sonic 3 hyper sonic cheat


Jump to: Codes Codes for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 All 7 Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic. Start a 1-player game with Sonic and Tails as the characters. Note: This works with any other Sonic game that has debug mode. See notes.

Press Down + Jump (Spin Dash) then press B to turn into an object. Can Become Super Tails At Any Time By Doing a Double Jump. Go to one of the swings that you hang from and grab on. ", Get to the end of Act 1 of Hydrocity Zone (Zone 2). Why not submit one? Can do flash attack and fire attack multiple times, Can do flash attack multiple times in hyper form, Don't Use Up Rings to Maintain Transformation Of Any Super/Hyper Character.

Then Press up and jump at the same time. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Sonic The Hedgehog 3. If you look carefully, you will see the Icon for Hidden Palace Zone, a level that was "removed" from Sonic 2! I have never had any game be damaged by this trick.

Sonic Can Glide A Longer Distance (Press jump button twice). Go to the first level in the stage selection screen and keep playing until you get enough points to go to the gumball machine bonus level.

Alternately, enable the "Level Select" code and go to "Sound Test". Your character shows all of his sprite animations, Your character stops the sprite show if it is activated.

If you have done this right, you should be able to scroll down to "Sound Test" below "Competition. These codes also work on emulators with a cheat code/Game Genie functionality built in. If you are afrade of this damaging your games, please, don't try it.

1 0. These codes also work on emulators with a cheat code/Game Genie functionality built in.
Can become Hyper Knuckles at any time by doing a double jump. Press C to make springs all along the gap in the center.

Pause the ga, After entering the Level Select and Debug code, you can use the debug to turn yourself into Super Sonic without getting all of the Chaos Emeralds. See notes.

Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. See notes. Hang on to your carpet for ACTION and FUN! Please log in or register to continue. Enter the following code in any stage while Debug Mode is entered. Level Select (When Locked-On to Sonic and Knuckles). Jump on it to get 50 rings and become Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, or Super Tails! Press B to change into an object in the level, C to copy that object, and A to change the object.

Level Select, Debug Mode AND Hyper Sonic unlocked all in three minutes.#Sonic3LevelSelect #Sonic3DebugMode #Sonic3Cheats #SonicandKnuckles #SonicandKnucklesIntro #Sonic3K #Sonic3KCheats

Pause The Game And Press B Or C to Give Sonic Or Knuckles Much Faster Acceleration. Input the following cheat codes into your Game Genie cartridge to initiate the corresponding effect. Level select: Quickly press Up(2), Down(2), Up(4), after the Sega logo fades and Sonic starts to appear, and before the screen flashes white.A chime will confirm correct code entry. Pause the Game And Press A For Level Select Menu.

Input the following cheat codes into your Game Genie cartridge to initiate the corresponding effect. It will have an "S" on it. Charge up a Super Sonic Dash in between the alarm, but do not let go of the button. Your points will soon double and you will get lives every second, or depending how fast, you place the enemy by pressing C. Once you have enough lives, turn back into Sonic by pressing B again.

Super Sonic Flight in Normal Levels. Obtain 50 rings, jump, and press Jump again while in the air to become Super Sonic. Hidden Palace cutscene Knuckles action modifier, Hyper sonic is super sonic with flashy stars like hyper, In the special stage Blue Spheres looks like white bumpers, In the special stage get 1 Blue Sphere to get a Chao emerald, In the special stage when the blue Sphere turn in to rings all the red Spheres turn in to rings, In the special stage you can always collect rings, In the special stage you can't exit from red Spheres.

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