silver sugar tongs hallmarks


, a crowned lion (saw a picture of one from 1545 and it looked like that one), the sterling lion looking at you (passant means looking straight ahead I think), and the London crowned leopard. Question: I have a spoon that is marked Sterling with an image of a walking lion and an R 925 engraving. Reference: Museum of Applied Art and Sciences, Sugar tongs made sugar tongs. I tried to find the maker on the silver marks website, but I didn't see it there. Answer: Yes, that is sterling silver. It will be really hard to identify the piece or even date it without them. Click on "Fan Mail" on the right side of the page. Gorham Silvermisths use a symbol set that is similar to the British. 651 results for antique silver sugar tongs. Is it a hot, fashionable design (Art Deco has been the rage for a number of years). The letters and cartouche shapes help to date the piece. Once cleaned and brushed, the earring acquire grey, ‘gun metal’ look. These are lovely. This would designate sterling made in London in 1889, but I've been unable to identify the maker (HT). Since I can't see the mark, and there are some possibilities, you will have to look it up. I have been trying to find this info online to ID some silver inherited from British godparents. If the piece doesn't say "sterling" on isn't sterling. something you would like to see? Oh and all other marks have crown over them too. Question: I have a tea and coffee service with a lovely pumpkin pattern.  Collectors The bottom markings are a lion, an M, a Leopard no crown and a number marking of A 9681. Things that are sterling are usually marked as such, and that mark doesn't match any known sterling codes. I've never done anything like this ...are you. These are amazing. Many American makers adopted markings that simulated the English silver marks. You would have to look it up on a Birmingham date chart. mainly covering the approximate period from 1760 to 1820 but also beyond To identify the date, go to the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks website and look up the date code charts for those two cities. From United Kingdom. thanks for the chance, great to see the whole process of making these. Answer: It sounds like they are gold (18 ct), although the usual marking is 18k. xx, What a gorgeous transformation! EP usually stands for "Electroplate". Pattern, mark of john James. Sorry I couldn't tell you more. It is marked "39," then 5 symbols of which the center one is a crown. I didn't know what the marks meant, but I was determined to find out. See if it matches yours. Coin silver is still considered "solid" silver, but the actual silver content is lower, anywhere from 800 - 900 parts per 1000, instead of sterling's 925. They are gorgeous and it’s great that something no longer required has been repurposed into something so beautiful. Vickery / 179 / 181 & 183 / Regent St. W.’ They also have the T & S marking, plus an anchor, a passant lion and what looks like a backwards number 3. A last polishing leaves the front surface of the earrings glossy and unmarred. HI, I have a 4 slice toaster rack from Walker & Hall. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Diane Cass (author) from New York on September 30, 2014: Ha! They have hallmarks from every major silver producing country in the world. The business was continued by her son William Barker in partnership with Creed under the style Barker & Creed. Very little remains to the present. To see antique Georgian silver sugar tongs made by particular makers, click on the appropriate letter for the first part of the maker's mark.

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