shadowrun 5e best spells


Decreases the target's to hit chance by 12%. And these 4 spells keep you alive better than almost anything else.

Lasts 4 rounds. Stunball is an area spell. Stun spells channel magical energy directly into the target, causing stun damage. All combat spells work by damaging the target directly, bypassing physical armor and other non-magical forms of protection. Welcome to /r/Shadowrun, chummer. This means the security guard sitting at his desk playing ar games won't show up.

Click on the Name column heading to sort by spell name. Lightning explosion that also does -1 AP. Powerball functoins like Powerbolt, except it is an area spell. Target loses all AP for 2 rounds and cannot attack or move. Here is the real deal, slimmed down list of absolutely essential spells any mage build worth their salt will have: Heal, increase reflexes, a combat spell capable of instantly incapacitating a target when overcast.

Decreases the target's to hit chance by 15%.

Active: The adepts gains a further +2 Armor for 3 rounds. Set 5 Heavy Cover barriers that last 3 rounds. A fiery explosion that also does ongoing -10 HP for 1 round.

In most combats you throwing a stun won't actually decrease the amount of time it takes for your spirits to knock something out.

Manabolt affects a single target.

Powerbolt affects a single target. That wording is deliberate, you aren't just making a light show that fools them, you can do very nuanced things to the person who fails the spell.

Not having that extra turn makes the fight more even for corpsec, and even fights are stupid fights. Casting that spell in a live firefight because you were told killing corpsec may be bad for this run is even worse, you are going to get singled out as the mage and filled with lead, the perception roll to see you cast that spell is not really hard to make.

First aid, even used by a decent logic character, will have a good chance of healing no HP due to field conditions unless your party has a team member with a medical shop in the back of a stepvan.

There are a few you'll probably get more use out of though. Ignores armor, targets Willpower, and does ongoing -10 HP for 2 rounds.

Decreases the targets Movement by 4 for 3 rounds.

Target is blinded and cannot see or attack targets. Increases the targets AP cost for all actions by 2. Increases the targets to hit chance by 18%.

While Chaos/Chaotic World are definitely the most widely applicable debuffs because they affect tech, Euphoria/Opium Den seem especially well suited to meat opponents given the chance to incapacitate. Type: Mana • Target: Willpower • Duration: Instant • Drain: (Force/2) -1 Generally your hacker is better equipped to keep you guys talking than you are. Ignores armor, targets Willpower, and does ongoing -10 HP for 1 round.

Remember that the person who doesn't know your there cannot have hostile thoughts about you.

Physical mask is an acceptable replacement for the disguise and impersonate skills, even if not as strong.

If you are willing to carry a rifle it becomes a complete blowout.

Worst comes to worst you can just use a micro transceiver. Decreases the target's Armor by 2. A TMP loaded with stick and shock fired to suppressis going to deal about as much as that stunball and will as a bonus reduce your target's ability to return fire much more significantly than a stunbolt. A stream of acid that also does ongoing - 6 HP for 2 rounds. This page lists all spells in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Mindnet isn't very good as it is basically commlink+trodes. An area of effect spell that reduces the chance to target someone by 15%. Remove mindnet from your spell list.

Lasts 2 rounds.

Fry his brain and worry about the body later, or turn their blood to ichor. Foundations and Metaplanes. With a mage's soak and poor initiative your SMG is not going to save you from an angry troll bearing down on you. Approach Aljernon to purchase them.

Lasts 4 rounds. Firing off stick and shock ammo has a better damage profile, even accounting for armor, and has the bonus of not getting someone to try to geek the mage first.

A Conjurer's basic acid bolt. It is a mana spell, so it only affects living and magical targets and is resisted by Willpower. Look at what type of play your mage has and pick spells appropriate: There are a lot of spells that are really good to take, but essential varies from build to build. A stream of acid that also does ongoing -6 HP for 1 round. Then you can get away with it.

Bear in mind that Control Thoughts is a powerful spell, in many ways. Manaball functions like Manabolt, except it is an area spell. A line of fire controlled by the caster and directed at one target. And the opposite!

Remember, guards that get stunned might not like mages, but guards whose mates have been killed by mages are really going to apply the "geek the mage first" logic. Detect enemies is dubious in its actual usefulness. Here at /r/Shadowrun we talk shop about all things in the shadows. Barrier has utility and defensive applications. Always assume that after you cast a spell in combat, unless everyone who has a firing line on you dies, you die.

The drekhead you just cut off to make a right turn? Anyone that enters takes -12 HP and -1 AP.

Heal is the most efficient way to recover lethal damage in the game.

There are a few other spells worth mentioning of course that I find particularly useful regardless of build, but unlike the previous "I don't want to die in a gutter" spells, I don't think you really need them.

Spells for this list were chosen based on "general usefulness".

That wageslave who thinks you smell?

Approach Aljernon to purchase them. Lightning explosion that also does -1 AP. I recommend Manabolt as … The value of getting an extra pass on your opponent can't be overstated, being able to act first and last consistently means you can spend the early turns playing it safe, then take the last action to gank a target in a risky maneuver before moving back to safety.

Maximum of 3 counter-attacks. Also Stunbolt/Stunball are a great non-lethal option. Depending on how strong your target is the spell may kill you faster than them.

Lasts 2 rounds. All combat spells work by damaging the target directly, bypassing physical armor and other non-magical forms of protection.

Type: Mana • Target: Willpower • Duration: Instant • Drain: (Force/2) -1. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Topic says all, I have 6 cha, 4int, 8 spellcasting and 2 in conjuring. It is generally better to summon a spirit to fight for you than to depend on manabolt, manabolt is frankly awful at what people want to use it for when you run the numbers.

A powerful magic punch that pierces up to 4 Armor. These are the spells that are going to keep you and your team alive under high stress situations where you can't persue other more specialized options. Worse Still is that if you use it too often then the GM can be put in a difficult position. Unless, of course, you are a witness my hate combat mage. It is completely situational and the required situation isn't exactly a common one: your communications need to be compromised but also you must be aware of it. A combat spell can affect any target in the caster’s line of sight.

Active: The adept gains a Light Cover bonus against incoming attacks for 4 rounds. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Depending on building layout this can very effectively totally shut down any security response. Mana spells are really not as useful as people think.

Increases the friendly target's IP by 2 for 3 rounds. I actually have a list for this. Keeping people as near to the top of their lethal track as possible helps keep you alive.

1 Spellcasting 2 Conjuring 3 Qi Casting This page lists all spells in Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Passive: Unarmed damage increased by 3.

Pierces up to 2 Armor. Lasts for 1 round.

Lasts for 3 rounds. Not to many spells in Shadowrun and vital, which is a nice thing about the game. Target switches to your team and attacks your enemies. DING DING DING. Decreases the targets Movement by 6 for 3 rounds. Each success reduces the toxin’s Power by 1, up to a maximum of the spell’s Force, making it easier for the target to make Resistance Tests against the toxin.

Combat magic is not there to replace your firearm.

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