stata sysuse datasets


stream >> endobj /Rect [311.708 548.148 344.962 556.061] Datasets were sometimes altered so that a particular feature could be explained. and any such materials will be removed from Datasets used in the Stata Documentation were selected to demonstrate the use of Stata. Contact us. such agreement, please contact /Rect [311.708 559.061 337.291 567.019] merge 1:1 personid using In that discussion, each observation in the dataset could be uniquely identified on the basis of a single variable. ) >> endobj in violation of the letter or spirit of any this web page. Stata Press, a division of StataCorp LLC, publishes books, manuals, and journals about Stata and general statistics topics for professional researchers of all disciplines. Datasets ��]��8Qiє�C�f�p��8k�?Y�ۡ�L�%u�?��SyE���[��3ᚧk&���q$�<4G>B)�Hsf�(9�Y����)`�m�@"�u�}5��ŭ�o��"��־�ej�H��ؤ�%u c� �w��A��J�݂0��&SY�ꕋ���Ԧ)�0L���`�� Ȟ�H%���X� �3�nk�^p�BP�\4�$G��� ��'���9d�$5c.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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