super twin racing regulations


 223,70/ 360 The driver starting at the front (Julius Baer Pole Position) picks-up an extra three points, while the driver who sets the fastest lap during Qualifying gets an additional point. This is repeated until all six drivers have completed a lap.  Per Bengtsson Race Circuit Set up and Safety Equipment Team.   Fastest Lap in race - 1 point (if in a top-10 finishing position). No limitations are put on the single two cylinder engine regarding configuration, exept these rules: Maximum displacement of engine 3000 cc for normally aspirated motorcycles using up to 100% Nitro Methane.  Place  Anders Karling Regulations. Championship and Standings. To find out more view our privacy policy. A World Racing Group, event is a competitive racing event which is intended to be conducted and officiated in accordance with the rules herein. The schedules are mirrored from each day, with only one 45-minute practice session on the second day. Each driver can't use more than four new rear and four new front tyres for each event. Additional points are also awarded for securing Julius Baer Pole Position and clinching the Fastest Lap in Qualifying and the race – more details on both of these below. Entrants must be in possession of a valid National Entrants or FIM Sponsors Licence for Road Racing. Round 1 . This class was first introduced to the North West at the 2012 event and proved extremely popular as it gained a very strong entry. Any four-stroke twin cylinder motor-cycle originally sold for road use with a water-cooled engine of up to 650cc. The rulebook may be amended from time-to-time and special rules may be published and/or adjusted at any particular event with the participants receiving prior notification. This is reduced to only one 45-minute session on the second day of a double-header. In the 1950s and 1960s, the principal TT solo events were the Senior (500 cc), Junior (350 cc), and Lightweight (250 cc, or sometimes 125 cc). 3. More and more the teams drifted toward pure professional project with components that were mostly imported from the United States. A number of changes and modifications are permitted to the frame, swing arm, suspension, exhaust, brakes etc as deemed in the technical regulations. Qualifying and Super Pole shoot-out - Qualifying determines the order the drivers will start the race, with the fastest driver lining-up in first place and slowest at the back. Bill Werner, after years running the Harley race shop, built a cobby 650 twin, on an absolute shoestring. Eligible machines must be from models homologated for road use 2005 or later. Round 2 June 14th - 17th Tierp - Sweden. As the interest for the sport grew and gained in popularity more people got involved and the ET's started dropping. Drivers must have accumulated at least 20 points in the past three years, in conjunction with the FIA points system - used to qualify for a Super Licence. Alastaro - Finland. Double-header - the majority of races take place over a single day in order to minimise disruption to the host city.  Tierp     MPH Teams can charge the cars in-between sessions and during practice. The 2020 General Competition Rules online are made available by SCCA Road Racing as a courtesy to our entrants, volunteers and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA Road Racing. Break downs became frequent. Entrants must be in possession of a valid National Entrants or FIM Sponsors Licence for Road Racing. Motor racing fuels. Round 5 June 23th - 26th Whereas the teams’ championship is decided by calculating both driver’s scores throughout the season. The rules are in no way a guarantee against injury and/or death to participants, spectators, officials and/or others.  ET Fans can also vote on social media using a #hashtag - posting a #hashtag with the name of your chosen driver, along with #FANBOOST. At NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series races and select NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series events, Super Street racers compete on a fixed 10.90-second index. In order to enter the FIA Formula E Championship, drivers must comply with the following: If these points aren’t met - a driver judged by the FIA to have consistently demonstrated outstanding ability in single-seater categories, but with little or no opportunity to qualify, can still participate. Typical specifications of our built-to-order racing machines are described below: The Supervisory Official shall be empowered to permit any reasonable and/or appropriate amendment from any of the specifications and/or procedures herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. Machines  Tierp Each event has two practice sessions - an opening 45-minute session followed by a further 30-minute session. To fire up ATTACK MODE, drivers will need to arm their car, drive off the racing line, and through the Activation Zone. 115% of the time set by the third fastest qualifier in the class. Not many on the circuit had a very good idea how things worked. New for the 2019/20 season, the fastest driver in group qualifying will be awarded one bonus point. 17.0 — Super DIRTcar Series / DIRTcar Big Block Modified, 17.1.5 — Pistons, Connecting Rods and Crankshaft, 17.1.7 — Lubrication/Oiling System/Oil Cooler, 17.1.8 — Transmission/Driveline and Driveline Components, 17.2.1 — Fuel, Fuel cells and Fuel System for live pit stop events, 17.3 — Exhaust – Muffler and Sound Reduction Devices, 17.5.1 — Seat Location and Mounting in Frame, 17.7.5 — Rear Wing Windows / Side View / Rear View, 17.7.16 — Bumpers and Side Bars/Nerf Bars.

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