suzuki swift automatic transmission review


2. In a world of pricing pressures, Suzuki hasn’t quite been able to maintain a fine line of pricing, with the automatic Swift Sport now starting from $28,990 plus on-road costs in Australia, up $1500 from last year’s model. The inbuilt Garmin GPS sucks. It didn’t come with the boot internal cover (100% cutting cost). Drove it 3 years (60,000km) and it had no issues, only standard servicing. I preferred the CVT because it is smooth. You might have to look at cars a size up for a decent automatic gearbox - consider a Suzuki Swift or Hyundai i20. Totally debilitating. These ludicrous rates are likely to be because of high repair costs and the difficulty of sourcing replacement parts, but that’ll be of no consequence to those left paying hefty premiums. There are no external styling upgrades and only the smallest of equipment tweaks. Im mean why make it more comfortable and roomier for passengers when the car noticeably struggles with the more you add. Granted, most supermini buyers will probably prefer the cocktail of attributes provided by a Ford Fiesta or SEAT Ibiza, but while the Swift is flawed, it’s most certainly charming. Real MPG was created following thousands of readers telling us that their cars could not match the official figures. You’ll need to keep a few revs on the dial, mind, because if you let them drop too low and you suddenly need to pick up speed, you might find yourself in the doldrums. It is very easy to park, the factory sound system has AM...Read more. Sadly, the Swift does have one more rather serious - not to mention strange - achilles heel that makes it completely unsuitable for young drivers, and that’s its preposterously and catastrophically high insurance groupings. First introduced in the previous generation Swift in 2014 this is a well proven and simple fully automatic and permanent four-wheel drive layout which transfers additional torque to the rear wheels when required via a viscous coupling. On the other hand, distance-keeping cruise control is just the thing for highway trips if other traffic tends to be a little variable, and a speed limiter for capping urban speed zones is very, very welcomed. The inbuilt Garmin GPS sucks. The SHVS mild hybrid system is a compact and lightweight system that incorporates an Integrated Starter Generator (known as ISG) which acts as both a generator and starter motor, the ISG is belt driven and assists the engine during vehicle take off and acceleration and also generates electricity through regenerative braking. I have owned an 09 reg model from new and am considering replacing it with a 1.2 sz4 model - and read of gearbox issues - I have had none such with my older model....Also, will I miss the extra 300cc ? I still consider it to be a great car, but im not sure id buy another with this engine and gearbox configuration. Gearbox and engine still feel off, particularly in reverse and first gear. 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport Series II coming in May. The aircond seems to better than previous models. It had low kilometres at the time of purchase. Up front there’s an open differential, and while that’s not an issue most of the time, a limited-slip differential would make spirited drives all the more exciting. It makes barely any difference to your level of performance, and the marginal fuel gains aren’t exactly going to win you a Nobel Peace Prize.

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