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As a travel blogger geared towards mid 20 travelers, I would probably turn down a sponsor for a product that is geared towards the 40 plus crowd. You can get there over time. [Logan]: Please. Sharing it on wherever is most important to you. I do hold that as a priority. -clears throat- You once knew me as real gloomy. This one was for March 2015. The second is a mid-roll at minute 2:42 we did for XERO on our second podcast, Webinar Ninja. Remember that your media kit is on your side. [Patton]: Only the bestest, mostest, dynamicist, duoist... duo... in the entire Thomasphere! [Patton]: Because of our unfettered silliness? Why so much time? People have limits. Just remember, your time commitment is important and you should be earning a fair hourly rate from what you charge. You make an "as" out of "su" and "me". Not that I know of. Therefore, let’s say I have a thousand dollar ad budget, I pay that to, they take 300 of it, they give the podcaster 700 of it. Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something out of the ordinary or interesting? Need an example? They work with and are trusted by great podcasts like StarTalk Radio, WTF, Startup, Comedy Bang Bang, Entrepreneur on Fire and Smart Passive Income. It has become quite clear that me co-signing all of your ridiculous antics is just a formality. [Patton]: Thomas, that's ridiculous. [Thomas]: Wh- I thought we were talking about a loop! I could... be less judgmental... with each idea... you... create. [Roman]: I-I will roll with your fire idiom, alright? Never forget that your show only really maters if they listen. But before I get into it, a quick disclaimer: Not all podcasts are meant to have sponsors. Skillshare Bin 6 silly lifecycle [email protected] Check in often for updates as I plan to upload new videos on quite a regular basis, uh, classes that will appear here most often or subject that comes to mind that I should teach , especially for new Lenox user as I go through my day and help other people eso Right now. Not only that, but I actually checked my newsfeed on Twitter. So you need to make sure that their values and interests align with yours and with your readers. The first way that you can ensure this is by having a very clear sponsorship agreement. [Virgil]: -a la Count Von Count- One. You're right, this is actually quite... uh, invigorating.
But you don't have to take my word for it, as there are currently 15 million other people who have downloaded the game, and it is currently one of the top 3 ranked RPG'S on the google play store. -shows drawing from coloring book, which is the Mona Lisa- I drew a little outside the lines, but I kind of like it. -ducks out-. Maybe it's because this problem is the opposite of cut-and-dry! Wocka Wocka! I also know many people don’t want to listen or watch, but might be willing to read or might google and find the blog post. Sponsors help support your show, so help support them. Sometimes, we don't seek the answer to a question because we don't know... that there's a question that we should be asking in the first place! With that said, podcast sponsorships are often calculated by CPM or Cost per Mile (1,0000 downloads). I'm starting a second channel! Here are some examples of some of our awesome listeners showing both our sponsors and us some love: Cat shows how The $100 MBA Show and Squarespace helped her start her website. [Roman]: Okay, well, I gave that a shot. I share this process today because if you are doing a podcast, there are so many other podcasts out there already. Thanks to @BizRepublic for recommending it on the $100 MBA Show Podcast! Sponsorships have become an attractive revenue stream for podcasters. But I mean... like, what do I have to feel bad about? I don’t say this to discourage you, rather to illustrate two important points. [Thomas]: How does all that relate to rain? First, you should go ahead and gather your numbers. I’m a big fan of Marc Maron’s podcast WTF. [Virgil]: Look dude, doesn't it make sense to think you have something to do with this? This lesson is dedicated to the media kit. [Logan]: Perhaps it's time to put on our cogitating caps. I asked for this. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, technology, and even lessons in learning, which I think is appropriate for this video. They want a show that is going to convert for them and get them an ROI on their advertising investment. Your audience is your biggest asset with any podcast, YouTube channel, blog or business for that matter. [Patton]: Hey, some loops are fun! I listen because, he is great at delivering his sponsorship reads. [Virgil]: Look, it's no offense, it's just how I see it. ACCEPTING ANXIETY, Part 2/2: Can Anxiety Be Good? In some cases, you might have a company reach out to you and this is awesome. I did my own study on how many podcasts on iTunes have sponsors. I haven’t even followed most of my partners yet on Twitter. This is like... fundamental learning! You definitely didn't actually scare me. Obviously, if you don't have the funds right now to purchase anything, don't worry about it, because we appreciate any and all support you guys do provide through your kind messages, your fan art, your cosplay. Hello. I-I don't know what that was. Definitely worth it to try it. Did I overdo the chin? [Thomas]: But what even are my feelings right now? So if you say that you're offering social media coverage, that is incredibly vague. I don't have to act all tough. [Virgil]: I mean, I don't know. Look, Logan... You can be like one of those Sesame Street human friends! Introduction to Class: Hi. I was getting frustrated that instead of carrying on with the conversation, we were stopping to sing that random song, but... the song was PART of the conversation! Ha-ha... [Roman]: Ah! -to viewers- Are you feeling belittled? I talk about writing and blogging here in Skillshare. [Patton]: Yeah, with your friend about the awful dia-. takes 30% off sponsors. Well you can, by taking classes online at, which are taught by instructors and have their own class rosters. It looks like a gold rush for us podcasters, right? [Logan]: -whips out flashcard that says "Samesies"- Same-size. It's called "Thomas Sanders...", [Thomas]: No, more than just you. Nope... -puts wine glass down- Hoo! Then additional sponsors can come in and pay more and that’s where makes their money. I do a pre-roll at minute 1:00 and a mid-roll at minute 6:05. [Patton]: Well, yeah! [Patton]: NO! [Logan]: Do you have even the faintest idea how dangerous that is? [Thomas]: Before we head to the end card, I have to thank today's sponsor, Skillshare, for making this video possible! Give examples of how or why your listeners should check out your sponsors’ product or service.

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