEL Records in 2018 after the label’s CEO, Ángel del Villar, became interested in them. This garnered them the attention of the A&R executives at Parra Music, who offered them a record deal. Their videos and digital singles demonstrate a youthful adaptation of the alternative corrido movement. Kristopher Nava was born on June 25, 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, to Mexican immigrant parents. T3R Elemento subsequently signed to Parra Music and released their first album, a live offering titled ‘Rafael Caro Quintero en Vivo’, in 2016. Many saw this change coming, because there was a total gap between the age of the members, as the vocalist was drawing a lot of young audiences, and the others did not have the same success with the fans. Earlier, they released a set of live performances titled “Rafael Caro Quintero En Vivo” where people could find both covers and originals. They also began uploading live videos on YouTube and putting out homemade digital singles on various streaming and download services. $1.29.

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