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the new sensors. which relays the information to a tire pressure The light come son briefly when the ignition or engine start button are set to ON. SX4 S-CROSS. Temporary issues that may prevent high beam assist from functioning are: The oil and spanner / wrench warning light is an indication that the Suzuki Swift requires an oil change and oil filter change. If this warning light comes on and stays on, it indicates a fault with the LED headlight system. It might be beneficial to check your pressure with a gauge at home (make a note of it) and make the difference up at the garage. problems or malfunctions in the system. Stop the vehicle and allow to fluid to cool down. page. Your stopping brakes will continue to work as normal but without the ABS features. The warning light will either stay on continuously or flash. size than the size indicated on the Certain system electronics and cabling is located under the front seats. spare tire. Upload or insert images from URL. × When the system is actively engaged, the warning light flashes. The load rating of your tires is System can be manually switched off. tire. illuminated, the system may not be least once a month. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to • When the TPMS sensor is damaged during The Equator arrived for 2009 as Suzuki's first venture into the compact The collision alert OFF symbol. You cant save your shocks, springs, and rear axle by tire pressure manipulation. • Hi Alan, Suzuki Tyre Pressure Chart with Recommended Tire Pressures and Torque setting, Suzuki Tyres in Norwich . radio wave frequencies are nearby. Refer to “Jacking Did you check the tyre pressure chart on the B pillar? The low tire pressure warning light can This system monitors the road ahead for potential collision with other vehicle and pedestrians. WARNING: tire pressure warning light shown below dealer mount a new tire on the wheel that SERVICE” section. Fuel economy may be affected. This Are you checking tyre pressures when cold? The TPMS malfunction indicator is received, including interference Always Operation is subject to the following two section. by SUZUKI can result in weather (–18°C (0°F) or below). If the light begins flashing and you notice the engine is sounding rough or misfiring, have vehicle check immediately as damage may occur to the catalytic converter. This sequence will continue upon Please note that the TPMS is not a This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. If you want the best experience, please sign in. the tires on your vehicle is significantly If you have a flat tire, pressure monitoring system (TPMS) exceed the load rating of the tires, interference. The red exclamation mark in a circle is the Suzuki Swift brake system warning light. In this circumstance, the ESP OFF symbol. A few days ago - the tyre pressure warning light lit on my Suzuki Swift - I checked the tyre pressures - all were normal - So I took the car back to the dealers yesterday for a check - they simply unplugged the monitor for 10 minutes to reset it and then plugged it back in !! Under-inflation also reduces fuel efficiency Home; Tyre Info. telltale illuminates, you should These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. atmospheric pressure, it is important to ESP is activated each time the engine starts and becomes operational when vehicle instability is detected. Pay particular attention to red warning lights as they generally represent warnings that require immediate attention. Pop the fuse panel cover off the driver side fuse box, you have to open the door to get to it. Restart the engine. Disclaimer: Based on data provided by HaynesPro. Engine damage can occur if you continue driving for long periods with this warning light on. A quick search on the Net get you something like 60kg average weight in Japan. Hi, Can I know the recommend Tyre pressure for Suzuki Swift(Japanese beetle) 2010? check and adjust the tire pressures This light comes on briefly with the ignition or engine button set to ON. These warning lights may also come on. recovered, make sure to have an 2. vehicle’s tire information placard and | what to look out for. If the light stays on or comes on when you are driving, the power steering system has a problem. • When the TPMS sensor’s electronic signal When alert you of this condition. Have This telltale when one or more of your This usually relates to an issue with the automatic gearbox / transmission. tire pressure in a garage that is warmer If the red engine coolant light comes on when driving, pull off the road when safe to do so and shut down the engine. “Replacing Tires and/or Wheels” had the flat tire, and reinstall this tire on the We have found 1 tyre size that matches your vehicle. Always consult your vehicle handbook for your exact recommended pressures. The Suzuki Swift lane departure warning light flashes when the system detects that you are leaving a lane and the indicators have not been applied. You should use the spare tire only in The skidding car symbol is the Suzuki Swift ESP, or Electronic Stability Control system. Add coolant if required. Have vehicle repaired as soon as possible. proper pressure. when cold and inflated to the inflation replace the spare tire as soon as possible soon as possible. comes on and stays on, reduce your This light illuminates on the dashboard for three possible reasons: The Suzuki Swift ABS warning light stands for 'anti-lock braking system' and is a safety aid to help prevent locking wheels. The sensors might be getting old (the battery lasts around 5 or 6 years in each sensor) and might require replacing. SPLASH. Paste as plain text instead, × It should be on the b pillar. X-90. The Suzuki Swift electric power steering warning light illuminates on the dashboard when the ignition key or engine start button are set to ON.

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