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In January 1976 the 1st Battalion returned home from Germany while the 2nd Battalion journeyed in the opposite direction, being based in Munster. In March 1980 the 1st Battalion deployed to Northern Ireland where it was stationed at Aldergrove for a deployment that would last until late 1981. The Scots Guards uniform consists of tunic buttons in threes, the Order of the Thistle on the shoulder badge, the Thistle on the collar badge and no plume on the bearskin. The Scots Guards operated in Greater London during their firefighting duties. The Scots Guards are a regiment of the British Army. During their deployment five men were lost to shooting and bombing incidents. It uses light vehicles such as the Jackal 2 and the Coyote tactical support vehicle to operate in front of their comrades, monitoring enemy forces and sending information back to commanders. In late 1981 the 1st Battalion left Aldergrove and deployed to Hong Kong in the Far East on a two-year posting. Regimental ties, watches, clothing, accessories and much more for The Scots Guards.
RHQ Scots Guards were a powerful bunch: Murray de Klee, known as ‘Pop’ because he’d been wounded in Malaya, had white hair before his time, and had gone for SAS … On 25 April, the island of South Georgia, off Antarctica was recaptured and on 1 May the RN Carrier Battle Group had entered the 200-mile (370 km) Total Exclusion Zone (TEZ) which had been placed around the Falklands. The Winnipeg Grenadiers would disband the following year.

The band served in 33 Field Hospital in Kuwait as medics on various wards, as well as providing musical entertainment at the British ambassadors residence as well as playing for the coffins as they returned home. See more ideas about Sergeant, British army, British. In June the 1st Battalion took part once more in the Queen's Birthday Parade, a parade which was the last time Queen Elizabeth rode on horseback during the parade. On the night of the 13th the main force of the Scots Guards began its advance on the western side of Mount Tumbledown. During its time in Malaya, the 2nd Battalion performed a variety of duties, including, in their involvement in the Emergency, guarding duties due to the Malayan Police's manpower problems, but also performed more aggressive tasks, such as patrolling into the dense jungle, hunting for CT. The battalion's time in Borneo was quite similar to the 2nd Battalion's experiences in the Malaysian mainland during the Malayan Emergency, with patrols being undertaken against Indonesian incursions in the dense jungle that covered Borneo. Later that year the 2nd Battalion deployed to Northern Ireland for another tour-of-duty fulfilling the usual roles of troops in Ireland before returning to Munster in January 1977. [1] Frightened by the confrontation, McBride ran from the Guardsmen, who responded by shooting him in the back. That same year the recently reformed 2nd Battalion undertook a tour of Northern Ireland and during its tour the battalion lost three of its men by gunfire. The battle had been bloody, yet successful, and the battalion had proven the elite calibre and professionalism of the regiment in taking a well-defended mountain, defended by a top Argentinian unit, for it had been performing public duties back in London only a few months before. The regiment cherishes its traditions, especially on the parade ground where the scarlet uniform and bearskin have become synonymous with the regiment and the other Guards regiments. The following year the 1st Battalion returned home from the Far East. That year a member of the 2nd Battalion was killed while working undercover for the 14th Intelligence Company in Northern Ireland.

Just call us on 0845 459 1964 or write to us by clicking here. On the morning of 13 June the Scots Guards were moved from their positions at Bluff Cove by helicopter to an assembly area near Goat Ridge near to their objective, Mount Tumbledown, which was defended by a crack Argentinian unit, the 5th Marine Infantry Battalion. The battalion was awarded two battle honours for its part in the war, "Tumbledown Mountain" and "Falkland Islands 1982". Also that year the 2nd Battalion returned home from Germany and deployed on a short tour of Northern Ireland which would be one of many for the regiment, and especially so during the 1970s.

In 2011, the 1st Battalion undertook public duties for the first time in many years, in conjunction with it having its Queen's Colour trooped during the Queen's Birthday Parade. In 1975 the 1st Battalion deployed to Ireland yet again, though this time they did not suffer any fatalities during their four-month tour-of-duty and returned to Munster in August. Royal Scots Dragoons need to be smart, fit and motivated – and despite its name, the regiment recruits from across the UK.
Later that year, the battalion also deployed to Kenya for exercises that lasted 6 weeks. Unfortunately, only 200 survived. Off the battlefield, the regiment takes part in ceremonial duties, including a prominent role in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. On 2 June, Canberra anchored in San Carlos Water, and subsequently the Guards were landed at San Carlos by LCU, a day after the 1st/7th Gurkhas had been landed by LCU from the ferry Norland. The 2nd Battalion also deployed abroad, to Canada where they took part in 6-week exercises at the BATUS. While there the battalion operated in support of the civil power there, which included in 1964, assistance during the mutiny of the 1st Battalion, The Kenya Rifles and in Uganda, sent a company to help in quelling the mutiny of the 1st Battalion, The Uganda Rifles, and the battalion departed Kenya that same year for home. The following day, Juiliet Company (made up mostly of men of Naval Party 8901 who had defended the Falklands when it had been invaded) raised the Governor's flag above Government House, it had been down for seventy four days; the Falklands was finally liberated. On 5 June the Scots Guards were embarked aboard the assault ship HMS Intrepid before being transferred to the ship's four LCUs who transported them to Bluff Cove. Soldiers in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards also use a formidable arsenal of weapons, including machine guns, mortars, sniper rifles and anti-tank missiles, to immobilise and destroy enemy forces. During its time in Egypt, the battalion performed a number of tasks, including the usual patrolling and guarding, which at times, tended to be monotonous and uneventful, though at others, such duties sometimes involved incidents which included coming under attack from Egyptians, including by snipers as well as rioting taking place. [1] However, they were freed in 1998 according to the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement, which provides for the early release of prisoners (in both Britain and Ireland) serving sentences in connection with the activities of paramilitary groups. The battle raged on and by 8:00 am the final objective was taken and Mount Tumbledown was in the hands of the Scots Guards. Soldiers in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards are masters of reconnaissance. That same month, the 1st Battalion deployed to Hohne, West Germany where it joined the 22nd Armoured Brigade.The 2nd Battalion also deployed abroad, when it took part in mechanised infantry exercises in the BATUS, Canada which lasted for 6-weeks. They were moved from Münster to Catterick, North Yorkshire, in northern England in 2009. "Hielan' Laddie". Also in 1952, Queen Elizabeth succeeded to the throne, and became the regiment's fifth Colonel-in-Chief since the first, King Edward VII, in 1901. In 1992 the 1st Battalion deployed to Belfast, Northern Ireland and during that six-month tour the battalion suffered two fatalities. We are keen to hear from individuals who have the skills to work with us. Please feel free to contact us. Such deployments were difficult with troops being in constant danger from snipers and bombs, with patrols and guarding being the main routine duties. Sign up to receive newsletter & promotions. For this, elements of the battalion moved from Catterick to Pirbright for a time. Also that year the regiment celebrated at Holyrood Palace, the 350th Anniversary of the regiment's creation. Find the contacts you need for recruitment, media enquiries and more. In September the 1st Battalion deployed to Ireland on an emergency tour that lasted until January 1987 The 1st Battalion was presented with new Colours by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace and the regiment also takes part in the Queen's Birthday Parade.

Also that year, F Company deployed abroad to take part in exercises in the ex-Soviet state of Kazakhstan.

In the early hours of the 21 May D-Day began with 3 Commando Brigade (including two Para battalions) landing unopposed at San Carlos water and successfully established a bridgehead. The serving regiment is currently based in Leuchars in Fife, Scotland. The 2nd Battalion joined the 1st Battalion when it deployed to Northern Ireland in May 1980 for a five-month tour-of-duty. The Emergency was declared over on 31 July 1960, the Communists had been defeated. In 1998 the 1st Battalion deployed to Abercorn Barracks at Ballykinler, Ireland on a 2-year posting and returned home. Performed by The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals. Elsewhere in 1964 the regiment's alliance with the Canadian Winnipeg Grenadiers came to an end, ending an alliance that had existed since 1933. This is a new site set up for any serving and non serving Scots Guardsmen. In late May the QE2 arrived at her destination but because she could not be risked by moving her closer to the Falklands, most of 5th Brigade were transferred to the P & O liner SS Canberra who would then take them to their destination. The Regiment is based at Leuchars Station in Fife.

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