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“St. It was an innovative composition on a number of counts. In doing so she became the youngest ever solo artist to write and perform a #1 hit. Handy said he had been inspired by a chance meeting with a woman on the streets of St. Louis distraught over her husband's absence, who lamented, "Ma man's got a heart like a rock cast in de sea", a key line of the song. Handy. (6 fans), Nathaniel Adams Coles (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965), known professionally as Nat King Cole, was a musician who first came to prominence as a leading jazz pianist. The following year, 1959, he released "You'll Never Walk Along" and "Tonight I Am A King". No version is bettered than the one by Bessie Smith. Reminiscing on a chance encounter with a distraught woman in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri, W.C. . It was only natural that she would take on what is perhaps the preeminent blues song of the era. "Saint Louis Blues" (or "St. Louis Blues") is a popular American song composed by W. C. Handy in the blues style and published in September 1914. s use of the minor paved the way for Smith to imbue the song with heartache of bottomless depths. [5], While blues often became simple and repetitive in form, "Saint Louis Blues" has multiple complementary and contrasting strains, similar to classic ragtime compositions. Some say it was plagiarized - Handy was prone to wandering the streets of Memphis and copying down the songs of itinerant street musicians. The original published sheet music is available online from the United States Library of Congress in a searchable database of African-American music from Brown University. That’s what the blues can do for you. Test your MusicIQ here! more », Sheet Music  [2][3] Handy's autobiography recounts his hearing the tune in St. Louis in 1892: "It had numerous one-line verses and they would sing it all night. The dancers seemed electrified. W.C. Early instrumental versions of the song are notable for the striking, tango-flavored opening. Behind The Song: Jerry Jeff Walker, “Mr. As if this perfect marriage of singer and song weren, featured a 24-year-old Louis Armstrong on cornet. Lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing, Peermusic Publishing. (1 fan), Bessie Smith (April 15, 1894 – September 26, 1937) was an American blues singer. It became "Mrs Robinson" when it was considered for use in the film The Graduate. Public Domain, Library of Congress. 3 Nov. 2020. Just two years before her take on, she scored the first of many hits for Columbia Records with the coupling of, She was a headliner everywhere she sang and earned the nickname. The only other instrument on the song is a harmonium played by Fred Longshaw which wheezes along as if it’s about to expire from misery at any second. Just two years before her take on “St. But every once in a while, a big hit manages to elucidate something important about the... Part 1 of a new series Anytime you speak to an expert about what they consider the greatest... John Prine's longtime guitarist on three essential Prine lines Jason Wilber. In 2010, the biggest-selling song in the UK was "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem. “St. Around 1892, he claimed to have come across a woman who described the source of her own anguish with an incisive and memorable line: s got a heart like a rock cast in de sea. As Smith wrote in his autobiography. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! The 1925 version sung by Bessie Smith, with Louis Armstrong on cornet, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1993. But it just isn't blues". Since first appearing in 1914, “St. When "St Louis Blues" was written the tango was in vogue. As if this perfect marriage of singer and song weren’t enough to conjure musical magic, Smith’s recording of “St. s unreal talent, still do it like none before or since. (Armstrong would record his own version of the song in 1929 with his orchestra, which, like Smith’s take, would eventually be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.) That. The Creed lead singer reveals the "ego and self-fulfillment" he now sees in one of the band's biggest hits. Lyrics to St. Louis Blues by Bessie Smith from the The Bessie Smith Story, Vol. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs. Early instrumental versions of the song are notable for the striking, tango-flavored opening. Don’t have an account? Handy may have indeed been the, as he called himself in his autobiography, but it, s hard to imagine the genre developing as it did without Smith. Jerry Jeff Walker was firmly in the latter category. View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First; No Comments Add your thoughts. My eyes swept the floor anxiously, then suddenly I saw lightning strike. "St. Louis Blues Lyrics." Don’t have an account? It was part of a concert held to bring relief to the people of Bangladesh, who were fighting for independence and suffering from a famine. Handy recorded his best version of the song in 1922 and three years later, in 1926, Fats Waller would play it on … An instinct that wanted so much to live, to fling its arms to spread joy, took them by the heels. He was one of the first black Americans to host a television variety show, and has maintained worldwide popularity since his death.

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