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The Shark tooth design made its first appearance in this conflict on the nose of Luftwaffe Bf 110s. They have violently wrenched from the Jap Air Force control of the skies over Burma and southeast China.” It’s reports like these that first injected the heroic actions of the young pilots with their fearsome shark painted aircraft into popular culture. Generally considered as the golden age of nose art, WWII gave rise to the most popular and well known images of nose art. In a strange piece of trivia, it was only in 2007 the Ministry of Defence ordered the ban of pin-up nose art sighting that it may upset female personnel, however there are no recorded complaints and many crews considered them to be essential morale boosters. Let us know in the comments below. The USAF has allowed the painting several patriotic and reflective pieces for some of its aircraft. Some were named after events in the aircraft’s service like the Ruptured Duck from the Doolittle raids on Tokyo. The unit took the emblem to Sicily and Iraq.” (Revell). See more ideas about Shark teeth, Shark, Nose art. Do you have a favourite piece of nose art or story about a particular piece’s origins? (Above) A color photo of a Messerschmitt Bf 110 warming up for takeoff showing of its shark mouth nose art and colorful camouflage pattern. The Unit Took the emblem to Sicily and Iraq. This was copied again by the First American Volunteer group, the Flying Tigers, in China. (Above) A color photo of a Messerschmitt Bf 110 warming up for takeoff showing of its shark mouth nose art and colorful camouflage pattern. Part psychological warfare, part self-expression of empowerment, and a display of aggression, the iconic “Shark Mouth” nose art undoubtedly deeply ingrained in today’s popular culture. For the same reasons as the air and ground crews of WWII, these individual markings created unity between the crews who were operating far from home and relative safety. Great for modelers, trailers, toolboxes, vehicles, boats, or wall decor! Some artists were paid upward of $15 for a painting with some coming from backgrounds including Disney and Esquire, a contemporary of Playboy. 1st American Volunteer Group, also known as the Flying Tigers, painted the now iconic shark mouth on the noses of their Curtiss P-40 Warhawks. This particular design has proved to be a popular decoration with fighter aircraft. (Above) ZG 76 ME 110 with Shark Mouth nose art in full display. The design fell in disuse in the interwar period but reappeared on ZG 76s and ME 110 operating from Norway during the Battle of Brittain. Interestingly enough the aircraft was commonly referred to as the Walfisch (or Whale). Art print. He began by writing, “The first noted mouth was on a World War I German Roland C.II.” (Revell) With a little research, we were able to find a number of photographs with the reconnaissance aircraft commonly referred to as the Walfisch (or Whale). The B-29 Bockscar, Fat Man bomb markers were later added under the canopy ( July 1941, RAF No. In the civilian world, many airliners have official names but the most widely recognised pieces of nose art are found in the form of the Virgin Airways girls on the forward section of the aircraft's body. (Below) Front view of Shark nose art of the ME 110. (Above) Other shark nose art variants included Focke Wulf Fw 190 with large round eyes and a mouth painted on the lower engine cowling. Both were slow flying “pusher” type aircraft used for spotting enemy ground positions, later equipped with weaponry. I have also seen a mouth, teeth, and eyes on a British Gunbus (Vickers F.B.5) and various ‘faces” on Fokker DR.I and D.VIII engine cowlings. (Below) Front view of Shark nose art of the ME 110. (Below)  Swiss Air Force Messerschmitt Bf 109E Shark Mouth. The famous ‘shark mouth’ insignia goes back to the 1940s during World War 2. Nose art has its origins during WWI when German Pilots began to paint mouths under their planes used to identify friendly planes during combat, but it soon took on a life of its own. In the Sept. 2019 issue of WARBIRDS (Vol 42/No.6), Doug Revell gave a very concise and thorough answer to the trivia question: “Identify the Origin of the famous Shark mouth nose art used by the American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941-42”. What is perhaps the most famous of all nose art, the shark-face insignia later made famous by the First American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers, first appeared in World War I on a British Sopwith Dolphin “The Flying Tigers saw a photo of the 112 Squadron Tomahawk and adapted it for their Curtiss Hawks.” The rest is history and is forever ingrained into our aviation culture. The Pacific Air Forces playing to the advantage of being, for the most part, out of the public eye, took a racier approach to their pin-ups. ©2015 Greg Reinel #reinel #art #pinupart #pinup #wwii #1940s, ​The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Aircraft Mouth Nose Art - AirCorps Art. (Above) Another Shark Mouth Nose art variation from the 112 Squadron. Nose art still exists today in many forms. Many aircraft took on the nickname of their pilots such as the B-29 Bockscar, of Nagasaki fame, named after its pilot Captain Frederick C. Bock. Outnumbered often ten to one, they have so far shot down about 300 Jap planes, killed perhaps 800 Jap airmen. The USAAF tolerated the commissioning of nose art as its commanders felt it unified the crews and acted as a much needed morale booster, especially during the height of the conflict when aircraft and personal losses were at their peak. This was followed by the popular practice of painting a mouth beneath the propeller's spinner begun by German pilots in World War I. (Above) A Tomahawk from the RAF 112 Squadron with Shark Mouth Nose art. There is a smooth outer layer for the artwork and a mock mesh inner layer that helps wick moisture away from your skin. The first true piece of nose art, rather than body, tail or paint schemes, was the iconic shark teeth design first seen on a Sopwith Dolphin and German Roland CIIs. Scud Hunter, both a nickname and a mission statement ( More than that, each piece of art, much like a painting hung in a gallery, tells a unique story for each individual aircraft. Shark Mouth Nose Art From WWII to present-day military aircraft. Placing personalized decorations on fighting aircraft began with Italian and German pilots. Many are aware of the First American Volunteer Group (AVG Flying Tigers) who fought in the China Burma India Theater in P-40 Warhawks adorned with sharp-toothed shark face markings on the front cowlings of their aircraft. Nose art reappeared in the theatre of operations in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Arguably the most iconic nose art belongs to the Flying Tigers with the shark teeth painted on their P-40 Warhawks. (Above) A lineup of German Roland C.IIs, front featuring “Shark-Mouth” like nose art. Shark Mouth nose art design ( Made famous by the American Volunteer Group (AVG) pilots who flew the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk from 1941-1942, this "Flying Tiger" art was designed to strike fear in the enemy and empower the pilot who flew his aircraft into battle. Risky or just a bit cheeky, the pin-up became a go-to design for nose art ideas. Nose art has gained a following of enthusiasts, fans and artists and remains a popular subject in military and folk art circles. This particular design has proved to be a popular decoration with fighter aircraft. The Flying Circus, officially Jagdgeschwader 1(Fighter Wing), was so called as its relative mobility was like that of a travelling circus and many of its aircraft were brightly coloured, including Von Richthofen’s iconic bright red fighter. The popularity of pin-ups grew as the air and ground crew associated with the individual aircraft were inevitably made up of young men often far from the pleasures of home. The Flying Tigers use of shark teeth is perhaps the most recognisable piece of nose art to be displayed on fighter aircraft during this conflict. The bomber fleets of the United States Army Air Force were representative of flying art galleries, presenting a plethora of different nose art styles and themes. RAF Tornados and Jaguars were seen with the famous shark teeth design as well as several pin-up style designs. An artist paints on a pin-up (pineduphair.blogspot). "It was these ME (BF) 110s that indirectly brought the “Shark Mouth” design to the AVG “They (German ME BF 110s) Encountered the RAF 112 Squadron which was reequipping with the Curtiss P-40 Tomahawks (RAF) in the North African Desert.” Continues Revell. A P-40, from No.112 Squadron RAF, in the North African Desert (IWM). (Above) Farman MF.11 with a “Face”, with two peering eyes and blunt teeth wrapped with lips. The United States Air Force tightened up its regulations on what could and could not be painted on an aircraft following the Korean war. The shark tooth design was also utilized by the Fighting Tigers. But they weren’t this first to paint such artwork on their planes, in fact, the sharp toothed shark had graced the skies on other aircraft decades before the Americans had taken flight over China. Our decals are available in various sizes and materials for both permanent and temporary application. The P-40 Nose air intake was particularly suited to the adoption of the emblem. Changing attitudes towards women saw the decline in the pin-up design and eventually in 1993 it mandated that all nose art must be gender neutral. (Above) ME 110 with a sharp-toothed “Shark Mouth” in color, showing the white teeth, red mouth and black outline. The first recorded example was a sea monster painted on an Italian flying boat in 1913. The first true piece of nose art, rather than body, tail or paint schemes, was the iconic shark teeth design first seen on a Sopwith Dolphin and German Roland CIIs.

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