sound waves lab answer key


They are most commonly sound waves characterized by a high amplitude of movement. <> © 1996-2020 The Physics Classroom, All rights reserved. Included in this product are: �[O�*R���؛m13�Yp�'�w�l¹��2@a��B/ ��A���7� �G ��˝ �h靓B�ĥ\�Ì����,0�6�%eC��y=ʵ����F�y^��5�V)X��۶��z��e�o�̻UNR�egm���P�`g�_G�]]a���bZ'N�9����j?��ѫFSX��"v���z ��_(.�k�î?T�W�� ��C�֗2TU'�J�a3�Z�X Answers to Questions:  All || #1-#9 || #10-#52 || #53-#64 || #65-#75, [ #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 | #8 | #9 ]. g. FALSE - Open-end air columns can produce all harmonics - first, second, third, fourth, etc. FALSE - The speed of a wave in a guitar string varies directly with the square root of the tension. FALSE - The response of the ear to sound is dependent in part on the frequency of the sound. The speed of a wave within a guitar string will be doubled if the tension of the string is doubled. Which of the following statements are TRUE of the concept of resonance? GREAT to leave for a substitute!!! ����Ą�^p��E����[��9mX��n+�h�Jp c%�8J��Ug�!fS�' h���.�X���s�yɐ`��7zw �\��{_ސ? Scroll down to section 4, “Collision of Waves”: When two waves traveling in opposite directions through the same medium collide, the amplitude of the resulting wave will be the sum of the two initial waves, this is called _____. And that is exactly how particles of the medium move as sound passes through it. Each video has it's own set of questions.This WATCH station is also available in a larger, In this READ science station, students read a passage about ocean waves. An increase in the linear mass density of a guitar string by a factor of four will increase the speed of a wave in the string by a factor of two. It is the closed end which is characterized by a nodal position but the open end is characterized by an antinode. d. TRUE - This is a good definition of resonance vibrations. However, intense sounds will always be observed to be louder by an observer than less intense sounds. FALSE - The fundamental frequency would be 250 Hz. Review Session Home - Topic Listing The waves have different characteristics such as frequency and amplitude, which will determine the properties os sound such as pitch and loudness. The passages would be a great supplement for teaching about the sound waves and light waves. b. It would be a great resource to use with close reading or active reading strategies. g. TRUE - The threshold of pain has an intensity of 1 W/m2 and the threshold of hearing has an intensity of 1.0 x 10-12 W/m2. The focus is on 4-PS4-A and includes concepts such as sound waves, phones, different types of waves, ocean waves, This easy to read, one page passage all about sound energy is perfect for science. TRUE - High pitch corresponds to a sound with high frequency and therefore low wavelength. k. TRUE - This is a big principle. The speed of a wave within a guitar string varies inversely with the mass per unit length of the string. Students answer questions about the video games within their science journal or on the provided worksheets. 3. Which of the following statements are TRUE of the harmonics and standing wave patterns in air columns? This is a very straight-forward reading passage about waves, and specifically sound waves. i. Thus, the frequency of the source is the frequency of the sound waves which impinge upon the ear. • Reading passages align with my interactive notebook chapters.• Reading passages can be used for close reading, one-on-o, About this Product• This is a SINGLE, nonfiction reading passage with text-based evidence comprehension questions. FALSE - It is the frequency (not the speed) of the various harmonics which are whole number multiples of the fundamental frequency. A sound wave is a means of transporting energy without transporting matter. b. f. FALSE - It is the disturbance that moves from the tuning fork to one's ear. b. The intensity of the sound at the threshold of pain is one-trillion times more intense than the sound at the threshold of hearing. m. FALSE - If the distance from the source is doubled, then the intensity is decreased by a factor of four. d. TRUE - This is exactly the case and is clearly portrayed in the standing wave patterns which are constructed for air columns. FALSE - The speed of a wave is calculated by the product of the frequency and wavelength. If one sound is 20 times more intense than another sound, then it is 13 dB higher on the decibel scale [ that comes from 10*log(20) ]. From the equation, it is evident that an increase in tension will result in an increase in the speed; they are directly related. @�� ��z��%�mR�)ү��ٚ���}V"� JB�|�?�����Z��������K���j�����j$C��1 cȌj�����:�)(� 0�_ѻZh�V)�}��e�_|�)@̴�������Ӑ���"�?D��,�������^�X�H�0�I�G+�6�� ��̿��2�E��E��^dE� c. FALSE - Sound waves travel faster in solids because the particles of a solid have a greater elastic modulus. A shout in a canyon produces an echo off a cliff located 127 m away. Which of the following statements are TRUE of the harmonics and standing wave patterns in guitar strings? Identify all that apply. TRUE - Standing wave patterns are characterized by the presence of nodes - points of no disturbance. • Comprehension questions probe lower, mid and higher order thinking. f. FALSE - Humans actually have a phenomenal range of intensities to which they are sensitive to. That computes to 353 m/s. An open-end air column can produce all the harmonics. An alteration in the frequency or the wavelength will not alter the speed. f. TRUE - The frequencies at which an instrument would naturally vibrate are known as its harmonics. The sound waves travel at different frequencies and m e. FALSE - Never! c. FALSE - Two sounds with a frequency difference (not ratio) of 2 Hz will produce a bear frequency of 2 Hz. j. Yet string A is shorter than string B, so the wavelengths of waves are shortest in string A. _____ is when the amplitudes of the initial waves are in the same direction. As such, every frequency in the set of natural frequency is related by whole number rations. FALSE - Low pitched sound have a low frequency. FALSE - Intense sounds are simply sounds which carry energy outward from the source at a high rate. j. f. TRUE - The speed at which waves travel through air is dependent upon the properties of the air and not the properties of the wave. The passage explains that sound is created when a force causes matter to vibrate. c. TRUE - As the length of an air column is shortened, the wavelengths are decreased and the frequencies are increased. harmonic - all odd numbers. Which of the following statements are TRUE of sound intensity and decibel levels? TRUE - Always remember that a decibel rating is based on the logarithmic function. I created this resource for an extra, About this Product• This product includes reading passages with text-based evidence comprehension questions. Intensity of a sound at a given location varies directly with the distance from that location to the source of the sound. TRUE - Absolutely! c. FALSE - The wavelength for the fundamental frequency is two times the length of the string (not 2.0 m). Record your prediction (hypothesis) as an “if then” statement. c. TRUE - Resonance results in a big vibration because two waves are now interfering in a regular manner to produce a resultant wave with a large amplitude of vibration. e. FALSE - A closed-end air column is an air column with one end open and one end closed. Students then answer questions about the sort within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This SORT station is also available in a larg, In this INVESTIGATE science station, students investigate sound waves and build a telephone to test which resources make the best phone. These reading passages will not only help your young scientist learn about sound waves and vibrations, but they will also master Common Core Reading Informational Standards! This makes sound a mechanical wave. h. FALSE - The speed of sound through a material is dependent upon the properties of the material, not the characteristics of the wave. In the lab activity, you will examine sound waves as they are emitted from a moving source. Students then answer questions about the videos within their science journal or on the provided worksheets. c. FALSE - Pitch is a subjective response of the ear to sound. Draw and label the wave on data table 1. The two are related in the sense that a sound with a high frequency will be perceived as a sound with a high pitch. g. TRUE - This is a good way to describe what is seen in the pattern. When a standing wave pattern is being observed, it is an interference pattern - a pattern of the medium resulting from two or more waves interfering to produce the very visible pattern. FALSE - Intensity is a power/area relationship and as such the units are typically Watts/meter 2.The Watt is a unit of power and the meter 2 is a unit of area.. b. Examples: Sound waves, ocean waves, ripples in water, earthquakes, wave of people at a sporting event. Standing Wave Patterns #1. Despite the greater density of solids, the speed is greatest in solids, followed by liquids, followed by gases. The presence of the nodes standing still along the medium at the same position is what gives it its name of "standing" wave. Each video game has its ow, No textbook to teach light and sound waves? d. FALSE - The wavelength of the second harmonic is one-half the length of the wavelength of the fundamental (the frequency of the second harmonic is twice the frequency of the fundamental).

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