spar urethane sealer


"AttributeValues": { Coal Black Stain – Keda liquid Dye, Located on the Keda Dye website under liquid dyes: and it looked fine after doing so. Hey Scubby. }, "attributes": [ has some oil as well????? "54725": "PCP_27424", Thank you, Hi – We have just purchased a beautiful California Claro Walnut slab with live edges that we’ll use as an outdoor table on a southwest-facing patio. You can read more about it here: ?” sanded to 180, what does this mean. "facetable": true, I got the good ideas and details from your website, will try to check your DVD also. If you decide to sand, I would use 180 to get the ridges down, then work my way up to 320 for a nice smooth starting point. { Would this work? A standard interior varnish will probably be just fine. "unitOfMeasure": "", So I don’t really know if there is an inexpensive solution that will do exactly what you want to do. So I would say stick with a sanding block. VINYL IN CEILING IN CARPORT NEEDS REPLACED WHAT ELSE IS THERE. In the end, I wanted to have a thick satin finish. I have never actually used their Rapid Clear product. "unitOfMeasure": "", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" We have a wood garage door that was painted and sealed with varnish. I am not sure if that is asking too much though. I would just hit it with your exterior stain and then topcoat with a high quality marine varnish. So it depends on your particular situation. Now for the ice cream maker, I need to give the disclaimer that I have absolutely NO experience in this are. "partNumber": "650102809", "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", And the bar stools were so easy. }, Unfortunately, I don’t really feel quality to answer this question intelligently. We waited a week to start the spar urethane. Hey Phil. One is that simply coating a failing finish could mean bad things down the line. I contacted Epifanes and had a very good 30 minute discussion about the project with them. I would at least start by thinning 50% with naptha and see how it goes. Strangely its not sticky its just slightly oily to the touch. "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Quart", When the sun hits the door, the curing process is accelerated, but the finish is already applied. If i do this will it affect my stain that has some poly urethane in it?? But my instinct tells me that a light sanding and a cleaning followed by a fresh coat will give you passable results. I have decided to plane off 1/32″ from each plank and start over using Thompson’s Waterseal. Thanks! I would like to change some golden oak cabinets to have a dark cherry finish, but do not like the polyshades. Pam. So that little patch could very well create even bigger problems in the future. Have the temp and humidity just right and still brush trokes. Let’s assume it isn’t. Many times the streaks come from the finish being applied too thin. See those raised blotches in the horizontal part between the indented squares? I was considering to do an epoxy/varnish finish, but think it might be unnecessary. "usage": "Defining", In my opinion you can. "Container Size_1 Quart": 74, Well any time you apply oil-based varnish under 60F, you are going to have much slower dry times and increased chance of crap settling in the finish. 60’s -low 70’s is definitely below the optimal curing temperature for that stain. Or does urethane not play well with “varnish”? "Attributes": { Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any feedback. Very helpful. If you let it cure for three to four days, I would definitely give the surface a little sanding to give the urethane a mechanical tooth. "usage": "Defining", Hey Dylon. A table with spar urethane and I applied two coats. I am presently in the process of refinishing my kitchen cubards and they have very old varnish finish on them. My question: is it likely that the stain will take in all the sanded areas to match (at least roughly) the stain already there? My question has two parts: First, is spar urethane the best sealer to use on outdoor painted canvas? My issue: I teach middle school Wood Working and have found wipe on poly (Minwax)as the nicest easy finish. "ItemImage467": "//", Frankly, I think its way too cold to apply any finish. "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", :). Wanting a smooth high(er) gloss finish. You’ll need to do this periodically to keep it looking fresh. Thank you for all the great information on your site! Keep in mind that this mix has no raw oil in it, so it will tack up faster than something like Danish oil. I can’t get the spray can version up here in Canada, but I was wondering, can I use an another brand spray acrylic sealer as an alternative, and then use brush on Helmsman Spar over top? I have carved a white oak front door with a somewhat detailed scene. I love what I have “seen” of the Epifanes products and will be using their products to protect my investment in doors. The slab is bare at the moment, sanded to 220 …, We’re looking for a natural finish (no paint! The result being a permanent white stain of sorts. However, I used the Rapid Clear version which does not require sanding in between coats and can be re-coated in 4-6 hours (if I remember correctly). "AttributeValues": { My question is can I apply spar urethane over top of the water seal? Pros like laquer stains because of the fast drying time. Here’s what you do. John. I don’t think this would have necessarily been prevented regardless of which finish I chose. Since you don’t have much film thickness at this point, you are probably going to get pretty close to your stain layer so be careful. Thanks in advance for any help you might offer. I know there was no water trapped cause it had been sitting in my house for over a week. SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Penetrating Wood Sealer with Polyurethane - 1 Gallon. Thanks. "facetable": true, You are just coating the surface evenly with a thin wet film. Hi Ellen. If its clammy or even a little sticky, its not ready. I was thinking about oil based primer, oil based paint and final coat of Spar Urethane. Thanks for the advice. And you may want to jump up to a high quality marine varnish. Minwax® Water Based Helmsman® Spar Urethane is a crystal clear, water-based finish that is specially formulated to protect wood against nature's toughest conditions. However, they sprayed the exterior of our mahogany front door with Helmsman Spar Urethane (gulp!) { That should get you a decent quality color fast stain that will be good under your oil based varnish finish. "catentry_id": "15780", But will I be sorry down the line – will it peel or discolor or dull out and then be just as obvious? "languageCode": "es_MX" They dry so quickly. My husband put a coat of clear Varathane Oil Based Spar Urethane on our new deck railings. on Jun 6, 2020. Although Epifanes is a better overall product, it won’t really solve your problem. Its called Exterior 450:;sid=AFN86 "storeDisplay": false, As far as colors go, they will all bring the same level of “amber” and warmth to the finish. "facetable": true, My husband and I are finishing off a personalized wood project gift for a friend. Thank you Woodwhisperer and Johnny Mack for your comments. Now you may very well want to go with more than that for even more protection, but in my opinion, too much varnish just looks like crap.

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